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Chapter 2 (When I Quit Being A Wicked Mother-in-law)

  1. The first strategy is the daughter-in-law

Anriche swallowed dry saliva and looked at the orphanage in front of her eyes.

On the outside, it was an ordinary-looking orphanage.


‘This orphanage is where Liliana is being abused.’

Biting her lips, she strode forward and headed to the front door of the orphanage.

On the nameplate hanging next to the main gate, ‘Londini Orphanage’ was written in elegant writing.


Anriche chewed up the name.

The Londini Orphanage ran by the family of Baron Londini, Liliana’s relative.

It was also the place where Liliana, who lost her parents in an accident, now lives.

Liliana was the only daughter of the Count Aberyt family.

Count Aberyt was a prestigious man with a long history, albeit not very powerful.

The family of the Duke of Valois has also established friendships for a long time. Through that relationship, ‘Liliana’ and ‘Elliot’ became engaged to each other from the very beginning.

Perhaps if both parents were alive, Liliana would have become the happiest girl in the world.

‘But the problem was, it was a sudden carriage accident.’

As the carriage slipped in the rain, the Count Aberyt and his wife died that day.

Alexei was deeply saddened by the death of his close friend, Count Aberyt.

Thus, he tried to take care of their only daughter, Liliana, who was left alone and took her to Vallois.

However, then.

Baron Londini, a distant relative of Count Aberyt, intervened.

‘We will take care of Liliana until she reaches adulthood.’

‘No matter how close, couldn’t we, the relatives, take care of her more carefully?’

He thought it made sense, so Alexei entrusted Liliana to Baron Londini.

The fact that Baron Londini and his wife run an orphanage also reassured Alexei.

Since they are warm-hearted enough to care of orphans, he believed they would cherish her like their own daughter.

‘However, the real reason the Baron Londini and his wife run an orphanage was because of subsidies from the country.’

The purple eyes sank.

‘Liliana in the original was just rolling around until she met Elliot.’

Baron Londini coveted Aberyt’s fortune and had as much love for Liliana as his fingernails.

But Aberyt’s property was protected by Alexei himself.

Londini has received money several times for Liliana’s living expenses, but there was a limit to that.

‘Of course, the money received was large enough to expand the orphanage…’

The greedy Baron Londini couldn’t have been that satisfied.

In addition, there were also emotional issues.

Baron Londini and his wife had a deep-rooted sense of inferiority to Count Aberyt.

‘Londini was Aberyt’s sidekick.’

Averett, a long-time prestigious family, who is also close to the Duke of Valois, the empire’s greatest family.

On the other hand, Londini was taken in by the name of ‘Aberett’ and was treated as a ‘nobody. ‘

The Counts Aberrett considered the Baron Londini to be one of the few precious relatives.

But that didn’t matter at all to the Baron and his wife.

‘Is that all they think?!’
‘Just pretending to be noble!!’

It was a usual habit of the Londini couple.

After that, he sought Count Aberyt’s fortune and brought the lonely Liliana alone…

‘Because the girl looks just like her father, Arthur… it was unpleasant.’

Liliana, who resembled the former count, who was an enormously great looking man, was just an eyesore to the Baron couple.

In the end, the envy and jealousy from the Baron couple fell to the young Liliana.

In the name of ‘abuse.’

‘Good. Let’s go in.’

Anriche, taking a deep breath, rang the doorbell.


As she waited for a while, she heard the sound of a child running from afar from the thin door.

“Please wait-!”


The door opened, and a little girl appeared.

The moment the girl and her eyes met, Anriche opened her mouth slightly unknowingly.

‘Wow, now I… Am I seeing an angel that has fallen from heaven?’

Anriche looked down at the girl blankly.

The girl who seemed to be just about seven years old was absolutely incredibly pretty.

She tied her fluffy blonde hair, which was as soft as a spring flower, and her sprout-like eyes shone brightly.

Anriche wanted to take a look at the child’s back if she could.

Do you happen to know?

The angel’s wings could really be hidden!

‘You look just like how you were described in the novel.’

