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Modern Family S11 Episode 14

Episode 14: Dinner at the Baked Potato Shop

Cameron again received a urging call from Gloria, reminding them to watch the children’s play in which Joe participated. Cameron and Miguel didn’t want to go. Today is Lily’s first date. They need to help with planning. Cameron casually lied about helping people take care of the dog, then smashed a vase to pretend the dog was running around, hung up the phone in a hurry. In addition, Cameron is also very nervous, he applied for the Missouri College football coach position, today will be the result. So only if the phone rings, he will look for the phone as neurotic.

The date of the date is the famous roasted potato shop in the local area. The meaty potatoes in the shop are the most famous. Cameron and Mitchell sat at the table, looking at Lily and her favorite male classmate on the table not far away. At this moment, when I heard a noise, I turned my head and saw Claire, Phil, Hailee and Dylan. Claire was trying to sell the RV that Phil’s father left behind, and Phil tried his best to persuade Claire to take a car to travel. Hailey and Dylan are very worried. They don’t care to let the children see the bloody pictures on TV, and they are always worried that the children will have a psychological shadow.

Phil didn’t take Hailey’s worry. Luke didn’t know how many times he fell since he was a child, and now he is still alive. Hailey glanced at her dad contemptuously, she didn’t want her children to be like Luke. Miguel was cautious in speaking because he followed another coach who was competing with Cameron, who had already celebrated his new job on Weibo. In other words, it is impossible for Cameron to receive a call from the college tonight. So he wants to enumerate the various benefits of California, and hope that Cameron will not go to Missouri.

When the family was chatting noisily, they saw Gloria, Jie, and Joe walking in. Gloria looked angry, Claire said that she had a cold, and Cameron said she wanted to take care of the dog, so she was hiding here and eating and drinking. But she didn’t have the right to be angry, after all, Claire had the evidence that she lied about allergies and didn’t go to see Alex double acting.

Jie ran to the bathroom before sitting down, and the others were surprised to see Gloria secretly taking the medicine in his drink. It turned out that Jie was suffering from low back pain in the past few days, but he refused to take the medicine prescribed by the doctor. Gloria had no choice but to do this. Jie came back and sat down, took a few sips of the drink, said that he couldn’t stand the back pain just now, and took two pills in the bathroom. Gloria complained secretly, the side effects of this analgesic are well known, and Jie took a double dose at once, fearing that something would happen.

Sure enough, Jie seemed to be drunk, speaking out his heart for many years. Don’t think he is usually unsmiling, but he loves everyone like a child in his heart. Seeing Bailey, the mascot in the potato shop, I couldn’t wait to go up and hug him. But a lot of what he said touched the heart. Hailey understood that a child’s education is a long-term thing, so don’t be too concerned about a mistake. Claire also figured out that the children will leave one by one when they grow up. Instead of guarding the empty nest, it is better to go out in an RV for a trip. Perhaps the happiest person was Phil. In the evening, Jie called to thank him for his many years of support and encouragement. Felt recorded it and played it over and over again, and he was happy.

Cameron finally knew that he was not admitted, but the good news is that Lily’s date was very successful, which is probably a kind of compensation.

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