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Chapter 799 In a dream

Chapter 799 Dreamland

“But isn’t this in my sister’s dreamland? Why didn’t we see her?” Qin Yuhan looked around without seeing Lin Su’er.

Xia Xiaonan was also a little strange, “I don’t know. I dreamt that I saw Su’er here as soon as I dreamed. She was lying on the ground and disappeared. Is it possible…”

She said that her face changed drastically. Looking at each other, there is a bad feeling, is it possible that Lin Su’er has disappeared in the dream? Will that be a problem?

The three people anxiously began to search in this emptiness. Finally, in a white mist, they saw Lin Su’er standing. She became transparent all over her body, and only her entire face could be seen. She looked up. The sky, as if seeing something that makes her happy, raised her head and smiled.

“Su’er!” Xiao Shuo exclaimed.

“What are you doing? Wake up, do you know that you are in a dream now, you wake up! In the real world, Dad takes you and your brother to live again, don’t worry about other people.”

Lin Suer turned to see Xiao Shuo and the others When I was a group of people, my brows wrinkled, and there was some color on their body, as if they were slowly returning to normal…

At the same time, on the other side.

Xiao Mengqiu had already inquired that Lin Suer was sent to the private hospital of Ouyang Luo’s family. Taking advantage of the night, she took a few bodyguards and drove downstairs to the private hospital of Ouyang Luo’s family. Today, she unexpectedly did not go to haunt Bo Qingang. , Bo Qingang was also happy and relaxed, without thinking about why she was so abnormal.

“Did you see? I have bought the front desk of their hospital. I know that Lin Suer’s current ward is on the second floor. The lights in that room are now turned off. It just happens that it is not easy to be discovered. This is a private hospital and there are very few patients. Although there are many doctors and nurses, they usually don’t go to the ward.”

“But I don’t know if her father and his younger brother are guarding her in the ward, so you have to be careful.”

Xiao Mengqiu pointed at the location of Lin Su’er’s ward, and began to order the bodyguards around him from the one where Lin Su’er was rescued. Within seconds, she began to inquire about the hospital Lin Suer sent to. When she knew that she was rescued in the operating room, she had been begging to God, and it was best not to let her rescue him and die directly on the operating table.

But I didn’t expect that Lin Suer’s life was so big that he was blown into that ghost by a landmine, and he would be able to recover, so I didn’t care about her. Since God doesn’t help, only oneself will come. These bodyguards are all well-trained. , Turning over the wall on the second floor is no problem at all, turning over to Lin Su’er’s ward to give her some medicine, or stabbing her directly.

But of course she would not do such an obvious thing. If she stabbed Lin Su’er, she would directly tell that this was a homicide, and she might even get burnt at that time, but she would check with people from this continent on her body. The medicine that can’t come out is still very simple. After all, she has learned Chinese medicine from Xiao Shuo over the years and has also learned to a degree that ordinary people can’t match.

Xiao Mengqiu took out a needle from her bag and handed it to one of the bodyguards, “I heard them say that your hands and feet are the best. You should remember what she looks like when you put on this needle, but don’t make a mistake. Kill someone else.”

“This needle contains the reagent I prepared. You can inject it directly into her body. This is very simple. You don’t need to find a blood vessel. You just need to spot it in one place. Can you do it? “

“Yes, I must be able to do what the young lady ordered.” The bodyguard took the needle and packed it into his bag, walked to the wall of the hospital, flexed his muscles, and prepared to climb the wall.

the other side.

Lin Su’er in the dream looked at Xiao Shuo and said with some pain.

“Dad! Do you know that I am in pain now? I want to see my mother. Just take good care of your brother in the future. I will leave first. I will go to another world to take care of my mother for you. For the past twenty years, you I owe it to her. I will pay it back for you.”

Lin Su’er had a painful expression on her face when she spoke, her facial features were a little distorted, she was holding both arms, and wounds appeared on her arms.

“Su’er, I know that you are in pain now. You are injured by a landmine. You will definitely be in pain, but you can’t give up your will to survive. You still have us. You see I am your good friend, you Brother and Dad are here. Isn’t it enough to have us? We will give you all the support.”

Xia Xiaonan’s eyes were red again, and she walked into Lin Su’er to persuade her, and then she realized that Lin Su’er was sad in her heart. Fragile, completely different from her usual strong image. Lin Su’er in her dream would cry and collapse and be sad, but she usually sees Lin Su’er being very cold and strong, and everything can be solved by itself, never Trouble anyone.

“Dad, you said that mom is lonely in another world. I’ll go with her. I really feel so tired.”

Lin Suer remembered how Bo Qingang forced her to knock her baby out again. In a blink of an eye, a lot of voices popped up in her mind, and Bo Qing’ang was encouraging her.

She was a little tangled for a moment. The physical pain was real, and the mental torture was real. It was true that she wanted to leave this world, but she was a little bit reluctant.

Lin Suer squatted on the ground and hugged her head and started to be confused. Xia Xiaonan immediately ran to her and hugged her, “Su’er, wake up with us, okay? When you wake up, you can see everything you like. You haven’t Fuxing Chinese Medicine, your fans are calling you back in the live broadcast room every day.”

“Traditional Chinese medicine, fan…” Lin Suer read these two terms, and suddenly realized that she actually cares about her and there are many things that care about her. She watched Xia Xiaonan open her mouth and wanted to say something, but all four of them listened to it. There were some strange sounds.

Because the four people who ate the Dream Pills could hear the voice from Lin Suer’s ward, they now heard an unfamiliar voice.

“Tsk tusk tusk! It looks pretty good, but it’s a pity that you want to offend someone you can’t afford to offend. Today is your death date, but you are optimistic, the person who dispenses this medicine is not me, even if you die later Don’t come to me if you’re looking for someone to settle the accounts. I’m just taking people’s money to help people eliminate disasters.”

Xiao Shuo was the first person to react. He knew that it’s not easy for people to wake up after taking the dream pill, but this pill is him. He refining it himself, of course he knows how to untie it.

When he woke up, he rushed from the ward next door to Lin Su’er’s ward. He happened to see a pitch-black man in sportswear who was holding a needle and preparing to inject the needle into Lin Su’er’s body.

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