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Chapter 3 (When I Quit Being A Wicked Mother-in-law)


Liliana was frozen in shock after hearing the name.

Even though she is a child who does not know the world, how could she not know the only Duke of the Empire, the ‘Valois Family.’

It is said that the Duke of Valois dropped a flying bird with just his eyes.

‘Well, then. The mistress of a prestigious duke has come to find me?!’

Liliana swallowed her dry saliva.

Anriche dropped the bomb in a soft voice.

“I’m the mother of your fiance, ‘Elliot von Valois’.”

“F, fiance?”

I am the fiancée of the heir of Duke Valois?!

With great news coming in a chain, Liliana’s little head was on the verge of bursting.

At that time, Anriche took a few steps, gently wrapping her arms around Lilia.

“Yes. Shall we go inside for more details?”

Whether it’s Baron Londini or the Baroness… I’ll be able to beat them up.

Anriche, who raised her head, smiled fiercely.

You are to abuse my cute daughter-in-law? Just wait, and I will show you the essence of a vicious mother-in-law!

Led by Liliana, Anriche followed her into the orphanage.

It was her first time seeing the inside of the orphanage.

‘…It’s not as bad as I thought it would be.’

The wallpaper was clean, and the orphans looked like they had been in good care.

Anriche’s mood became even worse as she saw this.

‘The other kids still look healthy, but only Liliana was skinny.’

The reason is probably because the country regularly audits orphanages.

The orphans must have been getting great amounts of attention so they wouldn’t be subject for audits.

However, Liliana wasn’t registered as an orphan, so she
should have been more pampered, however, she clearly wasn’t.


Anriche opened her eyes.

Liliana, who was walking ahead of Anriche bent down and picked up some trash that fell on the floor.


Anriche gazed at Lilianas’ back with a gloomy feeling.

Liliana was shoving the trash into the pocket of her old apron and started hugging some clothes that had been thrown on a chair.

As she walks down the hallway, she throws the clothes into the laundry, the movement was so natural.

Her current appearance and actions proved that Liliana had been treated like a maid until now.

‘Oh Liliana, this is so pitiful…’

Anriche was so heartbroken.

She remembered reading the description of the novel that said ‘the female protagonist was abused’.

But seeing it in person was even more devastating.

Then Liliana looked behind her and had a smile in her eyes.

“Oh, could you come this way?”


Anriche, feeling choked, nodded her head a little late.

Finally, the two arrived in front of the orphanage director’s office.

Knock, knock.

Liliana, who swallowed her dry saliva, knocked on the door of the office a couple of times.

“Who is it?”

Her voice was as sharp as if a whip was cracking the air.

Liliana, being frightened by her, shrugged her shoulders like a snail hiding in its shell.

“It-it’s Liliana, th-that’s…”

But before Liliana even continued her words, there were thumping footsteps.


The door opened ferociously.

Baroness Londini stretched her head out of her office with glaring eyes.

“You useless thing! I told you not to disturb me when my daughter came!”

A nervous yelling sounded.

But the Baroness couldn’t finish what she was saying.

It was because Anriche narrowed her eyebrows and stepped forward.

“Baroness Londini.”

“Du, Duchess of Valois?!”

Baroness Londini stiffened up.

No, why is the Duchess of Valois in our orphanage?!

At the same time, a cold voice rang.

“You need to clarify the situation now.”

On Anriche’s expressionless face, there was a sign that she is holding back her anger.

Anriche slightly raised her chin and asked some more questions.

“Why is my daughter-in-law living in an orphanage rather than the Londini House?”

“I, that, that…”

“Also, Liliana is not an orphan, but the sixth niece of Baroness Londini.”

Anriche was speaking in a twisted voice.

“Why is she calling you director, rather than aunt?”

Violet eyes leered from inside the office.

The first person she saw was Lady Londini.
(T/N: The daughter of the Baron & Baroness, not the Madam Londini.)

She was stacking colorful desserts like a mountain and was enjoying tea time, looking towards us with her eyes wide open.

No, even food was withheld from her.

How sad it is to discriminate with food!

Anriche sharpened herself.

“Lady Londini gets to enjoy fine desserts and fragrant tea…”

Anriche blurred her words and looked down at Baroness Londini.

