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Chapter 796 Intensive Care Unit

Chapter 796 Intensive Care Unit

She yelled and wanted Bo Qingang to see the current situation clearly, even if he was thinking about Lin Su’er, Lin Su’er was kept in the dark, she didn’t know anything, let alone know Bo Qingang stayed by her side these days because of her, she would only be angry.

Bo Qingang ignored Xiao Mengqiu’s yelling, and just sat calmly and continued to look at the phone. After Xiao Mengqiu was ignored, he reached out and grabbed Bo Qingang’s phone and threw it on the side of the sofa.

“You look at me, stop playing with your phone, can’t you look at me in your eyes? I tell you, it’s useless if you think about Lin Su’er anymore, she won’t like you anymore, she doesn’t have you in her heart. “What

he said finally angered Bo Qingang, “What are you going crazy?

” “Am I going crazy? ” Am I crazy or are you crazy? You are by my side these days. Haven’t you seen who is right for you? I am now the heir of Ang’s family. I am Miss Ang’s family. I am a genius girl in China Mainland and the whole world. Everyone thinks that we are a pair. “

Why are you still thinking about Lin Su’er after so many days?” What’s so good about her? “

Xiaomeng Qiu hips standing in front of a thin pour expensive, like shouting on street, like yelling, pour a thin Aung she heard the cries, his face showing a bored expression, hand rubbing his temples slight frown, as if she The cry made him a little headache. Xiao Mengqiu was not like this before.

He remembered that Xiao Mengqiu was a very cold and elegant girl. Although he didn’t like her, he didn’t bother her as much as he does now. Every time he saw him She couldn’t wait to kill her directly, if it wasn’t for Lin Su’er’s life that she held in her hand, she would definitely not live so long.

His action also made Xiao Mengqiu notice how inappropriate her behavior was. She immediately put away her hands on her hips and looked at Bo Qingang, her tone softened a bit.

“Look at me, OK? Why do you like Lin Su’er? My face looks so similar to her. Everyone who sees me and her says that we look like us. Isn’t this enough? She knows Chinese medicine, I She is also a Chinese medicine practitioner. She does not participate in medical competitions as much as I have participated in, nor does she get as many awards as I have.”

“If you like her character, I can also become that way. She will be the anchor and participate in variety competitions. You can do it, I can do anything for you.”

Xiao Mengqiu sat back next to him again, with a much humble tone. She had never been so humble before, almost begging, begging Bo Qingang to look at her more.

But no matter how much she prayed, no matter how humble she was, it was useless, because Bo Qingang felt very bored when she heard her voice now.

Bo Qingang stood up looking at the phone, “Okay, you stay at home by yourself, I’m going to the company to handle things.”

“Where are you going? Do you want to go to the hospital to see Lin Su’er, or go to the company, I will tell you Let’s go together!” When Xiao Mengqiu spoke, he deliberately pinched his left hand with his right hand, with a threatening expression on his face. If Bo Qingang refused to agree to her, she would definitely pinch her hand hard, and let Lin Su’er, who was already seriously injured. , Hurt and hurt.

She has threatened Bo Qingang for so many days, and it is not too late for a while. As long as she tries her best to make Lin Su’er grieve and despair, it is best if she can’t be rescued. Bo Qingang belongs to her completely, even if it is Lin Su’er. After the rescue came, she saw Bo Qingang by her side and ignored her. She would also be desperate. At that time, she and Bo Qingang would be completely impossible.

Bo Qingang watched her squeeze her hand, her eyes dimmed a bit, the hand behind her clenched her fist, and the veins burst out, but in the end she just said flatly, “Whatever you want, just follow.

Right .” After saying this, Bo Qingang raised her foot and walked out of Xiao Mengqiu’s room. She immediately followed with her bag. The wound on her foot did not affect her walking at all. She was still wearing high heels as usual. Able to walk like flying.

the other side.

Across the glass window of the ward, Xia Xiaonan looked at Lin Su’er lying in the ICU with red eyes. There was still a tube in her body and an oxygen mask on her face. The doctor had already issued a critical illness notice and rescued eight. She was introduced to the operating room only a few hours ago, and now she has to stay in the intensive care unit for a long time.

“Ouyang Luo, you have more experience than mine. Although my family is operating a hospital, I have not tracked the recovery time of a patient. How long will it take for Su’er to wake up from this situation? Today is the third day. , But she seems to have no reaction at all, is it possible that she will lie in bed for the rest of her life?”

Xia Xiaonan’s tone was full of exhaustion. She put her hand on the glass window and looked at Lin Su’er in the ward. She wanted to call Lin Su’er loudly, as long as she could wake her up, but she knew it would not help.

“She was indeed injured a bit serious. The landmine exploded next to her. Not only was the wound caused by the explosion, but also the things around her splashed on her body, causing a lot of minor injuries. Our doctors have tried their best to save them. Her life, everything else really depends on her willpower, you come here every day to see her, she can feel your care, don’t worry!”

Ouyang Luo said comfortingly to Xia Xiaonan, but he knew Lin Su’er was not good enough. When she was out of the operating room, although the doctor said she was rescued temporarily, she still had to go to the intensive care unit to observe for a few days. After that, he also asked the doctor what was going on. After all, he was not the chief surgeon. That person.

But the doctors all said that Lin Suer lost her vital signs during the rescue process. They took a lot of effort to rescue her back. There is really no way to guarantee him that Lin Suer will be fine.

Ouyang Luo couldn’t do anything about it. Even if his doctor was forced to death, Lin Su’er would not be able to come. He had to resign. Xia Xiaonan spent the rest of the time in the hospital except for classes these days. If Lin Su’er doesn’t wake up anymore, maybe Xia Xiaonan His body can’t be consumed anymore.

”     Su’er …” “

Boom !” He was thinking, but he did not expect that after Xia Xiaonan called Lin Su’er, he fell directly to the side. He immediately supported her, and Xia Xiaonan fell into his arms with a pale face. It’s because I’ve spent too much energy in the past few days, and I’m exhausted.

Ouyang Luo is a doctor himself. He knows that Xia Xiaonan’s current situation is not too worried, but he held her a little distressedly and put a quilt on her in the ward next to her, kissed her gently on the forehead, and fell into a coma. Xiaonan’s Xia Xiaonan said, “Xiaonan, take a good rest.”

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