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Chapter 795 induction

Chapter 795 Induction

of the unique induction between the twins, so that he can know that the pain in this chest cavity is not because he is injured, but because he has a special feeling. He can clearly feel the pain, the kind of no It was a wound, but it was the pain that made him feel like a knife. It seemed that Lin Suer was struggling now.

Looking at him like this, Xiao Shuo knew that Ouyang Luo’s guess was correct. He immediately squatted down and held his son’s hand, “Does it hurt? Do you want to give you an injection?”

“No! I want to feel my sister.” The same pain, I hope I can give her strength.”

Qin Yuhan walked to the door of the emergency room step by step with his body supported, covered the door of the operating room with his hand, and said softly, “Sister, I Waiting for you outside, I will bear your pain and share your pain, you must safely get out of this door!”

Lin Suer was still yelling in the void space, but after yelling for a long time, she yelled Exhausted or no one agreed.

She sat down on the ground in an instant. From the beginning until now, she did not call Bo Qingang’s name, because she knew that Bo Qingang might really leave her, even if she heard her call, she would not agree. Then she should stop crying in a passionate manner.

Lin Suer sat on the ground and slowly flattened her legs. She lay directly on the ground, looking at the white sky. Suddenly she felt a pain in her heart. The whole person was in extreme pain. She felt that her vitality was growing. Pull away slowly.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh…” Lin Su’er yelled loudly, covering her chest, her whole body suffering to the extreme.

After several struggles, she felt that this kind of pain made her uncomfortable, and she almost wiped out the hope of her whole life. She lost her mind and went into a coma, lying in this emptiness, small like a one Like an ant, there is no vitality, no heartbeat or breathing.

The entire realm of nothingness could no longer hear her screaming, and returned to peace. She seemed to be slowly dissipating, and the whole person gradually became transparent.

At the same time, the doctor who rescued Lin Suer in the operating room found that her electrocardiogram was fluctuating violently, but it became a straight line for a few seconds without fluctuations, and the machine began to make noises…

Several doctors looked at each other. At a glance, I was a little confused. This is the girl who Ouyang Young Master Qian reminded Wan to be saved. If they can’t save her, they don’t need to work in this industry anymore. Several doctors anxiously began to prepare electric shock devices. , Prepare all kinds of first aid equipment.

“Doctor…” The nurse who was performing the operation next to her, yelled softly at this moment, and pointed to the electrocardiogram. She knew that the matter was hopeless.

At the same time, the other side.

Xiao Mengqiu looked at Bo Qingang aggrievedly, and stretched out her bandaged foot in front of Bo Qingang, “Aang, look at me, my foot is hurt.” There

was a bandage around her ankle. I was injured just now when I ran out of the villa, but was hit by flying rocks blown up by some mines, and it shed a little blood, but it made it look like a serious wound.

Bo Qingang glanced at her casually. He didn’t care about her at all. He just kept typing on his hand, because he was texting Ouyang Luo. The content of the text message had only one meaning, that was to let Ouyang Luo help him take care of it. Lin Suer.

He knew that Lin Su’er had been rescued. At that time, he went to save Xiao Mengqiu because if he didn’t save Xiao Mengqiu, but only saved Lin Su’er, if Xiao Mengqiu was killed or injured by the bombing, Lin Su’er would suffer the same trauma.

And he had arranged bodyguards to rescue Lin Su’er at that time, so he could feel at ease, as long as he protected Xiao Mengqiu, Lin Su’er would not get hurt.

But he knew that the bodyguard did not seem to have succeeded in rescuing Lin Suer, but someone rescued Lin Suer, and he is now in the hospital.

He was very worried, but he couldn’t leave Xiao Mengqiu now. After searching for so long, he finally learned some information from a folklorist and learned why Xiao Mengqiu could transfer the wound to Lin Su’er.

But the folklorist asked him to confirm some things first, and when all the information was confirmed, he could start with Xiao Mengqiu, and at that time, he could cut off the contact between her and Lin Su’er completely.

So now he still has to stay by Xiao Mengqiu’s side and determine all those things, and even though folklorists understand the situation, they have not yet come up with a solution, and he is still subject to Xiao Mengqiu.

Lin Suer is now lying in the operating room. If Xiao Mengqiu hurts herself again and transfers the wound to Lin Suer’s body, then Lin Suer will definitely not be able to live anymore, it will simply be the injury.

When Xiao Mengqiu saw that he was being ignored, he felt a little unhappy for an instant. He just rubbed him and sat down beside Bo Qingang. “Aang, why don’t you care about me? You see my feet hurt.”

Xiao Mengqiu still remembers when the landmine detonated. , Bo Qingang was running towards her, so brave and handsome, even though she knew in her heart that Bo Qingang came to rescue her to prevent Lin Suer from getting hurt, but she still hypnotized herself and told herself Bo Qing Ang came to rescue her only when he loved her.

After all, he pounced on him in front of Lin Suer, so Lin Suer should know a little bit in his heart. Generally speaking, when a girl with dignity sees her boyfriend like this, it is equivalent to silently announcing the breakup. From now on, Bo Qingang belongs to She is alone.

“Didn’t you have taken care of the wound? If you feel bad anymore, go directly to the hospital.”

Bo Qingang moved a little irritably to the side and separated him from Xiao Mengqiu.

This is replaced by Xiao Mengqiu’s screaming when he sees him breaking down with this action, but because of the explosion yesterday, she is now in a good mood, and she doesn’t care about the way she evades her.

With a smile on her mouth, she rubbed against Bo Qing’ang again, “I have taken care of the wound. I don’t want to stay in the hospital anymore. Do people just want you to care about me? You can’t say anything. A sentence that makes me happy?”

Xiao Mengqiu pulled Bo Qing’ang’s sleeves and twisted around him coquettishly, as if he had already regarded himself as Bo Qing’ang’s girlfriend.

“Can you stay away from me? You let me stay here with you. I have done it. Don’t stay so close to me.”

Bo Qingang was very upset. Lin Su’er is still in the hospital now, and I don’t know how the situation is. I don’t know if I was rescued for a few hours after the rescue. It’s already early morning!

“You…” Xiao Mengqiu couldn’t hold back anymore at this time, and his whole face collapsed. “Are you still thinking about Lin Su’er? Do you think she will forgive you? Saved me at that critical moment, she won’t I’ll take care of you again.”

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