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Chapter 786 Question on the spot

Chapter 786 Asking on the spot It

seems that he has been suffering with her these days, and wants to leave at any time.

She bit her lip, her face paled a bit, still wanting to try again, she leaned on his shoulder as if she hadn’t heard Bo Qing’ang and continued talking.

“Aang, do you know, I have already thought about the future of the two of us, I have two children, a boy and a girl, the girl looks like me, the boy looks like you, a family of four? That…”

“You asked me to dine with you. I have already eaten. I’m leaving now.”

Bo Qingang interrupted her, causing Xiao Mengqiu’s psychological defense line to collapse instantly.

She stood up from Bo Qingang’s side, stood in the box and yelled at him, “What’s the matter with you? Why do you only think of the bitch Lin Suer in your mind?”

“You have been with me for so many days. , Why am I inferior to her, can’t you just look at me? Am I too indulgent these days? Asking you to call her and answer her phone in front of me, I have already done this , You still only think of her, what is so good about her?”

Xiao Mengqiu’s whole person collapsed a bit. The previous seduction was unsuccessful. She thought it was Bo Qingang who still felt guilty in her heart. But after so many days, even if she felt guilty, she should be smoothed out, and she was kind every day Qing Ang has been carefully dressed up together, revealing her most beautiful side, where is she worse than Lin Su’er? Looks like? Or body?

Even if Lin Suer stood in front of her, she didn’t have the confidence to say that her figure and appearance were better than her own!

So what exactly does Bo Qing’ang have a fancy for Lin Su’er? Do you like her to such an obsessive level?

Everyone says that there are no cats that do not steal fishy. No man would resist a woman who rushed forward. But now Bo Qingang simply overturned this sentence in front of her. Not only that, but also humiliated her severely. pause.

After listening to the yell of her collapse, Bo Qingang glanced at her coldly, stood up and walked outside, not wanting to pay attention to her at all, Xiao Mengqiu broke down even more, pointing at him and shouting. “You stop, you are not allowed to go!”

As if he didn’t hear her, Bo Qingang continued to walk forward and walked out of the private room directly into the elevator. He has been with Xiao Mengqiu these few days, and has almost exhausted his patience. Xiao Mengqiu finally managed to settle down. It took two days and he hadn’t been showing off in front of him all the time before he was able to bear it till now.

But Xiao Mengqiu suddenly started to act excessively, and he really couldn’t bear it.

Xiao Mengqiu watched Bo Qing’ang leave so decisively, and stomped straight on the spot. She took out a knife from her bag, pointed in the direction of the door of the private room, and said viciously, “Bo Qing’ang, this is what you forced me to do. Yes, you are too much. You dare to turn a blind eye to me. I will show you the fate of offending me.”


Xiao Mengqiu raised the knife and drew it directly on her hand, and her hand immediately appeared. The blood was removed, but it didn’t leave a wound like before, but after a second, the wound miraculously recovered, leaving no trace, just like she hadn’t stroked her hand just now.

She looked at the place she had swiped two seconds ago, with a sneer at the corner of her mouth, “Lin Suer! Do you know? Your life is now in my hands. If I want to kill you easily, but I just want Let you be tortured slowly, let Bo Qingang look at you injured but helpless.”

Bo Qingang walked out of the restaurant and was about to get in the car that the driver drove over and parked at the entrance of the restaurant, but suddenly heard a familiar and cold voice calling his name, “Bo Qingang!”

He turned his head and saw it. Lin Su’er with a disappointed face, she just contacted the paparazzi who sent those photos for the first time, gave him a sum of money, and asked him where Bo Qingang was now.

That paparazzi is also really persevering. He has been following Bo Qingang these days. He accepted Lin Su’er’s money and sent Bo Qingang’s position to Lin Su’er, saying that Bo Qingang was still with Xiao Mengqiu.

She didn’t believe it, and ran towards the address given by the paparazzi, but she didn’t expect to see Bo Qingang walking out of the restaurant. The address given by the paparazzi was correct. That means Bo Qingcheng was really with Xiao Mengqiu. After all, it is impossible for him to come to the restaurant to eat by himself.

After seeing Lin

Su’er, Bo Qingang walked directly towards her, “Why are you here?” “I should ask you! Why are you here? Are you with Xiao Mengqiu? Why are you two? Come out together? Shouldn’t your actions in the past two days be that she came out with you, and then went to Xiao Mengqiu’s house, or stayed together in your villa for one night?”

“You tell me what’s going on these days? Why are you staying with her? What did you two nights do?”

Lin Suer said, she couldn’t control her excitement. After all, the fact that her boyfriend cheated is something that no one can accept. ?

“Su’er, please calm down first. When I solve the problem completely, I will explain it clearly to you. It’s not like you think.”

“It’s not like I thought. Then you tell me what’s going on.” Why do you stay together? I want you to explain to me right now, these days if you don’t answer my text messages or answer my phone calls, are you with her?”

“You believe me, it’s true It’s not what you think.” Bo Qingang stretched out his hand to go to Lalin Su’er.

But Lin Su’er took two steps back, took the phone and turned out the hot search just now, and slammed the phone in front of Bo Qingang.

“Did you see it? This paparazzi has been waiting for you for so many days. You and Xiao Mengqiu can say that you stay together 24 hours a day. Now you tell me that it’s not what I think. What is that? You say it!

” Su’er…” Bo Qingang knew that Lin Su’er would be very angry. If he saw Lin Su’er and other boys going in and out for many days, he would not help being angry, but now he can’t tell Lin Su’er, he He didn’t want to worry Lin Su’er, and he was also afraid that Lin Suer would go to Xiao Mengqiu, Xiao Mengqiu would hurt her with the sword.

“Why? Are you speechless or acquiesced? I don’t think there is any need to explain? You…”

Lin Suer pointed at Bo Qingang with her finger, but she felt a sudden pain in her arm halfway through the conversation. She felt moist in the painful wrist. She took away her hand and rolled up her sleeves, only to see blood oozing from her wrist.

“Hiss!” Lin Suer looked at the wound and gasped.

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