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Chapter 801 You are my daughter

Chapter 801 You Are My Daughter

Xiao Shuo has raised Xiao Mengqiu for ten years. He brought Xiao Mengqiu from the orphanage when he was ten years old, and he really did his best to train her.

He knew that Ang Qingqiu was pregnant when he was with him, and he also thought that Ang Qingqiu might give birth to a daughter, so he treated Xiao Mengqiu as if she was his own daughter, and named her Mengqiu and used Ang Qingqiu. A word in the name.

Even after his biological daughter came back, he never thought about abandoning Xiao Mengqiu. All he wanted was to let Xiao Mengqiu and Lin Su’er live together peacefully. Both of them were his daughters. He would treat them well and would not favor each other.

It’s just that Xiao Mengqiu has been thinking wildly. He found that Xiao Mengqiu’s thinking was wrong, and he did a lot of ideological work for her, but it was of no use. He thought Xiao Mengqiu would figure it out by himself, but after Xiao Mengqiu went to the Ang’s house, he replaced Lin Su’er. When he became the heir of the Ang family, he knew that Xiao Mengqiu hated Lin Su’er, and the two of them couldn’t live in harmony.

Since this is the case, he has only to choose a side, he must be on the side of his own daughter to help her rectify her name, she is the granddaughter of Father Ang, the true heir of the Ang family! Xiao Mengqiu shouldn’t have taken away his identity.

After making the decision, he never contacted Xiao Mengqiu, thinking about waiting for him to help Lin Su’er regain his identity, and then go to Xiao Mengqiu to have a good chat. After all, the two of them are also family members. Although they are not related by blood, the family relationship continues.

But now his adopted daughter has moved towards his biological daughter. This is something he cannot accept. The two must have a good talk.

When Xiao Mengqiu heard what he said, he also guessed that Xiao Shuo had already known that she had sent someone to Lin Su’er when she was in the hospital just now, but she was also fearless.

“Dean Xiao, the two of us have nothing to talk about. I know I want to thank you for raising me for these ten years, but now that I have returned to my grandpa’s house, I don’t want to contact you anymore. I will give you the money. On the card, just as thank you for your support over the years, and don’t look for me anymore.”

Xiao Mengqiu said solemnly, as if she was really the eldest lady of the Ang family.

“Mengqiu, be more sober, who is the eldest lady of Ang’s family? You should know why you are still obsessed with it. How long do you think you can hide it?”

Xiao Shuo shook his head helplessly as he listened to her. How did you educate this child to be like this? It is really his failed education!

“I don’t know what you are talking about. If there is nothing else, I’ll hang up.”

Xiao Mengqiu directly ignored Xiao Shuo’s advice and was about to hang up, but he heard Xiao Shuo’s eager voice coming from the receiver of the phone, “Don’t come here to hurt Su’er, or I’ll fight you hard, she’s me. My daughter, I can’t watch her hurt, and no one can hurt her in front of my eyes.”

Xiao Mengqiu’s fingertips were a little white when he heard this. He squeezed the phone firmly, and even heard between his fingers. There was a clicking sound from the joints.

“Dean Xiao, then I would like to ask you, she is your daughter, what about me? Am I a pet you picked up? Just ignore it when you’re angry, coax it twice when you’re happy, and then just teach me some medical skills. right? ” “

now you do not need to find a daughter to me, I put my pet kicked open, what is that for so many years I was on your side? you never treat me as her daughter is not? “

When she spoke, she was full of anger, and she didn’t feel a little bit sad, as long as she was sad in her heart, Xiao Shuo couldn’t let Xiao Shuo hear the sadness in her heart at this moment.

Xiao Shuo was questioned by her, and for a while she didn’t know how to answer, so she said in a low voice, “You are also my daughter.”

“Really? Then tell me, what is the purpose of this call today? You told me not to hurt Lin Su’er. What did I do? I didn’t go to Huaxia University anymore. I didn’t see her every day. Why did you say that I hurt her? What evidence do you have that I hurt her?”

Xiao Mengqiu has already beaten Decided to deny it, anyway, there is no evidence that she did it. As for the bodyguard who was caught, he didn’t dare to say it. Even if she said her name, she could be said to be framed.

“You forgot, did you bring the potion configured in the syringe when you sent the bodyguard? This is what I taught you to configure, and there will be no second person who can configure it, because this is my exclusive secret recipe, except for you Is there anyone else?” Xiao Shuo calmly exposed her clumsy lie.

“I didn’t. Believe it or not, I didn’t hurt your daughter. You disappointed me too much. Although I always call you Master, I have always treated you like my own father in my heart. I have worked so hard. I want you to be proud of, and I want to be a proud daughter, but what about you?”

“I haven’t had any affection for me for so many years, so I am ashamed to say that I am your daughter, you have Put me in the same position as Lin Suer? If I was lying in the hospital bed and someone came to hurt me, would you be the first to doubt Lin Suer? Definitely not! You just think I’m bad because I’m not your own person. Yes!”

After Xiao Mengqiu finished speaking, she hung up the phone directly, not giving Xiao Shuo a chance to talk. She looked at the phone more and more angry, and threw the phone directly to the other side of the car seat, rubbing her temple with her hand. Hope to relieve some upset feelings.

Xiao Shuo looked at the hung up phone and sighed deeply, oh…

he really didn’t know how to communicate with Xiao Mengqiu, why didn’t he admit that he had done something, and he still yelled as expected. , No guilt at all?

He has only now discovered that in the past ten years of living with Xiao Mengqiu, he really didn’t understand the girl he was a daughter.

Xia Xiaonan heard Xiao Shuo calling and walked to his side to comfort him, “Dean Xiao, don’t take it to heart, Xiao Mengqiu’s thoughts are too extreme, not formed in a day or two, and it is impossible to change immediately. Su’er has not been hurt anyway, so don’t worry about her.”

“Yeah.” Xiao Shuo nodded and didn’t speak much, but walked back to Lin Su’er and looked at her, thinking that they can’t take it lightly anymore. Thinking that this is Ouyang’s hospital, no one would dare to come over and hurt her. She still had to send a few bodyguards to protect her. If she came a second time, if there was a little too late, Lin Su’er might not be in this world.

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