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Chapter 3 (Daughter-in-law Flavor)

The next morning, SuWhile sleeping, I noticed that my little cherry ball was sucked, and opened my eyes to see her husband Lin Feng fiddle…

SuHum: “Husband, it’s dawn, what are you doing, you are not afraid of your father seeing it?”

Immediately pinched him…

Lin Feng smiled and said, “My dad is out for a walk early, don’t be afraid.”

I heard my husband say that the father-in-law was out for a walk early, SuThen he asked with confidence: “Husband, when will dad leave?”

“I won’t leave for the time being. My dad is still planning to find a job in the city. He wants to help us repay the bank loan. He can’t bear to see that we work too hard.”

SuThe voice said: “It’s true or false, don’t you worry about me, the one who asked your dad to monitor me, let the elderlyHow good is Qingfu? “

Lin Feng smiled when his wife was on his mind, but he didn’t admit it, “My wife, you’re so worried, besides, my dad is old and I’m on a business trip for so long this time.

If he is ill in his hometown in the countryside, no one can take care of him. We can’t go back, don’t you think? “

SuHe snorted: “Is your dad old? He’s only in his forties.Seems stronger than you! “

SuThinking of the father-in-law again, he blushed.

Lin Feng said unconvinced: “Isn’t I strong, okay, let’s see how I feel good about you!” Lin Feng said.Hand comeSuPetals, againGot it……

SuSaid, “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

“Who makes me like you so much, wife, I’m so kind to you!”

Provoke Sue againofLater, Lin Feng huggedFiberSlender waist, putAlice’s round snowMentioned before his lower abdomen, okayit is goodTo…

Jiang JianExhaustedNo, Exhaled and began to slow down, QuietlyJade wallForced to bringbundle.

SumomentI feel the water is splashing everywhere, so what’s in the mouth is deep, Unparalleled stimulation makes the cavityFor a whilechestnut.

SuYelling,Continuously,UnselfishGroundHolding your husband with your arms out is to hold it hard, so that your husband will come stronger, deeper and more heartily!

Under Lin Feng’s violent impact, SuOnce again ushered in the ups and downs of water, There is a beautiful spring on the face.

Spasms, lower abdomen stretched,The cavity is strongly closed,OneHotWater fromDeepGushing out, followed byRelax continuously.

“Ah… it’s great… my husband… it’s great… I, I’m not working anymore…”

A big battle finally ended heartily.

Because today is Friday, SueStill have to go to work, afterwards, justI took two pieces of paper and cleaned it up, put it on to sleepComeTaiwan, pick up the one that was washed yesterday, I plan to put it on.

whenReady to put that oneLeiT-shapedWhen I put it on, I suddenly found my littleon.

Full of whiteMark of……

SuSuddenly he was taken aback, “What’s the matter?”

Turning to see the ashtray on the floor and the curtains in his bedroom, SuI understood it all at once, it must be all that I made with my husband last nightWhat about the scenery.

Let it allOn stageYan’s father-in-law saw it, he couldn’t help but sprayed all on his budsOn it.

Father-in-law is so… unexpectedlyPeek at us…

Suvery angry!

However, I suddenly remembered yesterday afternoon, when my father-in-law was taking a bath, he ran in and hugged him.Jing, he mistakenly regarded his father-in-lawHusband, alsohold……

Father-in-law is better than his sonIt’s a lot stronger, and there must be a lot of things sprayed out, all of which make my budsIt’s full.


SuLook at the polluted bud in your hand, Don’t know what to do?

If I take it to the father-in-law, he will be very embarrassed. The father-in-law is an honestFarmers.

In order to support his son to go to college, his wife never remarried, isn’t itTake a look, myselfUp and down, It’s better to forget…

I forgave my father-in-law, SuIt turned out that a ghost and a goddess took this bud that was polluted by the father-in-lawPut it on.

After putting it on, I suddenly felt two small piecesThe bag was hot, “I really don’t knowShame, LeiI still wear it if it is contaminated by my father-in-law.

If those little tadpoles crawl in, wouldn’t they be pregnant with their father-in-law’s children? “

SuFaceA piece of…

At breakfast, Lin Defu came back and sat opposite his father-in-law, SuHis face was hot and hot.

I dare not talk to my father-in-lawLook at each other…

Lin Defu was up and down in his heart. When he went out for a walk in the morning, Lin Defu suddenly remembered that he himself last nightSpying on his son and daughter-in-law.

Sprayed on my daughter-in-law in a hurryLei on the shelfCome on, that thing is obvious, my daughter-in-law will definitely find it.

No, I’ll wait for my daughter-in-law to go to work.Wash again.

But, when I came back from the dome, I found that the one was originally hangingShelfbudIt’s gone.

Lin Defu panicked even more…

budGone, my daughter-in-law must know about her own scandal.I might think that I mightSee the erotic process of their husband and wife.

Also sprayed dirty things onLeiCome on, my daughter-in-law will definitely not forgive herself this time.

Maybe,Will drive myself away…

However, this time I came to my son with a mission.

It turned out that his son called Lin Defu. He was busy during this time and found that SuHe has an ambiguous relationship with their principal, and he is worried about SuCheating, let my father come to watch.

Lin Defu asked his son why he suspected his daughter-in-law had derailed. The son said, “My friend, seeTake a wedding photo with a strange man in a wedding photography shop. “

Lin Defu was also frightened at first, but then shook his head and said, “You must be mistaken. How could Xiao Su do that?”

Lin Feng was also dubious: “I asked,I don’t admit it, but I always suspect, Dad, I’m busy with work and I don’t have time to stare at it every day.

After you come, Stare, Monitor…”

Lin Defu asked: “”How to stare? “

Lin Feng told Lin Defu, SuSchool location, “You go every afternoonSchool, find a place to hide at the gate and stareWhat do you do after get off work?

These days, SueI often come back late, probably because of cheating…”

Lin Defu wondered how such a good daughter-in-law could have an affair. This is illogical.

Lin Defu was eating while thinking. He thought his daughter-in-law would be angry with him.

But SueAfter having breakfast with my head down, I smiled and said, “Dad, husband, eat slowly. I have gone to school. The lessons for a few days are very important…”

Didn’t even feel angry at me?

Lin Defu’s heartWondering, a strange thought came to my mind, I heard that there are somePeople like to bePeep, is my daughter-in-law like thatpeople?

perhaps,Busy to go to work, and then get angry with me when I come back from get off work, maybe I don’t want to get angry in front of my son.

After a while, Lin Feng led Lin Defu to grandpa in the communityStation, “Dad, you will take this bus from now onCar to SueSchool. “

Send Lin Defu to SueLin Feng went to work at the school where he was working, and before leaving, he told him, “Dad, I found suspiciousCircumstances, you immediately notify me…”

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