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Chapter 1 (Daughter-in-lawFlavor)

Su, 24 years old this year,White appearance,Zhi Guazi’s face is inlaid with a pair of watery peach eyes.

Look forward to a lot of beauty, very energetic…

1.6 metersHigh, long and beautiful hair like a nine-curved waterfall, swaying gracefully, every step you take, it makes people feel distressed like a cute catPity.

Currently a teacher in a private school. ·

After get off work today, SuCongyouThe publicWhen I got off the car, with a small bag in my hand, I walked to the house, and the neighbors who came along all the way looked at it.

Every step,Full mouth, There is a kind of callOut of rush, SuVery happy, ownNeedless to say, the key is symmetry.

When I came to my door, I took out the key and opened the door. This two-bedroom warm and romantic house was bought by the couple just now.


The door opened, SueSuddenly I found the light in the bathroom was on, and there was a sound of running water.

SuBitingHorns, long eyelashesBlinking, turning my eyes, thinking about my heart, my heart is very excited,muddySome fever, some on hands and toesMa Ma.

Hehe, the husband must be taking a shower…

Just nowpublicCar, myselfI also sweated a lot,I also want to wash it well.

And can…

Thinking of this, SueHis cheeks were a little red, and he quietly came to the bedroom and put down his bag, mainly because of fearHusband.

I want to give my husband a surprise attack and stimulate his malehormone.

The beating little heart is thinking, if I wash with my husband suddenly, he will be very excited.

I imagined my husband opening his arms and putting himselfHug,’S face became even more red, suddenlyFeel the heart beating faster and muddyThe heat is intensified.

Hee hee, my husband will definitely work hard, just like my husband from behind, it’s cool after repeated trials…

Fantasizing about her husband being strongJin, SuAbsolutelyThe melon seeds’ cheeks are red and hot, so hot, unexpectedlyFeeling dry and dry.

Bitingangle,After a little long hair, I started one by oneclothes……

Snow lotus-like arms, slender waist, tallAnd the slender snow-white daejangshapeWonderfulcurve.

Crystal clearOf icesnowShining with ivory whitenessHalo, like a little fairyStepping on the light pace and walking towards the bathroom.

Husband, here I am…

Gently pushed open the door of the bathroom, there were waves of mist, like a fairyland…

BatheThe scent of lingering and permeating, my husband is washing with his back to the door, strongSojangsuCan’t helpCome here and hug his waist from behind.

Put your ownofTop: “Husband…I want…”

At the same time, SuSlender hands go down, “Mmm…” is another burstMa ChuanbianHot,Do notLetShivered a few times.

obviouslyI feel that my husband’s brother today seems to be a lot older, and he still has some troubles…

SuchFeel, let SuThe heartbeat is speeding up!

“Husband…” SuewindTen thousand kinds of peach blossom eyes halfHalf-open and half-squinted,WithThe excitement.

The slender jade hand keeps walking, it is so mighty today…

It must be better, SueI even began to fantasize, unknowingly hit oneCool and sweet spring, look fair and slenderTremblingIt.

A river of spring water flows eastward…

The slender hands are still walking, exploring, SuInfatuated: “Husband…”Zi dazed a few more times.

seem,I can hardly hold a pair of small hands…

Suddenly, “Xiaosu, you…” The man in the bath panicked and turned his head to stop.

Su intoxicated in fantasy, I heard something wrong, scaredRushOpen your eyes, like a frightened bird.

My God, the man I’m hugging is not my husband, but my husband’s father!

My father-in-law, Lin Defu…

How could this be?

God, what did I do?

SuScaredThrow away what you hold in your handBig……

“Dad, you… why are you here?”Red SueI can’t wait to find a placeGet in.

Lin Defu actually panicked a long time ago. His son called and took himself from his hometown.Come, when he gets home, he arranges to take a shower first, and his son goes to the vegetable market to buy vegetables.

But the shower in the bathroomHe was not used to it, and the temperature of the hot and cold water was not always adjusted, which resulted in a long delay.

I finally finished the bath, but my daughter-in-law would break in, especially,After still hugging himself.

I took hold of my own stuff…

By the daughter-in-lawHolding it by his little hand, Lin Defu was stunned, until his daughter-in-law said that he wantedStop the daughter-in-law.

But, I turned to see my daughter-in-lawIn a moment of Li, Gudong, once again let his old brotherThe pulse swells up.



Bai Bai’s eyes…

SuI’m so ashamed, seeing my father-in-law looking at myself, he hurried his handsThe fork covers the vital part and can protect the upper part, but it cannot cover the lower part…

What a pieceIt’s black and shiny, it looks like a great oneThe human bird’s nest can beExtremely!

SuPanic, Keep protecting it with both hands, and then rushProtect the bottom, no matter whether you protect the top or the bottom, you can’t always protect it all!

There is always onepeakBa and Tonggu Youlan are changing in front of Lin Defu, tooPeople…

“Dad…Dad…you…don’t look…”

Lin Defu realized his gaffe and hurriedClose your eyes, “Xiao Su, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

SuA little angry, “Dad, why don’t you say hello when you come to our house, where is Lin Feng?”

SuHurriedly findSuit, butSuddenly remembered that I amLookSon came in,Service capitalIn the bedroom.

This is embarrassing…

At this moment, the security door was opened, SuLin Feng’s husband is carrying two large bags of fresh vegetables and fish that he just boughtcame back.

When he saw his wife changing her shoes at the door, he knew SuWhen he came back, he asked to the bathroom, “Wife, you came back todayEarly? “

Lin Feng’s voice is enough to make SuSoul flying away, just about to run back to the bedroom to findWearable, Scared facePale, rushShut the bathroom door.

Hesitatingly said: “Husband, you… why did you go home early today?”

