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Chapter 802 Folklorist

Chapter 802 In

the villa of the folklorist Bo’s family, Bo Qingang sat on the sofa and pressed his lips, looking at the old man with pale hair and beard in front of him. The old man is a well-known folklorist who has been studying various This is an ancient Fengshui technique, and some folk studies that are defined as crooked ways in this era.

Bo Qingang found him after several setbacks before, and only after he heard the situation described by Bo Qingang, he suddenly realized some doorways, and even told Bo Qingang to give him some time to let him. After eagerly confirming some situations, he can come up with a solution.

“Scholar Zhang, I have already told you everything I have learned. Can you find a solution?” Bo Qingang looked at him and asked in

a calm tone. Although Bo Qingang looked calm on the surface, but only He himself knew that the waves at the moment were turbulent and he had to find a solution as soon as possible. If he couldn’t find him, he would be driven mad. He knew that his beloved woman was lying on the hospital bed, but he still had to accompany Xiao Mengqiu every day.

“Bo Qingang, I already understand, and I can basically determine what is going on. However, I cannot completely determine the solution now. Give me two more days. Two days later, I can I must give you a perfect answer.”

Scholar Zhang pushed down the pedantic glasses on the bridge of his nose. He never thought that these things he studied would be really touched by him one day. These have been defined by this era and leaders as crooked ways, feudal superstitions, basically No one has seen it, even the people who have seen it are only in those remote mountainous places.

A few years ago, when he was still in a tough body, he could still go to those places with crutches to find out. Now that he can’t go far, it’s even more difficult for him to know this information.

“Are you sure you can come up with a solution in two days? If you are not sure, I don’t have to wait for your answer anymore. I’m going to find someone else.”

Bo Qingang has no patience to wait any longer. , Two days! What will happen in two days?

He didn’t even know what incomprehensible behavior Xiao Mengqiu’s frenzied woman would do. He couldn’t predict at all.

“Just two days! Don’t worry, Shao Bo, I have been studying what you said early in the morning, but there is no practical example for me to refer to. However, based on the situation raised by Shao Bo, I have basically been able to understand it.”

Scholar Zhang Raising two fingers is affirmative.

Bo Qingang looked at him with such a confident look in his eyes, and nodded slowly and said, “Thank you Scholar Zhang. If this matter can be solved, I will thank you very much.”

“No, I just need to be there. It’s good to be able to see the girl that Bo Shao said at that time. I feel that she should know a lot of what I want to know.”

Scholar Zhang was very interested in Lin Suer. Before Bo Qingang found him, he actually looked at money at all. It was like dung, half of his body was in the soil at his age, and one day he was buried with loess, even if Bo Qingang used money to tempt him and power to threaten him, he would not care.

But Bo Qingang knew that he had been studying these things, and told him that Lin Suer was able to practice Yirong Pills and Veritaserum. He instantly became interested and curious, and only agreed to solve this matter for Bo Qingang.

“Scholar Zhang tells me the solution to this matter as soon as possible, so that I can take you to see that girl. She is tortured now.”

“Okay, then I won’t talk more with Bo Shao here. I will go back and solve it as soon as possible. After finishing the plan, I will tell you.”

Scholar Zhang walked out of Bo Qingang’s villa tremblingly on a crutches. Bo Qingang looked at his back and felt that the matter could finally be over. He didn’t expect Xiao Mengqiu to actually use it. This is a disgusting way to harm Lin Suer.

Bo Qingang took out his mobile phone, and on the screen was a photo of him and Lin Suer. Lin Suer showed the most beautiful smile on the photo. At that time, Lin Suer was the happiest time with him.

“Su’er, don’t worry, I will fix this soon, and you will be fine.” Bo Qingang looked at the photo on the phone as if looking at Lin Su’er, reaching out and touching Lin Su’er’s face on the screen. Location.

Two days later.

In the past two days, Xia Xiaonan and Xiao Shuo tried to use the dream pill again and entered Lin Su’er’s dream, but it was of no use. Lin Su’er didn’t seem to have dreams anymore, just lying in a flat bed without any mental fluctuations, but still nothing Seeing her wake up, although she has not deteriorated but is not sober, it is still very worrying.

However, whether it was Xiao Shuo’s pulse check using traditional Chinese medicine or Western medical equipment, it was confirmed that Lin Su’er was not life-threatening and should be sober. I don’t know why she was still in a coma.

Xia Xiaonan’s daily running around in the hospital and school has become the norm, but she did not delay her study. After all, there are nurses in the hospital to take care of Lin Su’er. She is only used here to guard, and she can guard while studying without any delay.

“Huh…” Xia Xiaonan moved her hand away from the keyboard, turned her head to look at Lin Su’er lying on the hospital bed and complained, “I have finally finished writing this experiment report. Su’er, when will you wake up? I’m the only one, and everyone else in the class is a group of two. I’m alone. Can you wake up and accompany me to class and go back to the dormitory with me?”

“Every day in class, I’m alone in the dormitory. I’m the only one, and I’m so scared at night, when will you wake up? Would you tell me a good word?”

As always, there was no response. Xia Xiaonan had no hope anymore, she even wondered if Lin Su’er would keep going. In this vegetative state, lying on the bed for a lifetime.

But every time she had this thought, she immediately shook her head and shook this thought out of her head. Such a thought is really terrifying. If she even thinks this way, then who else can wake up Lin Su’er? ?

“Su’er, today we have learned the third lesson. I am here to tell you what the teacher said today. I hope you will still have hearing, so that you don’t have to think of ways to make up lessons after you wake up. I will read the key points to you after the class, have you listened to it?”

Xia Xiaonan opened the textbook as if talking to herself. She is a medical student, and knows that when someone is in a coma, if there are relatives of his The constant talking of friends around will stimulate the brain nerves of the unconscious person and can wake her up.

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