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Dr. Cutie 萌医甜妻 Episodes 13 Recap

Tian Qi finds the murderer Tian Qi to take refuge and acne. Ji Heng was very angry when he heard Ruyi calling Tian Qiniang, so that Ruyi should not play, and called Ji Zheng away. Tian Qi returned with Ruyi, and Ruyi asked her uncle why she was angry. Tian Qi said that Ji Heng was angry because he wanted to play with the tortoise.

Ji Heng asked Ji Zheng to visit his mother, and Ji Zheng had an excuse to leave quickly. Ding Zhi and Tian Qi heard screams on the road. In the past, Chen Wuyong was beating the maid. Chunhua told them that Chen Wuyong was a celebrity around Mrs. Ji. Before she thought that she was familiar with the beads, she had seen it worn by Chen Wuyong, but she could not remember it for too long. Kant and Kang Ning’er came to see Mrs. Ji, and speaking of Tian Qi next to Ji Heng, they thought he took good care of Ji Heng. Mrs. Ji listened to a thoughtful expression.

Tian Qi decided to test Chen Wuyong and give him a gift. Tian Qi put the bead in it, and Chen Wuyong was wrong when he saw the bead and asked where she found it. Tian Qi said that he was looking for it in the Treasure Pavilion. Chen Wuyong said that it was given away before. He never expected to see it now. Tian Qi gave him a box of plaster that could remove the old scars. Chen Wuyong said that he had been bitten by an animal before, making Tian Qi more certain that he was the murderer.

At night Chen Wuyong had a nightmare, dreaming that Tian Qilai assassinated him, and scratched his neck. When Chen Wuyong woke up, he was afraid and decided to get rid of Tian Qi. Chen Wuyong looked for the brocade to meet Mrs. Ji, and told her to say what Tian Qike said, and Mrs. Ji believed it. Ding Zhi told Tian Qi the news. Tian Qi thought that Mrs. Ji would transfer her away first, and then she would find a way to get rid of her. Now all she has to do is to stay with Ji Heng. Tian Qi prepared the medicine that can produce acne. He ate it that night and was quarantined the next day.

Ji Heng came to visit Mrs. Ji. Mrs. Ji said that Ruyi liked Tian Qi very much, and she had some minor illnesses and pains. She hoped to transfer Tian Qi over. Ji Heng is not good at objecting, he can only promise. Ji Heng came back and saw Tian Qi was absent. Hearing that she had acne, she had to check it out. Mrs. Ji heard that Tian Qi had acne, so she did not let her come over again, but still had to find a chance to deal with her. Ji Heng was going to see Tian Qi. He thought something wrong with Mrs. Ji and asked Sheng Anhuai what was wrong with Mrs. Ji recently. Sheng Anhuai said that Mrs. Ji saw the tapestry and said the words of the master, and Ji Heng understood that it was Mrs. Ji who heard Tian Qike ’s rumor and would be against her. Now he does not go to see Tian Qi but is good for her.

Ji Zheng and Ji Heng came to visit Mrs. Ji, and Mrs. Ji left them for dinner. Ji Heng mentioned the death of Ji Zheng’s mother early, which made Madam Ji think of the death of Ji Zheng’s mother and Master Ji. It was very uncomfortable. . Ji Zheng came to see Tian Qi and found that she had acne. She wanted to stay and take care of her. Ji Heng couldn’t sleep at night and wanted to see Tian Qi, but couldn’t go to protect her.


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