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Chapter 790 Hooked

Chapter 790

Bo Qingang stood in the Lin Suer’s community, looked up and watched the lamp that belonged to Lin Suer turned off. He didn’t choose to bother, thinking that he still needed to solve this matter quickly.

Even if he went to see Lin Su’er now, he didn’t know how to explain it.

“Su’er, wait for me, I will definitely solve this matter.” Bo Qingang raised his head and looked at the direction of Lin Su’er’s floor. After saying this, he turned and left the complex.

At the same time, the other side.

Xiao Mengqiu didn’t spend the night with Bo Qingang for the first time these days, and she felt empty while lying in the villa that the old man had bought for her.

These days Bo Qingang lives in the same room with her. Bo Qingang sleeps on the sofa. She sleeps on the bed. Although there is some distance between the two people, as long as Bo Qingang stays with her, she feels extremely at ease. , She felt that Bo Qingang belonged to her.

For so many days, she has become accustomed to getting along like this, and today suddenly Bo Qingang is not in the same space with her, she can’t sleep over and over again.

“Huh…” After turning around a few times, she couldn’t stand it anymore, and she just sat up and looked at the window.

It was dark outside, she walked to the window and opened the window, feeling the cold night breeze, and her heart was as cold as the night breeze.

Xiao Mengqiu walked to her sofa after blowing the cold wind for a long time. She imagined the usual Bo Qingang lying on it. These days, Bo Qingang was afraid that she would hurt Lin Su’er and promised to spend the night with her, but he I lie on this sofa without saying a word every day.

His lying posture basically stays the same all night, lying straight here as if he is not asleep, he should be afraid that she will do something he cannot accept.

Xiao Mengqiu lay on the bed following his posture, feeling the thin and high temperature remaining on the sofa.

It seems that there is still his smell. The special smell of him remained on this sofa. Xiao Mengqiu hugged the sofa and sniffed deeply. She didn’t know why she was so obsessed with Bo Qingang. There were many people around her. Pursuing her, but she hasn’t changed her liking for him since she was young.

“Aang, even now, do you still have such a love for Lin Suer? But I tell you, I won’t give up!”

Xiao Mengqiu shrank on the sofa and fell asleep, smelling Bo Qingang staying on the sofa The smell, as if lying in his arms.

the next day.

Lin Suer got up early and sat by the window, looking at the buildings in the community in a daze, she felt at a loss for the first time.

When she used to be in Ghost Doctor Valley, she had only senior sisters and brothers and no relatives. All things must be done by herself. She had already developed an independent character. She never liked procrastination, and there was nothing to worry about. .

After coming to this Huaxia Continent, she also did things simply and neatly, and no one could disturb her, but Bo Qingang was the variable in her life.


Lin Su’er’s phone on the bedside rang. She looked back and thought it was Bo Qingang’s call again, but she didn’t expect that the caller was Ouyang Luo this time, and her eyes lit up. I think it must be the progress of Katharina’s affairs. The medicine sold to her last night should show effect after one night. I think she is going to buy medicine again.

“Hello.” Lin Suer answered the phone.

“Lin Su’er, where are you now? I’m here to pick you up. Things have made significant progress. Boss Zhang called me and said that a lady came to his place and forced him to tell who the drug maker was. He had to call me. That lady must be Katharina.”

“I see . I will send you the location. Come and pick me up, thank you.”

Lin Suer hung up the phone, and finally there was something that made her happy. Everything was under her control. She knew that Catharina would definitely come to contact her today, if it weren’t for waiting. If you observe the effect of the medicine in the evening, you must be sure that Katharina couldn’t wait to find Boss Zhang yesterday.

They told Boss Zhang early that if someone finds him and asks him whether the person making medicine is a man or a woman, and how old he is, he must say he is a boy, and he looks like he is about thirty years old.

In short, Lin Su’er should not be exposed. If Katharina was suspected to be her, she would definitely hide it. It seems that boss Zhang is still very sensible and did not expose her directly and did as she said.

Catharina now thinks that she has found another person who has crossed over from Ghost Doctor Valley!

Ouyang Luo hung up the phone and was about to drive to pick up Lin Su’er, but just got in the car, he thought that Catharina was Bo Qingang’s mother, and he should let Bo Qingang accompany Lin Su’er to complete the work Is this the last thing?

After all, they will definitely cost her her life when they catch Catharina. She has killed so many people, and she definitely can’t let it go easily, but Bo Qingang should have something to say to his mother. He has also Been looking for his mother.

Ouyang Luo and Bo Qingang have been good friends for so many years. He knows that since Bo Qingang has stabilized the situation in Bo’s family, he has been trying to find his mother in the position of general manager of Bo’s family. He is everywhere in China and abroad. I’ve searched it all.

Although Bo Qingang had never admitted that he missed her, he was looking for Catharina so hard, everyone knew that he still yearned for his mother’s love.

Thinking about this, Ouyang Luo also called Bo Qingang, “Aang, we are going to see Catharina now, or come with us! Lin Suer seems to be going to make a move, she absolutely I won’t let Catharina explain it so easily. After all, her mother was tortured at the beginning. I think you should still be there. Do you want to come over?”

“I see, you send the address over and I will go over. I’m looking for you.” Bo Qingang answered his words almost immediately.

“Okay.” Ouyang Luo hung up the phone and sent Bo Qingang the address of Boss Zhang’s house, and then drove to pick up Lin Su’er. This time he did not bring the driver!

Lin Suer got into Ouyang Luo’s car at the gate of the community, and she seemed a little excited. This time she would definitely not be wrong. She was fully prepared to catch Catharina.

“You have to be prepared. I have asked the bodyguards to follow us in secret. They will also be there when we get there. There may be a fight between the two sides. You have to protect yourself.”

Ouyang Luo told Lin Suer, he knew Kai Salina is a person who takes bodyguards wherever she goes, and she also has mercenaries. She is a person whose combat effectiveness cannot be underestimated.

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