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Chapter 2 (Daughter-in-law Flavor)

With Lin Feng galloping, SuMake a long sound, Accompanied by Lin Feng’s rhythm ups and downs!


Not long after, the whole bedroom was filled with aofXiang, the air is going to be still, and they seem to be staring at everything on the bed…

Lin Feng was sweating, still sprinting vigorously, SuContinuous incoherent speakingCalled: “There…It’s so comfortable…husband, you are great…”

Getting the affirmation of his wife made Lin Feng extremely brave, as if he did not conquer his wife.

He is a mountain of defeatsame……

Suddenly, SuFart: “Husband, go deeper, I’m going…”

Followed,allviolentlyTrembling,smallWu Zhang, face lightlyShaking from redBleed outMing salivaSparkle, “Husband…Hurry up…”

As everyone knows, there is someone who is also very lonely. Just now, Lin Defu wasOn stageSmoke, suddenly intermittentlypeopleSound transmissionEar heZi Yi Ji Ling turned to look.

This room where Lin Defu lives andTaiwan is connected,The glass window on the west side of the table is right next to the window of the master bedroom.

Lin Defu was surprised to find that the curtains in his son’s bedroom were not tightened tightly.Full ofPalm wideGap.

“Could it be that my daughter-in-law made this sound?”Ambiguous, Under Lin DefuGet up immediately.

He went under the curtain by a ghost and followed that wayI looked in, beautiful daughter-in-law, a pair of white jadeHeld high,Shaking…

Suddenly againWrapped around my son’s waistAbove,Willow waist pendulum,Shake gentlyChenghuan’s son’s strong impact.

He hasn’t seen such a live spring picture for many years. It’s reallyPeople…

Lin Defu was stunned. The first time he saw such a stimulating live spring picture, Lin Defu reacted strongly, so it hurts.UnselfishhandleGo in and hold…

Except Xing, StimulatingFeeling, there is also a complex fear of being discovered by his son and daughter-in-law.

After all, it’s my own son and daughter-in-law.Watching them is really shameless, Lin Defu has a fever on his face, turn aroundThe son wants to leave.

but,Zi turned around, but didn’t take any steps…

In the past ten years after his wife passed away, Lin Defu has been living a life of nothing”’S life, the fire buried in the bottom of my heart, once it burns, it can no longer be controlled.

At this time, SuAnother loud noiseSound from the windowFrom here, Lin Defu rushesTwist back.

I saw my daughter-in-lawThe torso suddenly lifted up with a long hiss,Eyes wide open,People’s rosy red is immediately coveredWhole jadeBody.

Then there was a long tremor,Tortured sonFocus on smashing down, eyes lost, nasty nose and berserk, absolutely ruddyHalf of sakura mouthAfter shaking for a while, it startedgas.

Based on experience, Lin Defu knows that his daughter-in-law must be highYes, but the son is still sprinting fiercely…

Lin Defu feels that he wants toExploded and suddenly sawSideThe daughter-in-law is hanging on the shelf, Just take it over and ask for yourselfFried guyWrap around.

There was a shiver: “Daughter-in-law, I really want to… give it to you…”

Lin Defu’s hand speed is getting faster and faster,Like a cow, full stretch, Without blinking eyesStaring at sonNextSnow whiteTrunk, a muffled hum!

SuddenlyTorrentHe just felt dizzy in his brain.The child shivered, and countless hot torrents all sprayed on the little piece of cloth.

At the same time, Lin Feng in the house also died down…

A deep self-blame came to his mind, and Lin Defu frightened that piece red Of small Throwing back to the place, returning to the guest room bed like a thief, lay down, his heart pounding.

This night, Lin Defu suffered from insomnia, and his son and daughter-in-law were lingering in front of him.Jing was still in his mind, lingering.

It’s too People…

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