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Love in the Mountain City: Provence Forever

Love in the Mountain City: Provence Forever (Novel)
Other Name: 戀戀山城:永遠的普羅旺斯/Toujours Provence

Genre: novel
Author: Peter Mayle
Year: 20XX
Chapter: 19
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In this Taoyuan Fairy Township, located on the edge of the red world, Mel’s book fans drove all the way, sneaked into his house and touched the big stone table mentioned in the book. Even the neighbor Faustin was asked to sign the book. Under the name; and how did Mrs. Mel ecstatically carry back a furry passenger at the speed of a jet plane?

How did Mr. Police fight against the members of Saint Trupe’s astronomical camp, asking them to take out a fine of 1,500 francs from their naked bodies?

Obediently, Meier dug a Napoleon gold coin in the garden that day, and a treasure hunt with a dark sky and a high moon began. The vocal emperor Pavalordi also came to Provence. Why did the program list in the hands of the audience become delicious? People’s menu?

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