Chapter 1 I’m not great

Mingcheng, ten o’clock in the evening.

The night is getting deeper, and the moon is sultry.

Bai Jinse woke up from a hangover with a terrible headache. After a glance at the furnishings in the room, she found that she was in the double suite of the hotel where she lived.

Today is the city-level jewellery competition celebration banquet for step-sister Bai Linlin. She did not expect that she would become drunk after drinking two cups.

She sat up, heard the faint sound of dialogue coming from the next door, got out of bed and walked outside.

The door of the suite next door was not closed tightly, and a gap was opened. Bai Jinse was about to reach out and push the door, but when he saw the battle inside, he froze completely.

A woman with big beige wavy curly hair, her hair casually draped over her white shoulders, turned her back to herself, and hugged her boyfriend Zheng Huaichen.

Bai Jinse’s whole body seemed to be struck by lightning.

The woman hugged Zheng Huaichen’s neck and acted like a baby, and her greasy voice sounded: “Huaichen, how was I just now?”

Zheng Huaichen’s breathing was unsteady, he smiled and hugged the woman tightly, his voice changed: “Okay, great!”

Bai Jinse couldn’t be more familiar with a woman’s voice, her stepsister, Bai Linlin!

When Bai Linlin heard Zheng Huaichen’s words, she suddenly chuckled, her voice charming and charming: “Huaichen, since I am so good, can you give me the new design draft by Bai Jinse!”

Zheng Huaichen smiled and rubbed Bai Linlin’s face: “You little fairy, you are thinking about how to squeeze me out. It doesn’t count as people who squeeze me out, but also squeeze out my resources!”

Bai Linlin laughed immediately, and the bones of her voice were crunching: “That’s because people love you, just say, give it or not!”

“Give it!” Zheng Huaichen smiled incomparably: “If you want my life, I will give it to you!”

“You agreed to marry someone before, so let’s get the certificate another day, okay?” Bai Linlin hugged Zheng Huaichen with her chin resting on his shoulder, as she demanded an inch.

Zheng Huaichen rarely hesitated: “I cheated you so many award-winning design drafts from Bai Jinse. If we get married suddenly, Bai Jinse will not voluntarily give you the design drafts! Such resources are unnecessary. !”

Bai Linlin grumbled aggrievedly: “I don’t want to marry you, and what you are worried about is not a problem at all. My dad already knows that we are together, and he has already discussed with the second young master of the Jin family and Bai Jinse. Marriage!”

Zheng Huaichen stroked Bai Linlin’s round and beautiful earrings: “What if she disagrees?”

Bai Linlin’s movements were stagnant, and she sneered: “How is it possible, if she disagrees, my dad has a way to bankrupt her uncle’s company! If you are really afraid of her knowing, we will marry hidden, do you think it’s okay?”

“Okay! I promise you!” A man can’t stand a woman’s request like this.

Bai Linlin immediately straightened Zheng Huaichen’s face with a “babble”, and kissed him happily: “My dear, I know that you are the best. Tomorrow is a good day. We will get married tomorrow. I got the certificate, okay?”

Bai Linlin’s arms clung to Zheng Huaichen’s neck weakly and bonelessly, making him unable to parry at all. She chuckled and nodded: “Okay!”

The two enthusiastically hugged each other again.

Standing at the door, Bai Jinse had already burst into tears. She had been in love with Zheng Huaichen for two years. She has been looking forward to the future with him, from love to marriage.

During the relationship, Zheng Huaichen kept taking his design drafts to Bai Linlin. He said that she was protected by him and Bai Linlin had no boyfriend. They should help her more in her career.

She was immersed in love and listened to Zheng Huaichen. As long as he spoke, she couldn’t bear to refuse.

However, she never expected that he would be with her just for her design draft.

Even Bai Linlin’s works for this municipal jewelry competition were drawn by her.

Since she was a child, she has been very agile and convenient in jewelry design. The design drafts drawn by hand can easily win awards. This is something that many people can’t ask for.

Every time she designs a draft for Bai Linlin, she comforts herself.

It’s okay, she is still young.

It’s okay, anyway, she has the ability to draw better designs.

But she didn’t expect that in Zheng Huaichen’s eyes, her ability was just a resource to help Bai Linlin.

What made her even more unbelievable was her father, who had known that the two were getting together, helped them to conceal, and wanted to marry her to the second youngest of the Jin family!

Doesn’t he know what infamous bad embryo it is?

But even so, she couldn’t really ignore her uncle.

Mother has passed away long ago, and uncle is her only relative!