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Chapter 789 The eldest sister is like a mother

Chapter 789 The eldest sister is like a mother

“Why do I want her to destroy the child, don’t you know in your heart? I don’t want you to hurt our child. I would rather say this sentence that makes her sad.”

Bo Qingang Ruthlessly breaking Xiao Mengqiu’s illusion, Xiao Mengqiu’s triumphant smile stiffened on his face, watching his trembling fingers lifted up and pointed to Bo Qingang’s nose.

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t you understand what I’m saying?” Bo Qingang opened her hand and ran out of the hospital quickly. He knew Lin Su’er must be sad now, but he really couldn’t help it, he The safety of Lin Su’er must be guaranteed, even if they sacrificed their two children first, they could only do so.

Lin Suer ran all the way outside, until she felt exhausted, she found a bench by the roadside and sat down.

She was sitting in a chair and panting. There was a mess in her mind. The information she received today was too much. She couldn’t handle it. She didn’t know what Bo Qingang was in now, and she treated her again. What kind of attitude it is, I don’t know what to do with the child in her stomach.

She herself grew up without relatives. She knows how important family affection is to a person. She doesn’t want her child to be born without a father, but today’s Bo Qingang really disappoints her.


The phone in her bag suddenly rang. She took it out and saw that it was a call from Bo Qingang. She directly hung up. Now she just wants to be quiet and sort out these days. What is going on.

After Lin Suer pressed mute, she hugged her head and started thinking about when Bo Qingang first changed. When she slept in the villa, Bo Qingang was fine and told her fairy tales, but just went When he came back from the company, he became wrong, and he kept coming to check for any wounds on her body. What was going on?


Is it related to the inexplicable scars on her body these days?

Xiao Mengqiu asked the bodyguards to wait in the restaurant to tell Bo Qingang to be self-contained, which means that the two of them did not do anything to apologize to her, and even Bo Qingang made Xiao Mengqiu angry, so she asked the bodyguards to say such things.

So why did Bo Qing’ang let himself beat the child today? All these things are entangled like a mess, and the reason is not clean.

Lin Suer rubbed her hair upset and messed her hair into a mess. She had been sitting in the cold wind at night, feeling that her body was a bit cold before she stood up slowly, and returned home with her bag on her back. Tonight is destined to be a sleepless night.

When she returned home, Qin Yuhan was already asleep, and Lin Suer quietly opened the door of his room and saw his younger brother who was sleeping in an extremely strange manner.

She stepped forward and covered Qin Yuhan’s quilt. When she was about to leave, she heard Qin Yuhan’s dream in her dream, “Mom…”

Lin Suer’s footsteps stopped and she turned her head to look at Qin Yuhan on the bed. , He frowned slightly, as if he was uncomfortable, he seemed to have a nightmare, did he dream of his mother?

Qin Yuhan frowned and spit out again, “Mom…”

Lin Suer was sure that he was really dreaming at this time, so she bent over and squatted on Qin Yuhan’s bedside, looking at him while he was sleeping, he now It was also uncomfortable, frowning, lips trembling a little, it seemed that he had dreamed of a terrible scene.

“Brother, I am here. I am already avenging our mother. Soon Catharina will come to me. Don’t worry.”

Lin Suer took Qin Yuhan’s hand, as if telling him or saying to herself, she slowly made a promise, “Brother, don’t worry, as long as there is an older sister, even if there are no parents, the two of us will live there. Very happy, I will give you a home. All those who owe us and owe their mothers, I will make them pay.”

She stretched out her hand and slowly smoothed Qin Yuhan’s brows. Qin Yuhan was because of her action. His eyelashes trembled and he actually opened his eyes. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and looked at Lin Su’er in front of him, “Sister, why did you come back so late? I thought you were going to live in school today.”

As Qin Yuhan said, he picked up the phone on the bedside and took a look. It was already midnight, but when he saw the time on the phone, he also saw the hot search that suddenly appeared today. His face changed drastically. He got out of bed. Stood up.

“What is it? Brother-in-law and Xiao Mengqiu actually got together, I’m going to talk to him to make it clear!”

He was not angry when he said, and was about to run out to find Bo Qing’ang for justice, Lin Suer immediately stopped. His hand, “Don’t go, we just met just now, these photos are misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding? These photos don’t look like PS!” Qin Yuhan was still very indignant. Others have been bullied.

“It’s okay! He and Xiao Mengqiu are discussing work these days, and it’s not like this hot search said. The two did not spend the night together. Don’t you know that Xiao Mengqiu is now the heir of the Ang family? They just work together. That’s it, well, go to sleep!”

Lin Suer didn’t want Qin Yuhan to find Bo Qingang’s theory, and didn’t want him to get stuck in the two of them. She had to solve all the problems by herself, this matter. She hadn’t figured it out clearly, even if Qin Yuhan questioned Bo Qingang, it was probably only the result of a quarrel between two people.

“Are you sure? But the photos above don’t seem to be fabricated, and what kind of work needs to be discussed for so many days. Have you called your brother-in-law these days? He has told you that he works with Xiao Mengqiu. Is it something?” Qin Yuhan was still very worried and asked a lot of questions.

“Tell me, I told me two days ago. The two of us were watching a movie together just now, so I just came back so late. Go to bed.”

Lin Suer comforted her brother with a smile and pushed him up. Bed and covered him with a quilt.

“Don’t think too much about how much Bo Qing’ang likes me, don’t you know? The two of us don’t know how to quarrel, even if it is a quarrel, he won’t be able to cheat because of this kind of thing. Go to sleep.”

Lin Suer gently patted Qin Yuhan’s quilt, just like a mother coaxing her child to sleep. Qin Yuhan became more and more sleepy under her slap, and gradually fell asleep again.

“I am your sister, I should take care of you. As the saying goes, the eldest brother is like a father, and that eldest sister is like a mother, so I want to take care of you and shouldn’t let you fight injustices for me…”

Lin Su’er looked at her asleep. After Qin Yuhan uttered these words softly, he sighed deeply before standing up and walking out of his bedroom.

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