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Chapter 1 The Reason She Decided To Make Her Daughter-in-law Be On Her Side

Anriche took a step by step.

In the distance, she saw a young boy lying down on the sofa.

‘Oh, how cute!’

Anriche, who looked at the child’s black, round head from behind, grabbed the left side of her chest so that no sound could be heard.

The child’s eyes, which were looking through the illustrations in the children’s book, were transparent purple.

His plump cheeks, stained with rosy color, swayed every time he flipped a page of the book.

‘I want to touch his hair! I want to stroke his cheeks, too! Ha, even once would be enough……!’

Anriche, who was making a lot of silly remarks inwardly, soon came to her senses.

Oh no.

I can’t go back after simply standing at a distance again today.

Mm-hmm, she coughed carefully and opened her mouth.

“Hey, Elliot?”

Then, the boy got up from his seat in shock.

At the appearance that was clearly wary of her, Anriche shed bloody tears inside.

‘No…..How mean have you been so far for the kid to be so scared?’

But you can’t always live being hated by your son, right?

Anriche, who had her heart set, tried to push the corners of her mouth and smiled.

“Elliot, should we go for a walk with mom?”
“Uh, mother…”

The voice of the boy, Elliot, began to tremble.

His purple eyes, which were full of fear towards her, were soaked in an instant.

“Did I do something wrong?”
“Huh? No, why would you say that?”
“Come on, tell me if I’ve done something wrong. I’ll fix it all.”

The child said with his shoulders trembling.

Eventually, tears began to flow over his plump cheeks.

My, what did I do?

Anriche, who was embarrassed, stared at Elliot blankly.

“So don’t be scared…..”

Elliott really made an expression that was full of fear.

Hey, why are you crying?

To soothe the crying child, Anriche took a hurried step.

“No, it’s not like that!”

However, as Elliot noticed that she was approaching him, he finally burst into a loud cry.

What do we do with this?

When Anriche looked around in a hurry…

“What is it, Elliot?”

A man striding into the living room gently hugged Elliot.

At that moment, Anriche forgot the embarrassment she felt and was captivated by the man’s beauty.


She’s already met him a couple of times, but the man’s beauty is not something she’s used to.

The clichéd description of ‘dazzlingly beautiful’ perfectly matched the man.

Black hair and blue eyes like that of a sapphire.

Smooth skin and tall height.

And even a solid and slender body comparable with that of a beast…

Only with the luck of inheriting a superior gene from a statue-like father can you have a cute child like Elliot.

When she first met the man, it was an honest feeling that Anriche felt.


With a face filled with tears, Elliot clung around his father’s neck.

‘But even so, the father comforted the child well… I’m really glad.’

Anriche looked at Elliot, who buried his head in his father’s arms, with a sad face.

“Dad… Hiccup, Dad.”
“Yes, it’s okay.”

The man who gently soothed Elliott slowly lifted his head and stared at Anriche.

His deep blue eyes were as sharp as broken pieces of glass.

“Did you say he is annoying again this time?”

What kind of crap is this?

Anriche, who was amazed at the man’s words, opened her eyes wide.

However, before she can even explain herself, the man said in a cold voice.

“How about loving him even a tiny bit since you gave birth to him?

‘No, I have at least ten thousand reasons to love you both!’

Not being able to plead that way, Anriche bit her lips.

The man, who cared dearly for Elliot, turned away from her and coldly left the place.

Anriche, who stared at the scene vaguely, was furious inside.

‘No, among the many characters I could’ve had, I became a ‘bad mother-in-law’!’

Now, the question here is…

If you wake up one day and possess the ‘bad mother-in-law’ of the novel you read the day before…

And if you have already garnered a lot of hatred from your son and husband…

What would you do?


Anriche sighed and limped down on the vanity chair.

Unable to overcome the irritation, Anriche struggled.

I’m already despised, so what can I do!

Anriche von Vallois.

She was a ‘bad mother-in-law’ in a romance fantasy novel called [A Lily in Your Arms].

Born to the prestigious Marquis of Saxony, Anriche was truly the epitome of ‘arrogance’.

She was born into a good family and looked beautiful.

That means she has lived thinking that she is the noblest in the world.

Her sense of superiority over others was so strong that the people under her command were not even seen as humans in her eyes.

She only dealt with high-ranking nobles who she thought were of the ‘same class’ as her.

And Anriche’s selfish behavior inevitably aroused disgust in people.

Among them is her husband and the father of the male lead, Alexei von Vallois.

‘No matter how low their status is, is there any valid reason for her to humiliate them like that?’

At that time, Anriche asked herself with a really puzzled face.

‘Does the Duke treat things like shoes, dresses, and hats personally?’

In the novel, it was described in detail how shocked Alexei was when he heard the answer.

Even so, Anriche hoped to have Alexei’s child.

One day Alexei asked Anriche, ‘Why do you want to have children?’.

‘Well, of course, in order to be recognized as the mistress of Vallois.’

There was no way that Anriche would love Elliot who was born like that.

Anriche left her son to the nanny, turned a blind eye from the household, and did nothing but live a life of luxury.

As the young son walked up to find his mother, Anriche frowned and shoved him away.

‘Why are you sticking to me? It’s really annoying!’

Well, looking back on Anriche’s track in the original…

The label ‘The Devil’ was given to Anriche.

Anriche conspired against Liliana until she died.

Thus, Anriche is executed by the angry families involved, and Elliot and Liliana confirm each other’s hearts.

So everyone was happy and lived well.

…That was the ending of the novel.

“Oh, I don’t like to be banished or die!”

Anriche trembled.

Elliott and Liliana were her favorite couple in the novel!

She doesn’t like the ending of being banished by her favorite couple! I hate it!

At that time, Anriche was struggling like a squid grilled over the fire.


At the moment, her purple eyes shone sharply.

Anriche, who slowly raised her body, was in deep thought.

‘If so, how about Liliana?’

Elliot turned seven this year.

That means they have been stuck hating each other for 7 years.

But Liliana is different.

‘Because I haven’t even seen the end of Liliana’s hair yet!’

In the development of the novel, Alexei and Elliot will naturally cherish and love Liliana.

If so, what if I put Liliana on my side, who hasn’t set any dislikes on me yet?

‘Father, honey…… I don’t think mother is so bad… .’

If Liliana would say this with her eyes filled with tears like so…!

She’ll be getting the most powerful ally in this novel!

There was joy in Anriche’s face.

I can get points from my favorite heroine, and improve my relationship with my family!

I’m a genius!

She got up from her seat, starting with her rich, red-colored hair scattered over her shoulders.

She took a hat and a thin coat out of the closet and tied the ribbon on the hat neatly.

Finally, her purple-eyes checked the outfit.

‘Our Liliana, mother-in-law will pick you up now!’

Anriche clenched her fist.

Her purple eyes were now gleaming with madness.

I will never bother you.

No, I will be nicer to you than anyone else!

So, I need you to make my story as good as possible for my husband and son. Do you understand?

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