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Chapter 798 Iyumen Maru

Chapter 798 Dreaming Pills

After staying in China Mainland for too long these years, he has been studying western medicine, and he forgot the Dreaming Pills of Guiyigu.

Although Guiyigu’s traditional Chinese medicine technology is much better than that of China Mainland, it can cure many diseases that China Mainland can’t cure, but it will also encounter situations like Lin Suer’s severely injured but completely helpless.

At that time, as it is now, the willpower of the injured must be relied on. Therefore, Guiyigu developed a pill called the Dream Pill, which can connect with the injured person’s dream and wake him up in his dream.

Although this pill does sound a bit weird in China Mainland, Veritaserum and Yirong Pills are also impossible for China Mainland.

Now Xia Xiaonan said in front of him that she was able to see Lin Su’er in her dream without taking the dream pill just now, which shows that Lin Su’er really needs their encouragement now.

“Yes, there is a kind of pill, you wait for me, I will go back to refine the medicine immediately.”

Xiao Shuo gave all the lunch boxes to Xia Xiaonan, turned around and ran out of the ward, Ouyang Luo immediately followed.

“President Xiao, don’t go. My hospital also has a pharmacy. My grandfather is a Chinese medicine doctor, so sometimes he will come to my hospital. Moreover, our hospital does not have a Chinese medicine department. We plan to set up in the future. Let’s refining here, tell me what medicinal materials should be written, I will prepare it right away.”

“Okay.” Xiao Shuo said as he went into the refining pharmacy set up in Ouyang Luo Hospital.

Xia Xiaonan also ran into the refining pharmacy to help Xiao Shuo sort the drugs.

At the same time, before they could see, Bo Qingang finally got rid of Xiao Mengqiu and went to the hospital.

He walked into the ward and looked at Lin Su’er, who was lying on the bed with wounds. Even Lin Su’er, who was covered with medicine on her face, felt like a knife. The whole person was a little uncontrollable with soaring anger. The person who hurt her is his Mom, although he has paid the price of his life now, he still wants to slap himself twice.

Bo Qingang did so when he thought so, and slapped himself in front of Lin Suer’s hospital bed.

After that, he calmed down again and stretched out his hand to hold Lin Su’er’s hand to his lips.

“Su’er, wait for me, and I will take care of everything. I know you want to give birth to our child. I haven’t found a way before. I can only let you kill him, but now there is a way. It will be solved right away, wait for me, and I will look forward to the birth of this child with you…”

Seeing Lin Suer’s body wrapped in bandages, Bo Qingang let go of the idea of wanting to hug her, but just kept encouraging her. “I can solve Xiao Mengqiu right away. You must support it. I heard Ouyang Luo say that when you wake up now, it depends on your willpower.”

Bo Qingang had been paying Lin Su’er in the ward for a long time. What he didn’t know was that Lin Su’er heard all these words he said. When he was leaving, the moment Lin Su’er stepped out of the ward, Lin Su’er’s eyes A tear fell off.

She also moved her fingers, which she hadn’t moved. This time it was the first time she had suffered such a serious injury in twenty years of life. It was also the time when her vitality was tested. She had already lost the idea of survival and wanted to Go with your mother, after all, the person she loves most in this world is about to abandon her.

But the words Bo Qingang said to her in the ward undoubtedly gave her great courage, and she will have the courage to face everything next.

A few hours later, when the moon was high, Xiao Shuo succeeded in refining the Dreaming Pills. He took a few Dreaming Pills and looked at Xia Xiaonan.

“Xiaonan, Yu Han and I enter Su’er’s dream together and call her. This dream pill actually has some side effects and consumes people’s energy. You just woke up from a coma. Don’t waste your energy anymore. I I am very grateful that you can care about Su’er so much, but I can’t make you work hard anymore.”

“No, I want to go too, just take a pill, and now it’s time to go to bed, I’m just lying down and sleeping. Have you recuperated? How much energy does it consume? At most, I get up a little hungry tomorrow morning. I am eating anytime and anywhere. I must go to my dream to see Su’er.”

“And I also study medicine, for this kind of thing. Miraculously, I want to study it too. Dean Xiao, please give me this opportunity.” After

Xia Xiaonan said this, she didn’t give Xiao Shuo a chance to go back, and just took a pill in his hand. Entering his mouth, he swallowed it when Xiao Shuo wanted to stop it.

Xiao Shuo could only sigh helplessly, took one of the pills and fed it into Lin Su’er’s mouth, lifted her chin slightly, and saw that Lin Su’er’s throat moved and he had swallowed the medicine.

While giving the medicine to Qin Yuhan, he explained the principle of the medicine, “I have made four sub-pills here, one main pill, and the main pill is fed into Su’er’s mouth. We swallow a few sub-pills. Maru, lie down in the room next to her. As long as we fall asleep, we will enter Su’er’s dream. If she hasn’t dreamed, we will also establish contact by ourselves and see it in the dream.”

“But there is another kind of dream.” Circumstances, we can’t see Su’er in our dreams, that is, she has become ill to a certain degree, and she has no strength to gather consciousness.”

“This kind of situation does not exist. I still dream of Su’er in my dream today, absolutely. It’s her!” Xia Xiaonan directly denied Xiao Shuo’s statement.

“If it doesn’t exist, we will go to the next ward to sleep after swallowing this pill. Yu Han and I are in the ward on the left. If you are a girl, Xiaonan, go to the ward on the right.”

Xiao Shuo said After that, he swallowed a dream pill by himself, and took Qin Yuhan to the ward on the left to lie down.

It may be because of the medicine, or it may be because of Lin Su’er’s eagerness to see Lin Su’er. Several people fell asleep much faster than usual, especially Xia Xiaonan, who fell asleep almost the moment he lay on the bed.

In Lin Suer’s dream world, a few people met. Xia Xiaonan found that Xiao Shuo and Qin Yuhan in the dream were wearing the same clothes as they did in reality, as if none of them were asleep, but But she could hear a breathing sound in her ear.

“We have now entered the world of Su’er’s dream, and the sounds we hear are those in Su’er’s ward, so you can now hear Su’er’s breathing while wearing an oxygen mask.” Xiao Shuo explained.

“Is this pill so magical?” Xia Xiaonan once again felt incredible. It turned out that many things really can’t be seen with science.

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