Pumpkin and Benefits

Pumpkin and Benefits

Pumpkin is divided into 2 families. The first family is Family of American Pumpkin (Pumpkin), big flesh, flesh and squash (Squash), including Thai and Japanese pumpkins. By the Thai pumpkin, The skin of the fruit is still green. When old, it will turn yellow and green. The skin is slightly rough, the bark is hard, the inner surface is yellow. With white, flat seeds stuck

Pumpkin is rich in many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, sodium, manganese, iron zinc, etc.

Pumpkin is also a healthy food for those who want to lose weight as well. Because pumpkin has a very high fiber Low in calories and fat Therefore suitable for people who want to lose weight and control weight well Just eating one cup or 3 grams of pumpkin will make the body feel full longer.

Pumpkin, although very useful to the body. But eating improperly can also cause penalties Because the pumpkin has a warm effect Not suitable for people with hot stomachs, such as those who are often thirsty. Yellow urine, constipation, oral ulcers Swollen gums regularly, etc., which people with these symptoms should not eat pumpkin in excessive amounts or too often. Even in normal people Should not eat unconsciously Because it may cause flatulence, stomach discomfort.

Pumpkin Benefits are as:

  1. Pumpkin contains antioxidants that help to slow down aging and aging.
  2. Helps restore healthy skin to shine bright and help protect the skin from wrinkles.
  3. Nourish and maintain eyesight.
  4. Pumpkin helps to maintain healthy body.
  5. Helps strengthen the immune system for the body
  6. Pumpkin seed oil helps to nourish the nerves.
  7. Pumpkin seeds help to make a good mood. Because it contains substances that help in creating Serotonin, which has an effect on mood
  8. Has the effect of helping to reduce blood sugar levels.
  9. Is a diet suitable for people who want to control weight or want to lose weight Because it has little fat, high fiber
  10. Pumpkin contains pro-biotic acid. Which contributes to the weakening of cancer cells
  11. Help prevent and reduce the risk of cancer
  12. Helps to prevent the occurrence of coronary artery disease and heart disease.
  13. Helps to relieve aching around the knee and waist.
  14. Helps to prevent skin diseases.
  15. Pumpkin peel has the ability to stimulate insulin secretion in the body. Which helps control blood sugar levels Prevent the occurrence of diabetes
  16. Helps to restore the body after exercise or after the body works hard. And allowing the muscles to work at their full potential
  17. Pumpkin roots are boiled with drinking water to help solve and relieve cough.
  18. Listening to the classified as high in fiber. Which contributes to the excretion
  19. Pumpkin has a warming effect, which helps to digest food very well.
  20. Helps prevent the occurrence of bladder cancer.
  21. Helps to urinate
  22. Helps to prevent gallstones.
  23. Helps prevent the prostate from becoming enlarged
  24. Helps to adjust testosterone levels from the testicles to normal levels.
  25. Help drive tapeworm By bringing about 50 grams of pumpkin seeds, pound them thoroughly and mix with sugar, milk and add water to approximately 500 milliliters and then divided into 3 servings every 2 hours.
  26. Helps to strengthen liver and kidney
  27. Pumpkin roots, when taken to boil, drink, will help neutralize the insect bites. Can neutralize the opium
  28. The pulp of the pumpkin. Can be used as a dressing Solving bruises Pain and inflammation
  29. Use as a snack Like freshly squeezed pumpkin juice, pumpkin pie
  30. Can be used in a variety of grilling dishes such as pumpkin soup, curry, and chili paste

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