Lin Feng put the things he bought into the kitchen: “My dad didn’t come to our house today, I went to the station to pick him up.”

Lin Feng asked again, “Where’s my dad, I even arranged for him to take a bath before going to the vegetable market.”

SuTurn overLook at the naked father-in-law, Lin Defu’s will cry. If the son sees him and his daughter-in-law like this, the son might use a kitchen knife to fight him hard.


SuMade a boo at himThen he said: “Husband, I didn’t see your father, did you go to Uncle Wang’s house to play chess after washing?”

Lin Feng thought for a while and said, “I must go to Uncle Wang’s house to play chess again.”

After his son bought a new house, Lin Defu came to live a few times and met Uncle Wang in the same community. Uncle Wang also likes to play chess. When his wife reminded him, Lin Feng thought his father went to Uncle Wang to play chess after taking a bath. .

“My wife, I want to take a bath too. It’s too hot today.Khan…” Lin Feng walked towards the bathroom as he said.

SuFrightened, if the old open door comes in and sees insideJing, what would he think?

Don’t let him in, “Husband, they haven’t finished washing yet, so please take the fish you boughtClean it up. “

Lin Feng stopped again, patted his head and said, “My dad eats sauerkraut fish the most. I only bought fish and forgot to buy sauerkraut.

Look at me, My wife, I will go back to buy sauerkraut, you wash it well, and when we finish dinner, your husband will make you comfortable tonight. “

After Lin Feng finished speaking, he put on his shoes and went downstairs to buy sauerkraut, SuHearing the sound of the security door closing, he took a long breath and turned his headAngrily glanced at his father-in-law.

Lin Defu lowered his head in shame, so ashamed…

SuRushRun back to the roomPut on the clothes again, and Lin Defu also puts onYi walked out with his head down.

Like a kid doing wrong…

He feels that his daughter-in-law will scold himself severely, scolding herself for being unreliable.Come on.

Hey, today is too embarrassing…

Unexpectedly, SueBut noodlestemperatureHe said: “Dad, you must not tell Lin Feng about this today, he is careful, he will misunderstand us both.”

Lin Defu blushed and said, “Xiao Su, I really didn’t mean it just now. I was a little confused at the time. I didn’t know you would go in for a bath.

If I knew you were going to take a bath, I would…”

SuSmiled slightly and said, “Dad, don’t, I won’t blame you, I’ll break in without seeing clearly, and treat you asLin Feng, who makes you two look alike. “

“Uh, uh…” Lin Defu was speechless for a while, his daughter-in-law did not blame himself, he thoughtExcited.

My daughter-in-law is really goodPeople…

Not onlyCaring about my son, but empatheticBeautiful, my son is so blessed.

Married such a good wife…

In order to apologize, Lin Defu personally cooks the vegetables. His wife fell ill and died more than ten years ago, and he became a father and a mother to raise his son.

In order to get his son to go to university, he frugal enough to provide for his son, he did not have continuous thoughts, and the villagers told him his wife.

But the other party wanted too many gifts, and Lindefu couldn’t bear it.

Lin Feng came back soon, and when he saw his father cooking in the kitchen, he blamed SuSaid: “Wife, Dad just came to our house and he hasn’t rested yet, so you let him cook?”

I didn’t ask how to find Uncle Wang to come back from playing chess.Maybe he forgot, maybe he didn’t see him coming back when he went downstairs to buy something.

Lin DefuganSaid: “I did it voluntarily, don’t you think the food I cooked is inappropriate?”

SuHe praised: “Dad is good at cooking, I like to eat.”

After the family reunited for dinner, Lin Feng watched SuBe affectionate, sueSay: “Husband, wait a while, I’ll take a shower first.”

Lin Feng was a little surprised and said, “You didn’t just wash, why do you want to take a bath again?”

SuStaredAt a glance, he said, “I’m sweating again, husband, wait for me, I’ll take a shower first and come back soon, don’t worry.”

Lin Feng had to wait patiently, and soon, SuCome out of the bathroom after the shower.

Changed a shallowsleep,outsideOut ofWhite as ivory, LinglongtiofUnlimited materialWell, this is Lin Feng most proud of.

beforeA deep career line is heartwarmingSway withoutpeople……

especiallyThat fragrant and fragrantWhen the fragrance came, Lin Feng’s heart was drunk, and the damn rebellious big tent was almost goneThe child broke.

Lin FengUnselfish, Put SuPut his arms in his arms, SuWhispered”Smelly husband, bad husband, what are you doing, don’tYo……”

feelbombFully, Lin Feng was drunk, “Wife, what do you say?” Both hands drilledsleep,it is goodYeah.

SuCrazy: “Husband…hmm…” SuWhispering, scorching eyesLooks at him.

Listen to SueofSignal, Lin Feng feverBoil, force the suinDown, cottonPretty waist, Lin Feng’s hand slowly moved downWith…

Although I slept thinly after watching, Can be clearTo the wife’s two halves, Full of elasticity!

SuLaughing, he hugged Lin Feng with both hands, this posture is tooPeople, I believe that no man can bear it.

Lin FengWithAngrily put my wife to sleepLifted up, whiteGreasy bellyMakes people never greasy, black like a bird’s nest, slightly rolled up, adding a bit.

Lin FengThe qi is getting worse, SuBefore beingThe two hemispheres are very hot, SuVery cooperative, white and slender pairA entanglement,Screamed.

“Husband, come on…” SuFull face, TaohuayanhanPulse, oneSmile backSheng Wu, Suddenly overflowing like spring water.

Seeing that my wife is out of so manyYang, Lin Feng couldn’t help it anymore.Get up, “Wife, here comes, hold on, the happy moment is here.”

Two people start import and export transport in an instantmode……

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