Though, she wouldn’t know what I’m talking about, so stop being silly.

Let’s first start by asking for her name.

‘Hoo-ha, Hoo-ha.’

Anriche took a deep breath, soothing her trembling chest.

Then carefully asked the girl.

“Hey, do you happen to know a child named “Liliana Aberyt” in this orphanage?”

Her eyes opened wide after hearing the question.

“Li-Liliana? I’m Liliana…”

At the girl’s crawling answer, Anriche felt thrilled.

I knew it, there’s no way such a pretty child isn’t the main character of this world!

I thought my son was the cutest in the world so far, but he’s as cute as my daughter-in-law!

“I see, nice to meet you. Is Baron Londini or the Baroness inside?”

I heard that the position of the orphan director is currently held by Baron Londini’s wife.

So at least the Baroness should be in.

Anriche, who spoke without thinking about it, was a little surprised.

It was because as soon as the words ‘Baroness Londini’ came out, Liliana’s face turned pale.

“Th, the orphanage director?”

… Orphanage director? Anriche’s eyes narrowed in the sense of discomfort that passed through her spine.

Anriche thought, she is not an orphan in an orphanage, so why is she calling her the orphanage director?

Shouldn’t she call them Uncle or Aunt?

“Well, yes… the orphanage director.”

Anriche nodded.

Then Liliana, who had noticed, carefully asked the question.

“Well, if the lady is an official from another orphanage….”
“Well, can you please not take me?”

Liliana suddenly clenched her two cute fists.

The light-colored eyes looking at Anriche shook desperately.

“I will definitely disappoint the lady. I can’t work, I’m incompetent, and I can’t use my hands.”

Anriche looked down at Liliana with a confused face.

Liliana, what the hell are you talking about?

However, Liliana was desperately expressing her uselessness.

“Well, I also eat a lot. If you take me, it will cost a lot of food. That, and…”

Anriche gazed at Liliana, who had no hesitation in demeaning herself.

Liliana’s face was full of fear.

As if she was afraid of someone taking her in.

After a while, Anriche suddenly asked a question.

“What are you so scared of?”
“… T-The orphanage director.”

Liliana said after a while and then touched her lips.

“The other orphanages, he said…they are hell.”
“Children are beaten every day, and those who can’t work often get hit on the face”

Liliana wiggled her fingers.

Avoiding Anriche’s gaze, Liliana concluded with a creeping voice.

“Children who do not listen are kept in a solitary room for a week.”
“Because it’s our orphanage, they’ll take in a sluggish child like me, and if I go somewhere else, I’ll be beaten up…”

Anriche opened her mouth wide.

No, what the hell were you telling a seven-year-old girl?

There is no such crazy orphanage these days!

Anriche, who was struggling with shock, suddenly caught her gaze at Liliana.

The clothes that had been smeared with dirt were marked by the signs of being worn too many times.

She was much smaller and thinner than Elliott, though being the same age, and her fingertips were all covered in wounds.


The violet eyes sank deeply.

Maybe, maybe there is.

Such an orphanage where they treat the children as rubbish.

“First of all, I am not an orphanage official.”

At those words, Liliana raised her head.

“I- really? Then why did you find me? And why do you want to meet the orphanage director?”

Liliana poured out numerous questions.

She was suddenly filled with hope, and her light green eyes had a sparkle.

It was so unfortunate that her appearance was so pitiful that Anriche clenched her fist without knowing it.

You’re a kid who deserves much better treatment than this.

When you leave the orphanage, there will be people waiting for you who will love you very much.

But you wouldn’t know that, living in this orphanage, and thinking that abuse is natural…

“That’s right, I’m here to pick you up.”
“Yes? Bu- but you are not an orphanage official…”
“Oh, I haven’t introduced myself yet.”

Anriche, reaching out, stroked Liliana’s head softly.

Liliana stiffened her shoulders.

‘Someone patting my head like this… This is the first time.’

Feeling such an affectionate touch, Liliana held her breath without knowing it.

Somehow, a corner of her heart was tickled as if a feather rubbed on it.

“My name is Anriche von Valois.”

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