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Chapter 800 Active contact

Chapter 800

Take the initiative to contact “Who are you? Stop it!” Xiao Shuo yelled and ran forward. The bodyguard wanted to complete the task as soon as possible, and pierced the needle towards Lin Su’er without hesitation, but Xiao Shuo did. The hand quickly rushed in front of him, slapped the syringe open, the syringe fell to the ground and rolled several times and fell into the corner.

“Are you looking for death? How dare you come here to attack my daughter.” Xiao Shuo looked at the man wearing a mask in front of him and didn’t know who sent it, but no matter who it was, as long as his daughter dared to move his daughter, he didn’t want to live. NS.

The bodyguard didn’t speak, but started to shoot towards Xiao Shuo, and the two scuffled together.

Xia Xiaonan didn’t know how to wake up. She tried her best to get out of the dream, but found that she was as weak as she was taking a sleeping pill. She was trapped in this dream, and she couldn’t wake up at all. Here, I can only listen to the sound of fighting coming from Lin Suer’s ward in a hurry.

Qin Yuhan was even more angry and regretted, “My elder sister and dad are both good at Chinese medicine, but I only know how to do it. Now I can’t wake up after taking this medicine. Listening to this voice, how can I feel that my dad can’t beat him? What?”

Lin Suer heard the voice even more strange, “Who wants to kill me?”

She was a little confused. She is lying in the ward now. If she doesn’t mention willpower, she will probably live like a vegetative in the future. Now, there are people who want to kill her, how much hatred do they have with her?

“Su’er, did you hear that? Your father is trying his best to protect you. Do you still choose to hide in your dreams and not wake up? You are already awake, right? Now you are not in the intensive care unit and have moved to the general ward. I know that with your willpower, if you want to wake up, you will wake up a long time ago.”

“You are just running away now. Wake up soon, okay? No matter what happens, I will accompany you to face it. .”

Xia Xiaonan turned his head and took Lin Su’er’s hand in the dream, and encouraged her again. Lin Suer looked at Xia Xiaonan and nodded slowly, “Well, I won’t avoid it, I won’t run away, I won’t be like an ostrich anymore, I cheer up. “After

Lin Su’er said this, her whole body floated up and quickly left this place. Xia Xiaonan and Qin Yuhan looked at the direction she was drifting away, followed by two steps, but they reacted. It seems that Lin Su’er is already awake. coming.

Only when two people entered Lin Suer’s dream would they see it here. Now that Lin Su’er has left the dream, the two of them naturally woke up. The first thing they did when they became awake, both of them turned over and got out of bed and turned towards Lin Su’er. Room ran.

Xia Xiaonan deliberately rang the calling bell in the room before running.

Xiao Shuo in the ward could not beat this well-trained bodyguard, and was forced into the corner by him.


Xiao Shuo was punched by the bodyguard and flew onto the bed, and finally fell on the ground, unable to get up.

The bodyguard picked up the syringe on the ground and was ready to go to Lin Su’er again, but at this time, Qin Yuhan and Ouyang Luo, who was with the hospital security guard, rushed into the ward.

“You dare to do this kind of thing in my Ouyang’s hospital. I think you are really bored.” Ouyang Luo yelled and ran forward with all the security guards. All the configurations of Ouyang Luo’s hospital are the best Yes, including the security guards are some retired soldiers and some people who have practiced martial arts since childhood.

No matter how powerful the bodyguard in front of him was, his fists would be hard to beat the four hands, and he was overpowered by everyone in three or two strokes. Ouyang Luo took the syringe in his hand and put the needle directly in front of him.

“I want to know what exactly you put in it, but you definitely won’t tell me the truth, and I don’t bother to do the experiment on my own, and inject it directly into your body, and I will know it.”

Ouyang Luo wanted to do it, but Xiao Shuo got up from the ground and grabbed the needle in his hand, “No, we can’t hurt him, you give this to me, I’ll go back and see what it is. “

Xiao Shuo said that he actually had some thoughts in his heart. He walked to the window and opened the window to look down, but there was no one below, only a speeding car was leaving the hospital.

“Say! Who sent you here? I want to see. Lin Suer lives in the hospital of my Ouyang family. Obviously it is the person I Ouyang Luo protects. There are still people who dare to attack her, and Ouyang. The homework is right, I see who has the courage.”

Ouyang Luo watched the bodyguard move his muscles and bones, and seemed to want to beat him again.

The bodyguard is ready to be discovered. If he successfully completes the task assigned to him by Xiao Mengqiu this time, he can get a large amount of money, and he can still enjoy the money. If this task is not completed, Xiao Mengqiu will not. Treat his family badly.

When he thought of this, he didn’t dare to say Xiao Mengqiu’s name, otherwise he was worried that his family would be affected, so he could only bite his lips and not let go.

“Slap!” Ouyang Luo slapped him fiercely, “Don’t say yes, I see how long you can take him down.”

Ouyang Luo ordered viciously, and several security guards next to him came up. Drag the bodyguard downstairs.

Xiao Shuo opened the syringe and poured out all the liquid in it. With a light taste, he could know what the composition of the liquid was. At that moment, he felt the anger hit by the sky, and there is still a kind of nourishment. The feeling of a white-eyed wolf.

The needle water in this syringe was configured by Xiao Mengqiu before. It could kill people in a short time, but doctors in China Mainland, even the most professional forensic doctors could not check it out. He just wanted to Let Xiao Mengqiu know that Chinese medicine is very powerful, no matter what it is, it is not inferior to West.

But he didn’t expect that Xiao Mengqiu, his adopted daughter, would actually use this to his biological daughter today.

The more Xiao Shuo thought about it, the more angry he became. He couldn’t accept it, let alone ignore it. Xiao Mengqiu was raised by him. Now that he has become like this, he has an inescapable responsibility.

Thinking about it, he stopped calling, took the cell phone and dialed Xiao Mengqiu’s number while walking towards the outside of the hospital.

Sitting in the car, Xiao Mengqiu watched Xiao Shuo’s call, and hesitated to answer it again and again.

“Dean Xiao, are you looking for something to do with me?”

Her name has changed from Master to Dean Xiao. From when Xiao Shuo completely stood on Lin Su’er’s side, there was already a gap between them. Now Xiao Shuo Now that she and Lin Su’er have recognized each other, she can no longer regard Xiao Shuo as her master.

“Where are you now? When we meet, I have important things to ask you.” Xiao Shuo looked for Xiao Mengqiu and didn’t find it for a long time. When she knew she had become the heir of the Ang family, he took back all the searches People who have never contacted Xiao Mengqiu again.

He had never thought that this was the case when he contacted Xiao Mengqiu for the first time!

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