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Chapter 785 Again

Chapter 785

Lin Suer once again looked at the copywriting written by paparazzi on the hot search. He has followed Bo Qingang these days. He wanted to dig up the big news about Bo Shao, but he did not expect to get a big scandal. He found These days, Xiao Mengqiu and Bo Qingang have both entered and exited at the same time. They can be said to be like Siamese babies, and they have never been separated.

The paparazzi also dutifully posted instructions on each picture, including the time and place and the actions of the two people in the picture.

Lin Suer could know the time at a glance, which happened to be the day after she left Bo Qingang’s villa.

Think about it carefully, Bo Qingang has indeed ignored her since that day. She did not respond to text messages, and she did not answer phone calls during those two days. She only answered slowly later, and never took the initiative to give it to her. She called, is he so busy?

Are you busy with Xiao Mengqiu? And also took her to the company office, and accompany her to dinner after work. The most important thing is that the two of them stayed in the same room and spent the night together!

Lin Suer thought about it carefully. She had been with Bo Qingang for so long. It seemed that she had never been to the office to work with him. Although she was in class when Bo Qingang went to work, even on weekends, Bo Qingang still She had never been to a company meeting when she had something to do. Bo Qingang did not take the initiative to mention it, and she did not speak.

Then why did he take Xiao Mengqiu this time? Did Xiao Mengqiu take the initiative to mention it? He just agreed?

For a while, Lin Suer felt that the five flavors were mixed and she didn’t know what to say. She had always trusted her and Bo Qingang’s relationship. After all, Bo Qingang and her had experienced so much. The love and hatred between the two people has long been entangled. With the two of them tightly tied together, Bo Qingang can abandon her mother for her and let her boldly seek revenge on Catharina.

Every time Bo Qingang was poisoned, she stayed by his side, and even used herself to detoxify him. The two were already one body. Now facing this kind of news, there is still a big news. , She didn’t know what to react.

Ouyang Luo saw all the photos on Lin Suer’s phone next to him, and was a little shocked. He and Bo Qingang grew up together, and the relationship between them made him understand Bo Qingang very well.

He knew that Bo Qingang was not such a lover, and Lin Suer was the first girl he liked, and he would definitely treat it well.

The most important thing is that the person in this picture is Xiao Mengqiu. If Bo Qingang liked her, the two of them would have been together a long time ago. How could they have waited so long?

But this photo is obviously the two of them, and it doesn’t look like a PS composite. He really has no way to explain. He can only swear to Lin Su’er and say: “I swear Aang is definitely not this kind of person. There is definitely something on it. Misunderstanding, you must talk to him carefully, don’t

trust the paparazzi to instigate the discord.” “These paparazzi are for fear that the world will not be chaotic. Please have a good talk with Aang.”

Lin Suer doesn’t know how to answer Ouyang Luo’s words, but After pulling the corner of his mouth reluctantly at him, he hired a taxi on the side of the road and left Ouyang Luo’s hospital.

Ouyang Luo was also helpless looking at Kaiyuan taxi. When Xia Xiaonan called him in the past two days, he always said that Lin Suer was in a bad mood. Bo Qingang never answered her phone, nor did two people pick up her phone. I’ve been able to talk for a long time as before, and I always hang up in a few words, and I don’t know what Bo Qing’ang is up to.

He knew that Xia Xiaonan wanted to use him to inquire about Bo Qingang’s news. He also asked Bo Qingang, but Bo Qingang said that he and Lin Su’er are very good, and that they will always be fine in the future, so he doesn’t need to worry, he I thought it was just that Bo Qingang was too busy recently. After all, Bo’s is such a large company with such a wide range of coverage.

Two days were too busy and it was normal to not be able to answer the phone call from his girlfriend. I didn’t think much about it, but I didn’t expect that he was actually accompanying Xiao Mengqiu.

Ouyang Luo took out the phone to contact Bo Qingang and asked what was going on. He knew that Lin Suer had surrendered himself in order to detoxify Bo Qingang. He also knew that Lin Suer paid a lot for this relationship. Such a good woman Boy, Bo Qingang should cherish it, or else he will be the same asshole before.

But after taking out the phone, he hesitated and put it back in his bag. This is between Bo Qingang and Lin Su’er. Lin Su’er should go to him now. He can’t ask before Lin Su’er, after all. The two people’s affairs still have to be solved by the two of them.

At the same time, the other side.

Xiao Mengqiu and Bo Qingang were sitting in a private room of a restaurant. In the past two days, Xiao Mengqiu had been facing him all day long, thinking that Bo Qingang must have accepted her, and she should be able to succeed by seduce again!

In addition, Bo Qingang was in front of her in the past few days, receiving Lin Suer’s calls and text messages. She has never stopped him, nor has she forced him to do things he doesn’t want to do. She has followed him like this. I should know my own.

Thinking of this, Xiao Mengqiu deliberately lowered her v-necked clothes, nudged Bo Qingang’s side, leaned on his shoulder, and gently nudged Bo Qingang.

“Aang, can you accompany me tonight? The two of us have stayed together for so many days. You should know that I really like you, right?”

She reached out her hand and touched her thin chin in a gentle voice. When the water dripped out, Bo Qingang never looked squint, and didn’t put his eyes on her at all.

He has been like this for a few days, as if he was a robot, without feelings, but threatened by Xiao Mengqiu, he must be by her side to accompany her.

Xiao Mengqiu got closer to him again, hanging his whole body on Bo Qingang’s shoulders, and slowly stretched out his hands from his shoulders, and finally covered the back of his hands, clasping his fingers.

“Aang, it’s been so many years. It’s the first time I can get along with you for a few days. I feel very happy. I have already prepared everything for you. If you want to be your person, you can’t open your heart to accept me. People have said that a man cannot have only one woman in his life. I can forget that you have been with Lin Suer, so you should stop thinking about her, can’t you?”

Xiao Mengqiu said to himself, thinking that Bo Qingang must be She has accepted her, and she has been preparing herself for psychological construction these days, and will give herself to Bo Qingang tonight.

But what she didn’t expect was that Bo Qingang picked up the coffee next to him, took a sip, and slowly said, “I can go after the meal.”

Xiao Mengqiu’s soft smile stiffened on her face, Bo Qingang said. A sentence with no emotion at all, deeply hurt her heart!

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