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Chapter 787 Pregnant

Chapter 787 Pregnancy

“Su’er!” Bo Qingang looked at the wound on her hand and frowned. He didn’t need to think about what was going on. When he got angry, he turned around and entered the restaurant again without any hesitation. To find Xiao Mengqiu and make Xiao Mengqiu pay the price, he didn’t believe that he couldn’t control her.

Bo Qingang took the elevator all the way to the private room where they ate just now, but what he didn’t expect was that Xiao Mengqiu had already left, and only the bodyguard she brought was standing in the private room.

After seeing Bo Qingang’s return, the bodyguard had an expression that he had expected long ago, and stepped forward respectfully and said, “Bo Shao, our lady has something for you.”

“What?” Bo Qingang’s face was cold. , The eyes are full of murderous intent, and I can’t wait to find Xiao Mengqiu directly and tear her in half.

“Miss said, Shao

Bo is doing it for herself !” Lin Suer also followed Bo Qingang all the way into the restaurant, because she really didn’t understand what Bo Qingang was doing?

When I saw him just now, I still cherish myself very much. When I see myself injured, I will care and get angry, but he turned and ran back into the restaurant. Lin Suer knew that he must have come to Xiao Mengqiu. She didn’t understand Bo Qing. Ang’s logic behind this series of actions.

After she came up, it was even more strange to hear the bodyguard say this. What does it mean to make him feel good about it? Is this what two lovers who are together would say? It’s impossible at all, so does it mean that Bo Qing’ang and Xiao Mengqiu are not together at all?

“What the hell is going on? Can you tell me well?” Lin Su’er said angrily.

“Don’t talk about these things, let’s go to the hospital to bandage the wound on your hand.” Bo Qingang has no thoughts and then goes to Xiao Mengqiu. The most important thing is Lin Su’er. He is worried that Xiao Mengqiu will hurt Lin Su’er before he wants to come up and control her. , But she can’t be found now, and the wound on Lin Su’er’s hand must be dealt with.

Lin Suer wanted to say something, but Bo Qingang directly slapped her up and hugged Lin Suer as if she was injured in her leg. He cautiously hugged Lin Suer and got into the car. He looked at Lin Suer worriedly along the way and kept reminding her if Any other pain should be said immediately.

His series of actions and words made Lin Su’er feel that Bo Qingang still cared about her, but since he cared about her so much, why did he spend so many days with Xiao Mengqiu? Lin Su’er couldn’t figure it out more and more, so she could only stare at Bo Qingang with a gloomy expression without speaking.

In fact, although the wound on her hand seemed to be directly scratched by a knife, the wound was not very deep and the area was not very large. After the doctor at the hospital disinfected and applied some potion, she wrapped two bandages casually, even if it had been treated. It’s very appropriate.

Lin Suer looked at the wound on her hand and looked up at Bo Qingang earnestly, “Can you tell me now? What is the matter with you and Xiao Mengqiu?”

“She and I…”

“Miss Lin, you are pregnant. . “

thin pour Aung would not finish, holding Lin Su children single laboratory doctor came in, just a thin pour expensive one to the hospital in a hurry to let Lin Su child to blood tests, to check it carefully, directly to her was a Comprehensive medical examination.

At this time, the doctor walked in with the test sheet for Lin Suer’s blood test. After Lin Suer heard the doctor’s words, there was an accident, joy and excitement for an instant.

This is a very strange emotion. She feels that her mood is very complicated, and all kinds of feelings are intertwined, but after all she knows that she is pregnant with a child in her belly, no matter how happy it is to be a new mother.

During this period of time, she was busy dealing with Catharina, concocting medicine day and night, constantly perfecting her pills, and busy going to auctions. The sudden dizziness today seems to be due to pregnancy, and she will definitely be overworked. It feels uncomfortable.

“Ms. Lin, you should pay attention to nutrition when you are pregnant. Now you are a little malnourished, and don’t be too tired. You must not skip eating and stay up late. It will be very harmful to the pregnant person.” The

doctor walked with the test sheet. In front of Lin Suer, she began to tell her some precautions for pregnancy. Although Lin Suer was a doctor, she did not say it. He did not stop the doctor from admonishing her, but after listening to the doctor seriously, he nodded and said, “I see. Thank you doctor.”

Lin Suer subconsciously reached out and touched her flat belly. She is still a student. If she gave birth to a child, she would have to delay her studies.

But she knows that college students in China Mainland can get married and have children, and she doesn’t want to kill this child. If she delays her studies, she will delay her studies. Anyway, she still has time to study. She doesn’t want to hurt a little life, not to mention that this is her kindness. The crystallization of love.

“Bo Qingang, did you hear that? The doctor said I was pregnant.” Lin Suer turned to look at Bo Qingang. There was a little joy in her voice, but she found that Bo Qingang frowned and his face was very solemn. After the doctor told Lin Su’er that she was pregnant, she never said anything again, always maintaining such a serious expression.

Lin Su’er thought that Bo Qingang heard the news for a while, but she couldn’t respond. She stretched out her hand and took Bo Qingang’s hand and said, “Did you hear it? We…”

“Kill him, you can’t stop him .” He was born.” Bo Qingang interrupted him and directly said his decision. This child is really too late to be pregnant. If Xiao Mengqiu knows about it, he still doesn’t know what to do.

Moreover, Bo Qingang had studied for so long, and he didn’t know how Xiao Mengqiu transferred his injuries to Lin Su’er, or whether Lin Su’er was poisoned by Xiao Mengqiu.

In short, this child came at an untimely time, and if he comes now, he will probably also be affected. It is best for him to get rid of him.

But Lin Su’er didn’t know that he thought so much, only that he didn’t want the child, and immediately got up from the stool angrily, and looked at Bo Qing’ang and shook his head disappointed.

“Why do you say this? Why did you let me knock the child out? You shouldn’t think about it with me, how should I arrange my study and life? Or accompany me to check the child’s current state and care about it. How has my life been these days? But you asked me to get rid of the child without even thinking about it. Why are you so cruel? The child in my stomach is also yours!”

Lin Suer felt that she couldn’t understand Bo Qingang anymore. Even if Bo Qingang didn’t say a word, she would feel at ease as long as the two of them stayed together, because she understood Bo Qingang, but now Bo Qingang is standing in front of her. , The two people are so close, she can touch him as soon as she reaches out, but she gets more and more distant.

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