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Chapter 793 rescue

Chapter 793 Rescue

“Boom! Boom!” The mines were buried in batches by Catharina. In every corner of the villa, when she pressed the remote control, the mines in the villa exploded one after another.

The mines blew all the way from the garden to the house. Lin Suer saw that the garden outside was blown up, and even the cracks spread all the way to the house. Even the sound of the mines was getting closer and closer. Everyone wanted to run, but At this time, it was impossible to run out of the gate from the garden, only to jump out of the window.

Ouyang Luo yelled, “Lin Su’er, run!”

He did not go to La Lin Su’er, because he felt that Bo Qingang was here, he would definitely save Lin Su’er, so he didn’t care and ran away by himself, but made him and Lin Su’er. At the same time, what he didn’t expect was that Bo Qingang’s first reaction was indeed to save Lin Su’er. He had already ran in her direction, but he suddenly stopped in the next second.

Although his eyes were filled with reluctance, he turned his head resolutely and ran towards Xiao Mengqiu in action, grabbed Xiao Mengqiu’s hand, and ran out towards the window together.

Lin Su’er was shocked on the spot. At this critical moment, the person he wanted to save most was Xiao Mengqiu. Although the first reaction was to run towards him, the second reaction was the real reaction, right? What did he mean? Do you break up in this way? It’s so ridiculous.

She felt like a joke. Looking at the direction Bo Qingang and Xiao Mengqiu were running away, she suddenly forgot to protect herself and escape.

Lin Suer’s mind went blank for a while, and he just thought that Bo Qingang Mingming was about to run in front of her just now, but suddenly turned back and ran towards Xiao Mengqiu, and suddenly felt like a knife.

When her boyfriend pounced on other women in front of her, and she thought it was ridiculous when this kind of life was at stake.

“Boom!” A landmine blew up, and this time it was already at the door of the house. The door was blown away. The tiles on the ground and the land of the house were overturned. Lin Suer felt a huge wave hit, and she wanted to run again. That’s too late.


Another landmine exploded, right in the center. Lin Suer was almost ready for everything. Today she helped her mother take revenge, but the price was that she would die with Katharina.

This is also very good. She can follow Katharina to see her mother. She can tell her mother that she has a clear conscience. She really did it and helped her get revenge.

However, it is a pity that she is going to take the child in her belly together. This child has just been conceived and has not had time to grow up. Seeing the prosperity of this world, and her brother and her father, they have just met each other. Acknowledge, in such a short time, she will abandon the two of them and leave.

Lin Su’er slowly closed her eyes, and she could feel the whole house collapsing, and the ground near the east courtyard exploded.

“Be careful!” Lin Su’er closed her eyes and suddenly heard a familiar and unfamiliar voice coming from her ears. The voice was full of anxiety. The next second she wanted to open her eyes, but she saw a black figure facing her. She rushed over, and then she lost consciousness…

Lin Suer woke up in the chaos, wearing a white dress with long sleeves, she was like an angel, as if in chaos. She was the only one, and everything around her was misty and unreality.

“Dad! Brother!” She shouted loudly around, wanting to get a response from others, but no matter how many she screamed, only her own echo was echoed in the surroundings empty.

Lin Suer was wandering around in nothingness. She always felt so lonely here. She was alone, and there was nothing around her. Even she could only hear her own echo when she shouted. Is this heaven?

But is heaven like this? Make people feel so empty? This is hell! How many evil things did she do, she was actually punished to this place.

She hugged her legs and sat on the ground, remembering the previous explosion, and she felt a little bit painful in her heart. She remembered the way Bo Qingang rushed towards Xiao Mengqiu, remembered those paparazzi reports, and remembered when Bo Qingang asked her to kill the child. Unfeeling.

Lin Su’er couldn’t help but shed tears, maybe this is really hell, she is the only one.

She stretched out her hand to cover her lower abdomen, did her child come to hell with her? Can he hear himself now?

Lin Suer stood up suddenly and shouted at the surrounding void, “Mom, can you hear me? If this is really hell, you should be able to hear me? Would you come out to see me?”

She yelled to her surroundings again and again, as if she had to yell out to give up, but no one responded to her all the time.

At the same time, in the hospital.

Qin Yuhan, Xiao Shuo, Xia Xiaonan, and Ouyang Luo paced anxiously at the door of the operating room. Xia Xiaonan has been crying for more than an hour, and her tears have dried up. She can’t shed any more tears, but she still sits and sobbs. Then, the whole person was about to twitch.

Why does it become like this? It was only after a weekend. She was still thinking that she would be able to see Su’er when she was in class tomorrow, but unexpectedly, Ouyang Luo suddenly called her and said that Lin Su’er was in an accident. Now she is in the rescue process, it is very likely that she will not be able to come back. Come to the hospital if you want to see her for the last time or guard her by her side.

Xia Xiaonan couldn’t tell how she felt when she heard Ouyang Luo say this. Her first reaction was to scold Ouyang Luo: “Don’t make fun of this kind of thing! How could something happen to Su’er so badly? To the point of rescue in the operating room.” After

she scolded Ouyang Luo, she thought she would hear Ouyang Luo haha laughing.

She knew that Lin Suer and Ouyang Luo were going to the auction this week, thinking that they had found Katharina for revenge. The two of them were so happy that they joked at her.

But what she didn’t expect was that she didn’t wait until Ouyang Luo’s laughter, but after hearing him sigh deeply, she said again: “You should come to the hospital quickly.”

Now she knew that it was really not here. Just kidding, he couldn’t repeat a joke so many times.

Xia Xiaonan ran to the hospital in her pajamas on the spot. It was midnight and couldn’t even get a car. She could say that she ran all the way from home.

When she arrived, she saw Lin Su’er’s brother and father, but she didn’t see Bo Qingang, so she couldn’t bother to ask because she also saw those hot searches.

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