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Chapter 804 Fast recovery

Chapter 804 Quick Recovery

It’s the last paparazzi again. He still didn’t give up following Bo Qingang, and made up his mind to explode an anecdote.

In the past few days, Bo Qingang was still with Xiao Mengqiu. Lin Suer clearly saw the photos on the hot search. In the morning, Bo Qingang walked out of Xiao Mengqiu’s villa and went to her villa in the evening. Inside, the same piece of clothing can already prove to be the same day.

In addition, the paparazzi specifically marked the day and time. At a glance, they saw that she was in the hospital for the past few days. Bo Qingang and Xiao Mengqiu were together almost every day, and the paparazzi took pictures every day.

Lin Suer’s hand with the phone started to tremble, and she felt that some wounds on her body had recovered, and she began to feel severe pain again. She stretched out her hand to cover her chest and felt the heart beating violently in her chest. She has been hypnotizing herself these days. Telling herself that Bo Qingang loves her, there is definitely some misunderstanding with Xiao Mengqiu.

Maybe it was to find Xiao Mengqiu and let her explain clearly to her grandpa.

She made excuses for Bo Qingang again and again, but Bo Qingang slapped her in the face every time, making her feel hurt again and again.

She clearly remembered hearing Bo Qingang’s voice when she was in a coma, but now it seemed that he was always with Xiao Mengqiu.

In that case, the sound she heard should be that she was dreaming, it was her illusion, and Bo Qingang had never seen her at all.

Lin Suer weakly returned the phone to Xia Xiaonan, then lay back on the bed and covered her head with a quilt. He doesn’t know what he should do now, should he cry? What’s the use of crying? Even if she was crying, Bo Qingang would not come back, and she was not used to solving things with tears.

But is it funny? Where is she still laughing now? When I heard that Catharina is now dead, she really felt very happy. No one will be caught by Catharina again, and no one will be tortured. She was killed.

Now I am taking revenge for my mother and the people who were killed by her, but she was so happy that within two seconds, those hot searches swept away her happy feeling.

What exactly is Bo Qingang doing? Why hurt her again and again? If she was really moved by Xiao Mengqiu and wanted to be with her, then she shouldn’t drag herself to say how good it was to break up, but the last time she saw him, he kept saying that everything should be resolved. Will explain to myself that things are not what I thought, so what is it?

Lin Su’er couldn’t figure out what matter he couldn’t explain, but he had to stay by Xiao Mengqiu’s side all the time.

Xia Xiaonan looked at Lin Suer’s sadness, and didn’t know how to comfort her. If you put yourself in the situation, if Ouyang Luo went to her rumored girlfriend when she was in such a difficult time, I guess she would be so sad that she was about to die. .

“Su’er, I’ll buy you some food. My schoolbag is right next to it. There are experimental reports from the past few days in the computer. You can open it and have a look. If you feel that you are in good condition, we will go to class tomorrow. If you think you still need to rest, then don’t go.”

Xia Xiaonan thinks that Lin Suer needs to be quiet. After all, she is always strong in front of her. She probably wants to cry now, but Lin Suer’s temperament will not cry in front of outsiders. She has to go out and give Lin Suer’s quiet environment, let Lin Suer calm down.

Lin Suer was lying on the bed, listening to Xia Xiaonan’s footsteps and walking to the door, and then listening to the sound of closing the door, and finally the whole ward became quiet, and she could hear her breathing.

“Huh…” Lin Suer got out of the quilt, showing only one head. Her big eyes were full of doubts. She actually began to question herself. Is it really that she is bad? Make Bo Qingang feel unnecessary even to say a breakup?

Lin Suer turned on Xia Xiaonan’s computer, logged in her WeChat account on the computer, and turned up Bo Qingang’s dialog box. She wanted to send a message to ask where Bo Qingang was, but she was worried about Bo Qingang’s roots. Wouldn’t it be more hurt to treat her as air without answering her?

Let’s forget it. After her body recovers, she will go to him and Xiao Mengqiu to face the confrontation a little bit better. Now her mother’s grudges have been avenged, she doesn’t need to think about other things, just solve them. Bo Qingang’s thing will do.

Lin Suer turned off the computer and lay on the bed again. She moved her hands and feet, and could feel that the wound was still unhealed, too! After suffering such a serious injury, if he healed in just a few days, then it is estimated that Hua Tuo is really alive.

Now even if she takes care of her body by herself, it is impossible to recover in just a few days. After all, this is really hurting her muscles and bones, and it will take a period of recovery.

Lin Suer thought of this, and suddenly thought of the leaves in the medicinal spirit jade space. The fallen leaves of the medicinal spirit wood are full of spiritual power and are very helpful for recovery from the injury. It is more effective than some medicines. If you go to the medicinal spirit jade space to get some If Ye Zi eats it, it is probably better than coming to the hospital where she stayed for a few days.

Lin Su’er closed her eyes again and entered the medicine spirit jade space. Although she was seriously injured, this space was not affected. She walked to the medicine spirit tree and took off its leaves and swallowed it directly. .

After eating several slices in a row, Lin Suer felt that it did have an immediate effect. Some small wounds on her body disappeared directly, especially the small scars on her face had already been scabs, and now she ate this leaf. It disappeared without a trace, and the skin on the face became smooth in an instant.

“Huh…Su’er, I just went out to bring you something to eat. Why did you feel that you changed when I came back? What about the scars on your face, what did you do?”

Lin Su’er was still standing in the medicine spirit jade space and heard Xia Xiaonan She immediately opened her eyes, looked at Xia Xiaonan standing next to the bed and smiled and said, “It’s okay. I just took two pills. This kind of small wound has recovered, but the more serious injuries on the body are still not working. . ” “

What the pill so powerful? you give me a few, and I do not have to worry about the next wounded. ” “

Yes, but I now finished, and so two days to help you practice a few bars. “Lin Su children not Give the leaves to Xia Xiaonan directly. If you give her a few leaves, Xia Xiaonan thinks that Lin Su’er is stupid in the hospital these days.

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