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Chapter 791 Confrontation

Chapter 791 Confrontation In

Boss Zhang’s Villa.

Catharina was sitting in his living room with two bodyguards guarding Boss Zhang. Boss Zhang didn’t expect that he would provoke these people by selling a medicine. It was not easy to provoke them at first sight. Those who didn’t know thought it was the underworld. , He sat on the side shivering and his fat face was trembling non-stop.

“Madam, I have just called the alchemist, she will come right away, can you let your bodyguards stay away from me, they are standing next to me, I am very scared.”

“Are you sure you didn’t lie, that The alchemist is a man in his thirties? If I find out that it’s not, I’ll definitely kill you.”

Katharina was actually worried, after all, she didn’t believe that someone could cross over, and even if it crossed. They can only pass through when they are on the verge of death. Anyone who crosses over will bring so many medicinal materials from the Ghost Doctor Valley. It is impossible to grow these medicinal materials in this place of China Continent.

But these medicinal materials are really useful, and she must find that person, otherwise he won’t be able to save her sweetheart.

Boss Zhang was even more scared when he heard what he said. After all, he knew he was lying. When Lin Suer came, wouldn’t they expose it? But he didn’t dare to offend Ouyang Luo, both sides were dead, so he could only bite his mouth and stop talking, otherwise he would admit that he had lied in front of this woman, and he would die sooner.

“No, I don’t dare to lie to you. That pharmacist is a man in his thirties. Think about it, a younger one can’t practice this kind of medicine, and he’s already trained in such a good medicine at his age. We were amazed, hehe…”

Boss Zhang guiltyly smiled, not knowing how to conceal his tension at the moment, with cold sweat on the top of his head and sweat on the palms of his hands, and he kept shivering with his head down.

at the same time.

Ouyang Luo already drove the car and took Lin Su’er to Boss Zhang’s villa. After selling medicine for so many years, he can be considered as having a little money. Although it is not comparable to the money made by a medical family like Ouyang’s family, it is still enough for him. Of abundance.

The single-family villa in front of you is a good proof. Ouyang Luo can see that there are already many people guarding the courtyard. It seems that

Lin Suer , the person brought by Catharina, looked at him, and he whispered, ” Don’t worry, my people are also behind.”

Lin Su’er felt relieved when he said that, and followed him into the villa.

Ouyang Luo stood in front, and Lin Suer followed him into the living room. Catharina’s pupils shrank when she saw Ouyang Luo, a very stern expression appeared on her face. Of course she knew Ouyang Luo, after all. She was the daughter-in-law of the Bo family and met Ouyang Luo.

Lin Su’er walked out from behind Ouyang Luo and stared at her with a relaxed smile on her mouth. She could finally avenge her mother.

When Catharina saw Lin Su’er, her face changed drastically, but she didn’t have too many accidents. She just pointed to her and said, “Sure enough, it’s you. I was fooled. I said that no one has been a ghost for so many years. When Medical Valley passes through, how can someone suddenly practice medicine.”

“Even if you think of it, so what, haven’t you thrown yourself into the trap?” Lin Suer stepped forward to block Ouyang Luo and looked at Caesar. Linna smiled triumphantly. This is a war that planted the flames more than 20 years ago. Today should be over. She wants to avenge her mother who died in the hands of Catharina 20 years ago.

“Hand over the pills you still have.” Catharina yelled excitedly. She can’t care too much now, even if the person standing in front of her is her enemy, she will also get from the enemy. There is no other way to get medicine to save your sweetheart!

“How could I leave it to you? I want to see the person you want to save is dying now, and make you feel the feeling of heartache. Don’t you want to save him for so many years? Let you feel the hard work But

she feels powerless.” Lin Suer said every word from his heart. After so many years, why didn’t she have tried her best but she was powerless?

When other people are happily getting along with their parents, she is only one person. She can only envy her when she sees Master’s daughter with her endless love.

Traveling back to her body, back to the China Continent, watching the relationship between her adoptive father and Lin Rouer, she can only do nothing.

Recognizing her brother and finding her father,

she can only accept the painful fact that her mother will never come back again. Lin Suer seems to live a dashing and reckless life, and can do everything she wants to do, but her back is devastated.

The culprit responsible for all this is the Catharina in front of her. She imprisoned Xiao Shuo and made her mother marry Lin Aotian in sadness and despair, which caused a series of tragedies. There is a vengeance of killing the mother.

“Ah!” Catharina yelled, and took out a pistol from her bag to face Lin Su’er, “You give me the medicine, otherwise I will send you to the west directly.”

She really can’t do anything. Bo Heng’s body is not as good as one day. If she can’t find medicine anymore, she won’t be able to sustain it. Her good intentions over the past 20 years have all fallen short, and she can only watch Bo Heng in front of her. Passed away.

The blue veins on Catharina’s forehead burst out, but her lips were pale, and her hands were full of prominent blue veins. Both of them looked extremely excited.

“You put the gun down for me!”

Just as Catharina and Lin Su’er were facing off, Bo Qingang, who came from behind, ran into the villa. He happened to see his mother pointing the gun at Lin Su’er, and he immediately said aloud.

She yelled, her voice was domineering and threatening. Catharina turned her head and squinted at her son. In fact, Bo Qingang was a bit like her. Her eyes were exactly the same as her, and she had the domineering power of a king. Even a woman has never lowered her head in front of any man. In fact, Bo Qingang is a bit more like her than Bo Qingang’s father, Bo En.

“You are my son, don’t you know that the things I decided are impossible to change? You’d better ask her to give me all the medicine, otherwise I will send her to see her mother today, she doesn’t really want to Do you want family affection? Don’t you really want to avenge her mother? Then go see her early.”

Catharina said while loading the pistol, now as long as her finger moves, Lin Su’er will return to the west. Her mother Ang Qingqiu met.

“If you dare to hurt her today, I promise you will not end well.” Bo Qingang watched her movements and said this viciously.

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