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Chapter 788 He does not love you

Chapter 788 He Doesn’t Love You

Bo Qingang still doesn’t speak, and her lips are tight, not knowing what to tell her.

Lin Suer held back her distress and asked again, “Why did you say? I want to hear you!”

“Does it matter? What’s the point of being so aggressive? I don’t have any numbers in my heart, of course it’s because I don’t love you anymore. , If you really love you, how can you be willing to let you get rid of the crystallization of love? Even asking such a silly question, you are such a silly woman!”

Before Bo Qingang spoke, Lin Suer heard a sharp point The voice came from outside the ward, and as soon as he turned his head, he saw Xiao Mengqiu walking into the ward in high heels and wearing a name tag.

She left the private room just now after Bo Qingang had wounded herself with a knife and left the restaurant with him, but only when she took the elevator to the first floor, she saw Bo Qingang and Lin Su’er at the door, and she immediately hid. I wanted to see what Bo Qingang would look like when he saw a wound on Lin Su’er’s hand.

She watched Bo Qingang take Princess Lin Su’er out of the restaurant with her own eyes. She was envious and jealous in her heart. She hated her even more. She must take all of Bo Qingang’s tenderness to Lin Su’er. These should have been. It’s hers.

She followed all the way to the hospital, but she did not expect to hear the news: Lin Su’er was pregnant with Bo Qingang’s child.

Ha ha… This Lin Su’er looked so pure on the surface, she turned out to be a slut behind her back!

Lin Suer saw Xiao Mengqiu and didn’t care about her, why did he come here with them? He just looked at Bo Qingang stubbornly, “You said! Why did you want me to kill the child?”

“I said it, he doesn’t love it. You!”

“I told you to shut up!” Lin Suer interrupted Xiao Mengqiu loudly, just staring at Bo Qing’ang stubbornly.

“I’m asking you to say, don’t let her keep annoying me next to me. Why? Is it really like what she said? You don’t love me anymore?”

Bo Qingang looked up at Lin Su’er, he was very Want to say love! How can you not love it? His love for Lin Su’er has melted into his blood, and he can’t change it in his life, but he noticed Xiao Mengqiu standing next to him. Xiao Mengqiu lip-synched to Bo Qingang and said: I can kill her.

He knew that at this time, if he confessed to Lin Su’er that he loved her at this time, he would definitely anger Xiao Mengqiu, so he had to press his lips tightly and not speak. He couldn’t tell Lin Su’er that he didn’t love him, but Xiao Mengqiu was here, too. Can’t directly admit that he loves her.

Lin Suer looked at him and asked loudly, “I’ll let you say! Why don’t you say it?”

She felt that her whole heart was in pain now, it was like being broken into two halves, and it was so painful that she felt a little convulsions all over her body. Why did Bo Qing’ang become like this? I don’t want to say anymore, what does it mean?

Just now he showed that he cared so much about himself. Knowing that his arm was injured, he hugged him to the hospital sideways. He cared about himself, but why has it become like this now? Even the crystallization of their two loves was gone, and she actually forced her to kill the child. This is a life!

“Bo Qingang, you disappointed me too much. I didn’t think you were such a person!” Lin Suer waited for a long time and didn’t see Bo Qingcheng answer her words. She shook her head in despair. No matter how strong she was, she couldn’t hold it. Although she couldn’t cry, she still felt anxious and angry.

Now she just thought she was funny. She thought that Bo Qingang was different from everyone else and would not be so superficial, but now it seems that she was wrong, and Bo Qingang was also a man no matter what.

Facing a beautiful girl like Xiao Mengqiu, he couldn’t control himself. He betrayed their feelings, and now even asked her to kill their two children for Xiao Mengqiu’s sake.

“Haha…” Lin Suer sneered twice, and ran out of the hospital with her bag on her back. She didn’t want to see the two of them anymore. She just wanted to be quiet now. She had to quietly think about her and Bo Qingang. And after the baby in her stomach.

If Bo Qingang doesn’t explain everything clearly, then she will definitely choose to give birth to her own child. In this life, she and the child have nothing to do with Bo Qingang. She is not greedy for her family’s money, even without him, she You can also live well.

Lin Suer ran all the way out of the hospital. She didn’t even bother to stop the taxi on the side of the road. She just ran forward with tears in her eyes.

Bo Qingang wanted to chase her out the moment she ran out of the hospital, but Xiao Mengqiu looked at him from behind and said coldly, “If you dare to run with her, don’t blame me, I can let her today. The child in his stomach was drained, and there was no need for surgery. I just don’t know if Lin Su’er can bear this pain.”

“What do you want to do?” Bo Qingang had been pushed to a desperate situation by her, and he turned his head and held it. Xiao Mengqiu’s hand exhausted all of her strength, almost crushing her hand, but Xiao Mengqiu didn’t feel any pain, she just saw the thin and white fingertips, even her nails were stuck in hers. In the meat.

“What? Do you want Lin Su’er to hurt the hand that was just injured just now? I don’t mind! You can break my hand directly.”

Xiao Mengqiuyun said lightly, and Bo Qingang almost immediately let go of her hand. He was really anxious for the first second, and he actually forgot that Xiao Mengqiu’s pain would be transferred to Lin Su’er.

Xiao Mengqiu looked at the wrist he had pulled. Not only was he not angry, but he wanted to reach out to pull Bo Qing’ang’s hand, but Bo Qing’ang was thrown away.

She wasn’t angry at all, but put her right hand on the spot Bo Qingang had just pulled, feeling his remaining warmth.

“You just asked me what I want to do? Obviously, what I want is you. I have expressed my meaning very clearly from the beginning, but you have not cooperated with me. You only have Lin Su’er in your eyes. People.”

“It’s fine now . I am very satisfied with what you said to her. You asked her to kill your two children, and you don’t want to have any relationship with her anymore.”

Xiao Mengqiu couldn’t hide the corner of his mouth when he spoke. Smile, she feels happy when she thinks of Lin Suer’s anxious and angry just now. After all, she and Lin Suer have known each other for so long, and she is always helpless by Lin Suer. Every time she sees Lin Suer and Bo Qingang together, she It was Lin Suer’s expression just now.

Now the positions of her and Lin Su’er are finally reversed, she can smile and watch Lin Su’er cry sadly while she is standing next to Bo Qingang!

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