She wore a gorgeous frilled dress and had a pretty jewel pinned over her curly hair.

“You’re wearing a gorgeous dress and pretty accessories.”

Upon hearing those words, Lady Londini tensed her shoulders.

Anriche glanced back at Liliana.

She was wearing an old apron and a shabby blouse with dirty stains.

And a brown skirt with cloth patching around.

She was wearing clothes that didn’t fit her age.

Under the hem of her clothes, only her bones were visible.

Due to the stark contrast of the two girls, Anriche’s gaze became fierce.

“It’s like seeing a young lady, and her maid. No, I don’t think even a maid would wear such old clothes.”

“Well, Duchess Valois! That’s…!”

Baroness Londini, eagerly trying to give excuses, scrunched her mouth and bit it.

It was because Anriche was looking at her with cold eyes, giving her goosebumps all over.

Anriche coldly asked a question.

“Both of them deserve to be under the protection of the Baroness, so why is Liliana being treated worse than a maid”

The baroness was really crazy.

‘No, she wasn’t even interested in Liliana at all!’

It wasn’t exactly indifference, it was more of disgust.

Count Aberyt was from a prestigious family with a long history but was not considered a powerful or wealthy family.

Far from the Duke of Valois, whose mistress is now Anriche, Aberyt was far from being compared to the Marquis of Saxony, who was Anriche’s father.

Anriche is a person who has lived with everyone’s position being lower than hers.

Liliana wouldn’t have liked her.


‘The Duke of Valois already visited.’

In fact, the Duke of Valois wasn’t an easy-going man.

When he entrusted the only daughter of his close friends to the londinis, there’s no way he didn’t leave her a safety net.

Thus, the Duke of Valois periodically sent a trustworthy person to see if Liliana was doing well.

But on the bad side, Baron Rondini and the Baroness, whose egos are soaring, bribed the reports themselves.

With ‘money’.

‘I look forward to your cooperation, Chief Maid Meg.’

‘Of course, please trust me.’

The chief maid from the Duke of Valois put the pouch of gold in her pockets and smiled confidently.

‘I have followed the Duke from the Duchy of Valois.’

‘Oh my god, that means…’

‘It means I am the Duke’s most trusted vassal…’

She shrugged and added,

‘Besides, the Duke is very busy, so he can’t afford to worry about these minor issues.’

It was true.

The Duke of Valois, being the Emperor’s most trusted confidant and the empire’s sharpest sword, was working on state affairs day and night.

In addition to that, the report regularly sent to the Duke of Valois was flawlessly written.


‘There is no reason for the Duchess of Valois to visit Liliana?’

Toward the dazed baroness, Anriche spoke clearly again.

“Now I’m going to take Liliana and raise her myself.”

“Excuse me? Wha, what are you talking about! We are Liliana’s relatives…!”

“In that case, I’m Liliana’s mother-in-law.”

Anriche shrugged her shoulders slightly.

Her tone itself was light, but her purple eyes were full of anger.

“I can’t believe Liliana was left to the Londinis.”

Anriche twisted her lips.

It was a clear ridicule.

“…Does the Baroness think I’m an idiot?”

“Oh, I would never dare, I will never do that in the future either…Nor will Lilliana!”

Why suddenly mention Liliana?

Anriche could not hide her sour expression.

“Liliana won’t want to leave us either!”

At the shameless cry of Baroness Londini, Anriche’s eyes made her tremble.

However, with the unconcerned reaction of Anriche, the baroness was staring at Liliana with gleaming eyes.

“Lily? Liliana! I’m your relative!”

The baroness grabbed Liliana’s shoulder.

Her fragile shoulders were gripped so strongly it was enough to make Liliana let out a painful moan.


“I’ve raised you so much, haven’t I? You’re not going to leave me right?!”

“Hey, Baroness Londini.”

At that time, there was a hand that grabbed the Baroness’ shoulders.

“Do you realize who you are threatening Liliana in front of now?”


At the same time, the baroness’s body was pushed back.

Baroness Londini, who lost her balance, stumbled back and lost her footing.


Anriche looked down at the unsightly sight of her on the floor.

“Don’t force your will on Liliana.”


“It’s a shame. You’ll no longer be able to receive money for Liliana’s cost of living.

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