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Chapter 803 wake up

Chapter 803 Wake up

“Su’er, I have finished all the knowledge points, when will you wake up?” Xia Xiaonan took the textbook, and after reading the knowledge learned today, turned his head down and put the textbook away. Back in the bag.

“I’m already awake…” A familiar voice sounded behind him, and Xia Xiaonan felt her hands tremble a little. This is Lin Suer’s voice. It can’t be wrong, it’s so unique and special!

She suddenly didn’t dare to turn around, worried that she didn’t see the person she wanted to see after turning around, and worried that Lin Su’er would still be lying there.

“Bang!” The book in Xia Xiaonan’s hand fell and made a noise in her schoolbag, but she still didn’t dare to turn her head.

“Oh…” Lin Su’er sighed deeply, and then said, “Didn’t you keep me waking up just now? Why did you

ignore me when I woke up.” This time Xia Xiaonan can be sure that it is Lin Su’er, no She was so tired these few days that she had hallucinations. She turned around and hugged Lin Su’er who was sitting on the hospital bed. “Su’er, you finally woke up. I’m so afraid that you won’t wake up in this life. I’m worried about you. I became a vegetative person. I stayed alone in the dormitory for the past two days. I was so scared.”

“I just heard it.” Lin Suer stretched out her hand and patted Xia Xiaonan’s back, saying that it must be because she was not moved in her heart. Fake, there is a good friend who is so considerate of herself, staying by her side all day, and she is moved in a mess.

“Can you hear it? Every day I am in front of you, you can hear it, right? So you are so smart, so you don’t need to make up lessons. Have you remembered all those knowledge points?” Xia Xiaonan looked at him. Looked at Lin Su’er lovely.

“Puff……” Lin Suer couldn’t help laughing. “You are so cute. Do you care about my study? I’m still lying on the bed. I did hear those knowledge points when you were reading them, but also It’s impossible to write it down completely. It’s okay. Just find someone to make it up for me.”

Lin Suer rubbed her temples when she spoke. It may be that she has been lying down for too long and she has forgotten why she lies here. Looking at Xia Xiaonan with a confused look, “What is going on? Why have I been in a coma for so long?”

“Su’er, don’t you remember? Can you remember what I said to your ear, don’t remember the previous things? You went to catch Catharina, and found her in the villa, but she was there early There were landmines buried in the villa. She broke the can when she saw that you caught them. She pressed the remote control of the landmine, and the landmine was detonated.”

Xia Xiaonan helped her recall the previous events, and Lin Suer’s memories slowly gathered and remembered. Things before the coma, yes! In Boss Zhang’s villa, she told Catharina that she had taken the poison she had developed. Catharina pressed her for an antidote. After she refused to give it, she detonated the landmine.

“Then what about Catharina, I have seriously injured her? She didn’t seem to escape at the time, is she still alive?” Lin Su’er continued to ask anxiously.

“No! Catharina is dead, there is no way to rescue it. You have suffered a serious injury, and the others are basically fine.”

Xia Xiaonan said that other people looked a little wrong when they didn’t directly name them, Lin Suer knew She was referring to Xiao Mengqiu.

Thinking of Xiao Mengqiu, Lin Suer remembered the scene after the landmine exploded. Bo Qingang rushed towards her, but temporarily changed direction, pounced on Xiao Mengqiu, and gave up to save her!

When she thought of this, Lin Su’er’s chest stabbed a bit. She couldn’t accept this ambiguity. Whether she had cheated or had another secret, she had to make it clear to her, otherwise she felt like a fool.

Thinking about this, Lin Suer immediately asked Xia Xiaonan, “Where is Bo Qingang? I have something to ask him and call him over.”

Lin Suer thought that she was lying in the hospital now, and Bo Qingang would definitely guard her. Yes, I’m not here now, maybe I’m going to the toilet or having something to do with the company, otherwise I’ll definitely be able to see him.

But I didn’t expect Xia Xiaonan to hear her question, and her whole body stiffened for a few seconds, and then slowly pulled her hand out of Lin Su’er’s palm, and said, “Su’er, are you hungry? You can’t eat in a coma these days. You must be very hungry now by taking glucose and nutrients?”

“I’m going to find you something to eat, okay? What do you want to eat? Have porridge or want to eat or eat some dessert…”

“Don’t change the subject, I’m asking you Bo Qingang? Is he not there? Did you go to the company? Bring my mobile phone over and I’ll call him.”

Lin Suer frowned and looked at Xia Xiaonan’s strange reaction, and reached out to ask her for the phone, but Xia Xiaonan smiled and waved her hand, “Su’er, you are here. What are you talking about? You were seriously injured at the time, your cell phone was blown up, and there is no cell phone anymore.”

Xia Xiaonan was not lying either. Lin Suer was indeed covered in blood when he was rescued from the villa and suffered a lot of injuries. It was blown up.

“Really? Then you give me your cell phone, I will call Bo Qing’ang, and I can recite his number.” Lin Suer was reluctant, and she had to contact Bo Qing’ang before she would give up.

“I, I…” Xia Xiaonan looked at Lin Su’er, put her hand on her bag with some guilty conscience, worried that Lin Suer would snatch her phone, and said embarrassingly, “Su’er, now Bo Shao is not here, he should really It’s in the company to handle things, so don’t bother him first, and take care of yourself, okay?”

“First eat something, other…

suer ! Don’t grab your phone, don’t…” Xia Xiaonan said Halfway through, Lin Suer saw her hesitating and started to snatch her mobile phone. Xia Xiaonan was worried about hurting Lin Suer. After all, she was very weak and injured when she lay in bed without eating for so many days. Robbing would definitely hurt her, so she had to let go of her hand and let Lin Suer take the phone away.

Lin Suer immediately unlocked Xia Xiaonan’s lock after getting her mobile phone. Both of them knew their mobile phone passwords. She entered Bo Qingang’s phone number and was about to dial, but saw another hot message popped up on the phone. Search.

The three words Bo Qingang on the hot search are so obvious. Lin Suer squinted her eyes and gave up the idea of calling him. She opened the hot search directly. She wanted to see what Bo Qingang was doing these days, she clearly remembered someone. I said something in his ear. It was Bo Qingang’s voice. Bo Qingang assured her that he would take care of her, but why was he not by his side when he woke up?

After Lin Suer opened the hot search, the photos and texts that came into her eyes made her feel painful, and even the wounds on her body began to hurt.

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