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Chapter 794 Worry

Chapter 794 Worry

“Woo…Su’er, you can’t do anything! The two of us said that we will graduate from university together. You said you will open a pharmaceutical company and open a Chinese medicine clinic in the future. You can also go to work in your company. You said you would take me with you. Why is this happening now? How can it be like this?”

Xia Xiaonan started to cry again. It should be that her tear ducts have been buffered, and they are beginning to fail. Stop crying.

Ouyang Luo felt distressed while watching, but he also knew that Xia Xiaonan and Lin Su’er had a very good relationship. Even if he advised Xia Xiaonan not to cry, she couldn’t help it.

And he didn’t dare to tell Xia Xiaonan that when he jumped out of the window, he turned around to see whether Bo Qingang had protected Lin Su’er and ran over, but he saw Bo Qingang pounce on Xiao Mengqiu.

He didn’t know what happened, but he knew that if Xia Xiaonan knew about this, she would not only feel bad for Lin Su’er, but would also go to Bo Qingang to work hard, but she would not be the equivalent of a praying man blocking a car. NS? It is of no use at all.

Now that she is sad enough, don’t let her feel sad about her good friend’s relationship anymore.

Ouyang Luo hugged Xia Xiaonan and let Xia Xiaonan lean on his shoulder. He patted Xia Xiaonan’s back to comfort him, “It’s okay, I found the best doctor for Lin Suer, and have you forgotten? Her father and brother She is all such a genius and such an excellent doctor, she will never have anything to do. You also know that she is amazing, she has a strong willpower, and can definitely survive.”

“Woo…Really? You said everything just now. She may not be able to be rescued. The doctors said that they can only do their best. Su’er suffered a serious injury. I just asked the doctors and said that she was covered with blood when she was sent here. fear.”

Xia Xiaonan didn’t believe Ouyang Luo’s words to comfort her. Although she was not as smart as Lin Su’er, she was not stupid. She was also a top student of Huaxia University, and she was also a medical family. She knew that the painful eyes before the doctor entered. What, what does it mean to say try your best again and again?

If it is a minor operation like appendicitis, the doctor will usually smile and say to relatives, don’t worry, nothing will happen, but this time the doctor’s expression is so entangled that he can only say four words to do his best. They are not sure that Lin Su’er can be cured.

What if her father and brother are geniuses? But they can’t replace her in pain.

As for willpower, if the injury is serious enough, what use is there no matter how strong the willpower is?

“It’s okay, you don’t have to worry, my hospital, whether it is a doctor or a variety of surgical equipment, is the best, she will definitely be fine, and don’t you think Lin Suer’s life is only twenty years? She lives so well. Chic and so story-telling, she will not only live for a short period of twenty years.”

Ouyang Luo can only comfort Xia Xiaonan, just as comforting himself, he really regrets that he should have been doing it at the time. When Lin Suer ran with him, he never thought that his good brother would leave his girlfriend alone in such a difficult time. If he had run with Lin Suer at that time, Lin Suer would have run away.

He knew that Boss Zhang’s house had a back door, so he ran out and rushed out of the back door. If that was the case, then Lin Suer would not be lying in the operating room now.

After walking back and forth countless times, Xiao Shuo sat down on the bench in the hospital corridor. He could feel his hands trembling slightly, and he felt this kind of fear for the first time.

He had just met his daughter and hadn’t started to make up for it. He actually watched his daughter push into the operating room. What his father did was really a failure.

“Flap! Pop!”

Xiao Shuo opened his bow with his left and right hands and slapped himself fiercely. It was especially loud on the hospital corridor in the empty operating room in the middle of the night.

Qin Yuhan immediately turned around and took his hand, “Dad! What are you doing? Sister is still lying there, I am still worried, do you want to worry me too?”

“You beat Dad, it’s all My fault, I did not take good care of your sister. She is only 20 years old now, she has just grown up, and her great life has just begun. She suffered such a serious injury, even if the operation saved her life, I won’t I can guarantee that there will be no sequelae.”

Xiao Shuo rushed to the hospital when he received a call from the hospital. He saw Lin Su’er being pushed into the operating room, with blood all over his body. It seemed that the injuries were serious. There were also some scratches on his face, and the whole person seemed to be fished up in blood.

I don’t know how many wounds there are on her body. Can it be cured if she enters the operating room like this?

“Don’t say these frustrating things here, who is she? She is my sister, and my sister is the best. Since I met her, there has been nothing she can’t handle. She said that she would take me to a better life in the future, even if She would take care of me without a mother. She would never break her promise. Why are you

talking nonsense here?” Qin Yuhan yelled at Xia Xiaonan and Xiao Mengqiu angrily. He was actually very scared. I’m afraid to wait for the doctor to come out and give them a sentence: “I really tried my best, but I really can’t save it.”

He was afraid that he would never see his sister again. He was afraid that the two of them would be empty in the house, leaving him alone.

But he was still willing to believe in Lin Suer, who said that Lin Suer would take care of him for the rest of his life, he would do it. He is his relative, the closest person in his life!

Qin Yuhan only squeezed his fist when he spoke, as if it was very painful. He felt a little pain in his heart, so he immediately covered the position of the heart with his fist, trying to suppress the pain with fierce force.

Xiao Shuo and Ouyang Luo saw that there was something wrong with him at the same time, and stepped forward to support him, “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Qin Yuhan shook his head, but the pain from his heart became more serious. People squatted in the corridor of the hospital. Ouyang Luo was a little worried and wanted to run to call a doctor, but he grabbed him.

“Don’t go, I’m fine, I also study medicine, have you forgotten?”

He said. Ouyang Luo suddenly reacted, “Are you telepathic with Lin Su’er? You two are twins. Although it is not as rumored that one is injured a little, the other can feel it, but now it is here. In this critical situation, Lin Su’er is lying in it. You should be able to feel some of her feelings, right?”

Qin Yuhan frowned, feeling the pain in his chest getting worse, although he didn’t want to admit it. But he must also admit that it seems that this is Lin Su’er’s pain, he can feel it.

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