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Chapter 797 Dream connected

Chapter 797 Dreams are connected

Xia Xiaonan never thought that she would actually see Lin Suer in her dream, but the Lin Suer she saw in her dream is very similar to her in reality, but it can be said to be different.

The same thing is that in both scenarios, she seemed to have lost her vitality, lying there motionless. The difference is that Lin Su’er in the dream didn’t feel injured, just lying there wearing a white dress.

Xia Xiaonan can be sure that she must be in a dream now, just as many times she actually knows she is dreaming, but she just can’t wake up and doesn’t want to wake up.

She ran to Lin Suer’s side, squatted down and yelled softly, “Su’er, when you wake up, did you wake up in a dream, but can you wake up in reality?”

She pushed Lin Su’er with her hand, but Lin Suer still didn’t react at all. She could see Lin Suer’s body slowly dissipating under the white dress.

She became anxious, and took Lin Su’er’s hand and began to say a lot of words to her, trying to arouse her will to survive.

“Su’er, look at me. I am Xiaonan. I am right in front of you. We are all waiting for you in the hospital. You can’t give up. You must have the courage to come!” It

seems that what she said is true. It worked. Lin Su’er’s eyelashes trembled. Xia Xiaonan was ecstatic, holding both hands of Lin Su’er in her arms, and kept saying, “Su’er, you wake up soon, you forgot what we two said. In the future? At that time, you said that you would teach me to open an online shop in the future, and you think about your father and brother, you…”

Xia Xiaonan kept talking, talking about everyone around Lin Su’er. She could feel Lin Su’er lying in her arms feeling. When she finally couldn’t find the topic, she kept talking. Called Suer.

Ouyang Luo, who was sitting next to the hospital bed, also heard it. She kept muttering to herself, Xia Xiaonan’s sometimes happy and sometimes sad expression made him puzzled. What did she dream of, but what is certain is that she must have dreamed of Lin Su’er. Or she won’t keep calling her name.

“Su’er!” Xia Xiaonan called Lin Suer’s name, and sat up from the hospital bed, looking very excited, with cold sweat on her forehead.

She turned her head to look at Ouyang Luo, and suddenly said, “You go and ask the doctor Su’er how is it? Go and ask if you are out of danger? Quick!”

“Calm down first, you were just in a coma for a few hours. Why do I feel that Lin

Su’er is all right now when I wake up again?” Ouyang Luo didn’t know where her sudden confidence came from, but Xia Xiaonan didn’t see him moving, so she turned over and got out of the bed and ran out. Ouyang Luo hurriedly followed. Behind me, I was worried that she would pass out again, but I did not expect to leave the ward. I ran into a doctor in the corridor who wanted to report to Ouyang Luo. It was Lin Su’er’s doctor in charge yesterday. He said happily when he saw Ouyang Luo,” Master Ouyang, Ms. Lin’s injury has stabilized

and she can go out of the intensive care unit.” “What?” Ouyang Luo was happy and puzzled again, happy that Lin Suer was finally out of danger. One day in the intensive care unit represented her condition. It was unstable, but he couldn’t help being a little strange. Why was Xia Xiaonan sure that Lin Su’er would never be in danger anymore.

Xia Xiaonan took a breath when she heard the news. She suddenly discovered that there were magical things in the world. She ran to the ward happily and watched the doctors transfer Lin Su’er from the intensive care unit to the general ward.

She sat in front of the hospital bed and held Lin Su’er’s hand, and said with some joy: “Su’er, it turns out that dreams and reality are really interlinked. Don’t worry! You will definitely come back.”

Ouyang Luo is still very strange beside her, especially After hearing Xia Xiaonan’s words like this, he was even more confused by Monk Erzhang.

“Xiaonan, what are you talking about? What dreams are connected with reality? Didn’t you feel a little abnormal in your brain because of Lin Suer’s injury?”

“I didn’t! By the way, where is Dean Xiao Shuo? Did he come? ? ” “

he will be here soon, Qin Yu cold already too tired to stand, and I let him go to the restroom next to get some sleep, Xiaoyuan Zhang went to buy him something, and he had a whole day without eating, and that time If Lin Suer wakes up, it is estimated that he will faint due to malnutrition. You have to be more careful.”

Ouyang Luo couldn’t help but feel a little emotional. Does Lin Suer know that there are so many people worrying about her, although her life experience is very rough, but she Now he has friends and relatives, and now, he already knows that Bo Qingang still cares about Lin Su’er.

The message Bo Qingang sent him has been explained clearly, why he wanted to be with Xiao Mengqiu, and why he didn’t save Lin Su’er when the explosion happened, so now Ouyang Luo knew clearly that Bo Qingang still loved Lin Su’er. of.

There is family, love, and friendship to accompany Lin Suer. If she is still not awake, she will be a little bit unreasonable.

Xiao Shuo walked into the ward carrying a box of lunch. He also breathed a sigh of relief. Lin Suer was finally out of the intensive care ward, and he could use Chinese medicine methods to help her recuperate.

“Dean Xiao, I heard Su’er said that you can also practice Chinese medicine, and your Chinese medicine skills are not lower than her. You can also develop many medicines that we find incredible, just like the Yi Rong Wan and Veritaserum pills that Pixel said before. Something like a

medicine , isn’t it?” Xia Xiaonan suddenly grabbed Xiao Shuo’s hand and looked at him with excitement. He had a bold vision in his heart that he had to say.

“I do know Chinese medicine. I should be at the same level as Su’er. But now you ask me to help you practice Yirong pills and Veritaserum. I really don’t have the energy. I want to wait for my daughter to wake up. , I’m sorry.”

Xiao Shuo thought that Xia Xiaonan had something to ask him for help, but Xia Xiaonan shook her head hurriedly, “No, Dean Xiao, don’t you believe that I just dreamed of Su’er, I dreamed that she was lying down. In a place with white flowers, I called her several times. She moved and felt, and I suddenly woke up. I think she must have come out of the intensive care unit, and the result is true.”

“Among those magic pills you know , Is there anyone who can enter her dream? We can enter Su’er’s dream to meet her and arouse her fighting spirit. The doctors have said whether she can fully wake up now, it depends on her willpower.”

Xia Xiaonan knew that if someone told her to enter other people’s dreams before, she would definitely think that this person’s brain had a problem, but now she said it was very possible. Since knowing Lin Su’er, Lin Su’er has taken her to witness many things. It’s possible.

Dreamland? Xiao Shuo’s eyes suddenly lit up when he heard what he said, why did he forget this!

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