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Chapter 805 Find clues

Chapter 805 Discovering Clue

“I just went to the hospital restaurant and brought you something to eat. You are not in good health now. You can’t eat too irritating food, or spicy food, so I brought you some porridge and Some pastries, eat them quickly.”

Xia Xiaonan opened the lunch box and took out the things she brought in the restaurant just now. Private hospitals are different. There is a restaurant inside the hospital.

Lin Suer took two sips of the porridge, only to find it tasteless. I wonder what Bo Qingang and Xiao Mengqiu are doing now? Are you eating too?

At the same time, the other side.

Xiao Mengqiu has been busy pestering Bo Qingang these days, and he moved directly into the property that Father Ang bought her. He hasn’t returned to Ang’s house for several days. Father Ang called her many times and asked her when. Going home, she felt that if she didn’t go back, the image of the good girl who had been in front of Mr. Ang would be greatly reduced.

So she bought a lot of things on purpose today, and brought them back to Ang’s house.

The old man sat in the study, looking at the report in front of him with a dignified expression. This was a report just handed out from the hospital. He looked at his expression getting colder and colder.

“Grandpa…” Xiao Mengqiu pushed aside the study, jumped to Father Ang’s face, and put the gift in his hand on Father Ang’s desk, “Look, this is something I bought you specially. I’m not at home for a few days, and no one will speak with you to relieve my boredom. Mengqiu is not thinking about it well. Today, I specially came to plead with your grandfather. Grandpa shouldn’t be angry with Mengqiu, okay?”

Xiao Mengqiu seemed to have changed in an instant, with a pure and innocent face, blinking her big innocent eyes, looking at the old man with a look of innocence, and pulling the old man’s sleeve to act like a baby.

In her impression, Grandpa Ang has always loved her very much. Generally, as long as she acts like a baby, Grandpa Ang will follow her no matter what she wants, even if she wants the moon in the sky, the master will agree.

So she thought that this time she acted like a baby, and the old man would definitely look at her kindly and say, “It’s okay to be a good boy, as long as you have a good time, grandpa will support whatever you do.”

But what she didn’t expect was that this time The old man actually shook off her hand directly, hugged his arm and looked at her, “What have you been doing these days?”

“I…I went to accompany my boyfriend. Grandpa, can you see those hot news searches? , But grandpa don’t worry, Aang is just going to my villa to accompany me. There are so many rooms in the villa, and he sleeps in the guest room.”

Xiao Mengqiu still pretended to be cute and answered Father Ang’s words, she and Bo Qingang The matter has been on the hot search for so many days. Of course, I know that lying is the most stupid way, so I told it straightforwardly.

But she didn’t expect that she actually saw an expression of disdain on Old Man Ang’s face. Old Man Ang said lightly, “But before I remember Bo Qingang was that boyfriend named Lin Su’er, why would he be with you suddenly?”

“Mengqiu, you are still the heir of my Ang family. Don’t do such ridiculous things. It’s disgusting to be someone else’s junior, do you know?”

Xiao Mengqiu frowned when he heard what she said. Or the heir of the Ang family? Isn’t this old man Ang not wanting to recognize her because she is with Bo Qing’ang? Or, does he believe Lin Suer’s words and think Lin Suer is his granddaughter?

impossible! With the existence of that token, Elder Ang would definitely believe her, not to mention that if he didn’t believe it, he would have driven himself out a long time ago, and how could he still talk to himself like this.

He should just be caught by those hot searches, worrying about damaging the reputation of the Ang’s family for his own reasons.

Xiao Mengqiu comforted herself so, she immediately changed her look, her eyes flushed rapidly within a second, and her eyes were full of tears. He looked at Father Ang and said grievously, “Grandpa, I didn’t go to be a junior. Lin Suer had been pestering Aang before. When I was in the Xiao family, I had already made a baby kiss with him.”

“He has always liked me too. I can only say that he made some mistakes before and thinks that Lin Suer looks good. Like I was with her, and now I come back, of course he will come back to me. After all, there is still a difference between a master and a substitute! I didn’t go to be a junior, grandpa, don’t be angry, okay? “

I promise I will come back every day in the future, and I won’t let these paparazzi take those photos anymore, and it won’t damage the reputation of the Ang family.” The

old man looked at the tears on her face, and he couldn’t tell the difference between them. Whether what this girl said is true or not, she looks at a harmless look of humans and animals, she is always cute and cute in front of her, but…

“Mengqiu, I want to ask you something, you must be honest Answer!” Mr. Ang put the report in his hand in the drawer and even locked it.

Xiao Mengqiu was a little curious watching his movements. What was the report that Old Man Ang was reading just now? It seems to be a very important thing to be locked in a drawer, but no matter what it is, it doesn’t look like the old man will let her look at it, so he retracted his gaze and continued to pretend to be her.

Good girl, “Well, I’ll say whatever Grandpa asks.” “Okay. You said that the token was the one that stayed with you when you stayed in the orphanage? And you stayed in the orphanage until you were ten. , Xiao Shuo found out that he was going to take you over?”

“Yes. Xiao Shuo guessed that after abandoning his mother, he didn’t find a woman who could give him a child, so he found out that he went to the orphanage and took me over again. Grandpa, you Why are you asking about this?” Xiao Mengqiu started to play drums in his heart, always feeling that today’s old man Ang was not right, and the questions he asked were very strange. Is it possible that he found something?

“Then you left the orphanage and you haven’t gone back? You have to think about the source of drinking water. After all, you were there before ten years old. You should remember to repay your favor. I will take you to review the orphanage together. I want to ask the dean if there is a picture of you before the age of ten, and I want to bring it over.” Mr.

Ang’s words made Xiao Mengqiu’s whole heart touch his throat, how could it be possible to let him go to the orphanage and she won’t show up as soon as he goes to the orphanage. Yet? The people in the orphanage know her life experience, and of course they also know that she is not the young lady of the Ang family at all!

“Grandpa, wouldn’t it be okay for me to be by your side now? Why do you want to find the previous photos? I don’t want to remember at all. When I was in the orphanage, I had a bad life and everyone bullied me.” Xiao Mengqiu started playing the emotional card again, tears falling one after another like broken pearls.

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