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Chapter 792 Landmine

Chapter 792 Landmine

“Why? Do you want to kill your relatives righteously? You want to kill your mother for this woman? It doesn’t matter! I have never regarded you as my son. You are the stain in my life, my shame, today Just send you two to go to the west together.”

Katharina said as her eyes were bloodshot, and the look in Bo Qingang’s eyes was full of hatred as she did when she saw Lin Su’er.

Xiao Mengqiu also saw this scene at the door. She wanted to find Bo Qing’ang early this morning, just to see Bo Qing’ang rushing over in a hurry, and she followed without even thinking about it.

She knew that only Lin Su’er could make Bo Qingang show such a worried expression. She wanted to see what happened to Lin Su’er, but she didn’t expect to see such a wonderful scene.

But she kept hiding at the door without making a sound. She didn’t want to bury Lin Su’er. It’s better to wait a moment to see the woman holding the gun. After Lin Su’er shot and broke Lin Su’er, she took Bo Qingang away immediately. , No one can compete with her anymore.

“Hurry up and get the medicine out, otherwise I will kill your favorite person again in front of you today. I know you like Bo

Qingang .” Catharina pointed her gun in front of Lin Su’er . He wanted to threaten Lin Su’er with Bo Qingang’s life because of his own son.

Lin Suer looked at her and shrugged lightly, and said with a look of disdain, “You can do it, but I am worried that you will not see Bo Heng come back to life, because as long as you do it, you can’t live, don’t you? Do you know? Those medicines were poisoned by me, and you are also a person who passed through the ghost doctor valley. After taking the medicine, don’t you find something wrong?”

“Then you are really wasting the master of the ghost doctor valley.” The medical skills we taught you, I learned Chinese medicine for so many years for nothing.”

Lin Suer spoke lightly, but every word floated to Catharina’s ears accurately, and she instantly panicked and touched her hand. Touch his throat.

After buying the medicine last night, she did try the medicine overnight, and found that these medicines are indeed very powerful, and they can have great effects in just one or two hours, but they only pay attention to the effect of the medicine. No poison was found in this medicine, it seems that it is really messy to care!

“It’s useless, even if you vomit it out now, the medicine has melted in your stomach. It enters your blood, and you just wait to die! Hahaha…”

Lin Suer’s face is full of smug smiles, she Now I can’t wait to look up to the sky, and finally I can avenge my mother.

“How do you know that I will test the medicine myself? If I try it by someone else, don’t be sensational here, I am not afraid of you at all.”

Catharina began to want to divert Lin Su’er’s attention, making her think she was fundamentally I didn’t take the poison, and I didn’t worry at all.

This little trick of hers hadn’t fooled Lin Su’er at all, and Lin Su’er looked at her and started shaking her head.

“Tsk tusk tusk, do you think you can lie to me? It seems that you are just cruel and cruel for your beloved person. You have not learned anything. You can lie to others so without technical content. I know you will definitely be yourself. It’s

about Bo Heng. You don’t trust other people to test the medicine. You can’t clearly and intuitively feel the effect of the medicine at all.” “You want to check whether it’s Guiyigu’s medicinal materials. It’s about Bo Heng. You won’t trust other people. I will definitely come in person, am I right?”

Lin Suer saw her psychology thoroughly, and Catharina felt the anger flooded above her head, her face flushed red, and she shouted at Lin Suer. “Hand over the antidote to me, otherwise all of you will die here tonight!”

“Hand over the antidote? How could it be possible, I want to avenge my mother, you just wait for death! You should have died long ago I have paid my life for my mother and have been free from law for these 20 years. Do you think you can really escape all the retribution? Today is your retribution. I will watch you die in front of me, and watch you suffer all the torture! “

Lin Suer was merciless when she spoke, her two fists were tightly clenched, and she looked at Catharina’s eyes with a happy look that everything was about to end. Today, as long as she kills her, she can avenge her mother. Everything is settled.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”


Seeing that Lin Su’er was unmoved, Catharina took a pistol and fired a lot into the living room. Although she didn’t hit a single person, Xiao Mengqiu was frightened and panicked. Yelled and fell into the living room through the door.

Everyone followed the sound in her direction. She stood up in fear and hid behind Bo Qing’ang.

Her behavior hurt Lin Su’er’s heart. Who brought her, Bo Qingang? Now that the two are still inseparable?

Catharina burst into laughter instantly when she saw this scene, “Hahaha, did you see it? Even Bo Qingang doesn’t want you anymore. Please cooperate with me. Forget the medicine. As long as you save Bo Heng, I It allows you to have the greatest power in the world, the most advanced science and technology, and you can do whatever you want.”

She began to try to talk about conditions with Lin Suer, trying to move Lin Suer, but Lin Suer was completely unmoved, just Watching her gritted her teeth, she said word by word, “Impossible, you go to die!”

Catharina’s last little hope was extinguished in Lin Su’er’s words, and then the flames of anger burned in her eyes, almost burning her whole person.

She raised her pistol and stepped back and retreated to the edge of the sofa. Lin Suer watched as she picked up something like a remote control, and then she threw the pistol aside, holding the remote control and said, “Lastly, I will give you another chance. , Take out the antidote!”

“I said it’s impossible! I’ll watch you die with Bo En!” Lin Suer yelled at her loudly for the last time.

“Really? I tell you, even if I die, I will find someone to bury me. All of you present today will die with me!”

There is no fear in Catharina’s eyes, the only thing That’s a pity, because she thought about not being able to stay with Bo Heng for a long time. She worked hard for 20 years, but in the end she failed. God has destined that the two of them will only have a dewy relationship. Lovers cannot finally get married. , Can be regarded as her retribution!

She held the remote control and looked at Lin Su’er, “Do you think I was not ready? When I came, landmines were already buried in this yard. As long as I press this remote control, all of you can’t run away, everyone. Let’s go to death together! I can’t be with the person I like, and you can’t live

smartly .” Katharina said this, and gently pressed the button on the remote control!

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