Passion Fruit and Benefits

Passion Fruit and Benefits

Scientific name: Passiflora laurifolia L.
Common names: Jamaica honey-suckle, Passion fruit, Yellow granadilla.

Botanical characteristics: It is a vine with a ground vine, a single leaf, a deep jagged edge of the petiole with thick glandular leaves. It is a bright green, large single flower. Hanging upside down like a lantern Green sheath The outer petals are cylindrical. The back of the swallowtail is dark green. The inside is light purple, consisting of red spots. The inner petals resemble those of the outer petals. Light purple or light pink with reddish tint The petals are divided into two layers, each petal is quite round, purple, draped over the end of white and red. With pollen in the middle, greenish color The flowers are very strong and fragrant. The fruits are oval or long eggs. There are many varieties. Some varieties of skin are purple, yellow, orange, brown, peel smooth, edible flesh. There are many seeds in the middle.

Benefits of passion fruit

  1. Passion fruit helps to brighten the skin.
  2. Helps to slow down aging. Slow down the aging process with anti-oxidants.
  3. Helps to strengthen the body’s immunity
  4. Helps to nourish the eyes. Due to vitamin A included
  5. Passion fruit juice helps to sleep more comfortably.
  6. Passion fruit juice helps to refresh the body.
  7. With vitamin B2 which helps nourish the skin, nails, and hair
    Contains calcium, which helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fractures
  8. High in potassium Help with intelligence Cheerful heart By delivering oxygen to the brain
  9. Contains magnesium, which helps to burn fat and convert it into energy
  10. High in phosphorus Which helps to promote healthy gums and teeth
  11. Popular to drink as fruit juice or as an ingredient in mixed fruit juices
  12. Used to make smoothies For how to make passion fruit juice Firstly, prepare 3 ripe passion fruit/half cup syrup / one tablespoon of salt / one cup chilled boiled water.
  13. After that, take the passion fruit to wash thoroughly. And cut in half Then take out a spoon to scoop out all the passion fruit seeds and water Then blended with boiled water until fine Then filter out the residue and seeds using a fine white cloth or colander After that, pass the filtered passion fruit juice into the blender, add the salt syrup, crushed ice, and blend. When finished, it will get our passion fruit juice.
  14. Used to flavor or flavor in yogurt, soft drinks, etc.
  15. Passion fruit meat can be used to make many kinds of desserts such as cakes, jam, jelly, ice cream, etc.
  16. Used in desserts such as passion fruit seeds for decorating cakes.
  17. Used for cooking, such as bringing passion fruit in curry or eating with chili paste
  18. The seeds of passion fruit can be extracted into vegetable oil.
  19. Used to make margarine from passion fruit seeds.
  20. Used as animal feed By taking the bark to extract pectin or dried
  21. Passion fruit peel can be used to make compost.
  22. Used as a relaxing massage oil. Muscle aches Due to having good relaxing properties
  23. Used as an ingredient in some cosmetics such as sunblock products. Skincare products Acne treatment products etc.
  24. It helps to heal the skin. Skin tissue treatment
    It helps to balance the body and reduce dizziness. Nausea and vomiting
  25. At Puerto Rico Popularly used passion fruit to reduce blood pressure.
  26. It helps to relieve cystitis.
  27. Helps in restoring the liver and kidneys to be healthy
  28. It helps to eliminate toxins in the blood.
  29. Helps relieve pain
  30. It helps to nourish the lungs.
  31. It helps to reduce fat in the blood vessels.
  32. It helps to treat high blood pressure.
  33. It helps to treat asthma.
  34. Fresh leaves can be used to mask scabies.
  35. The flower is used to expel phlegm.
  36. The seeds contain substances that act to inhibit the growth of the fungus well.

Method and amount of use:

use as the strong fruit. The unlimited amount, wash, clean, cut in half, only squeeze the water Add a little salt and sugar To mellow the taste to your liking Use to drink as fruit juice. Reduce fat in the blood vessels.

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