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Chapter 4 (Daughter-in-law Flavor)

Lin Defu followed his son’sI wandered outside the gate of the school for a whole day, waiting until the school was over in the afternoon.

Lin Defu has sharp eyes, and he saw his daughter-in-law at a glance among the endless stream of people.Su, Because of wearing high heels.

More slim in the crowd, tailoredBlueOccupation set, Set offofit is goodmaterial.

setTo about fifteen centimeters above the knee,Underneath is the white and slender jade, Proudly high and smoothThe curve is heart-warmingEndless.

Xiaoman waist down thatroundWarped, In the setThere is aUnspeakableenchanting.

When the daughter-in-law walks, her long hair floats and adds even moreofGod Fan.

SuOut of the school gate, Lin Defu was about to followSay hello, but seeOne turn.

Got into a black carAudi car, Lindefu’s heart is one, Frowned, suddenlyNot good.

what is thiscondition?

blackCar KaiNow, slowly from Lin DefuDriving by, Lin DefuI saw through the window that a middle-aged man was joking with his daughter-in-law who was sitting in the co-pilot.

What’s more hateful is that the man holds the steering wheel in one hand, and the other hand seems to be placed underneath.What to ask? According to the location analysis, there should be a white and slender daughter-in-law..

In an instant, Lin Defu was angrily bullfighting. Who is this bastard? Could it be that principal?

Lin Defu remembered his son’s instructions and hurriedI found a taxi and asked the taxi master to follow the car.

It’s been a long time in the city, at this moment, heavenIt’s already dark.

But let Lin DefuTo the surprise, the Audi did not go to the hotel to open a room as he imagined, but came to his son’s community.

The car stopped on the sidewalk on the street outside the complex…

Lin Defu let out a sigh of relief, “It seems that my daughter-in-law is hitchhiking home. I misunderstoodOh, hey, dozens of dollars were spent in vain. “

Lin Defu paid the money, sent away the taxi, and then waited for his daughter-in-law to get out of the Audi. He planned to see her daughter-in-law later.

I must not be violentJust tracked, I said I was walking around here.

However, what Lin Defu didn’t expect was that even though the car she was riding in stopped, the daughter-in-law did not get out of the car for a long time.

Lin Defu thought at first that the daughter-in-law might have something necessary to say to that person,Come out after the generation is over.

However, after waiting for ten minutes, the daughter-in-law still didn’t have it.Quiet.

what happened?

Do they have so much to say?

Lin Defu can’t stand itZi, walked forward for a while, now he is away from that black carAudi is less than 30 meters away.

Lin Defu suddenly discovered that the blackAudi is under the cover of night.

Is shaking slightly, Very rhythmic…

This section of street light is scarce, Plus the shade of the trees, Just now far away, Lin Defu has not noticed that the car is shaking.

I found this when I approachedCircumstances, Lindefu’s forehead suddenly became hotUpwell.

Lin Defu has never played car quake, but he confirmed that the people inside are in the car quake, what aboutChe Zhen, he still said Lao Wang, he didn’t believe it at first.

However, he believed in the scene before him, and he firmly could not tolerate his beautiful daughter-in-law cheating.

By his manOn the back seat of the car, rush to the top, That only belongs to his son’s territory, and must not tolerate others to invade!

“Headmaster Bastard, see how I beat you!” Lin Defu gritted his teeth and fists.Grip rushed up.

The owner of the Audi is exactly SuThe principal of the school, Lei Xiaofu.

Lei Xiaofu has long been hailed asSu of the Flower of English Vocational Middle School TeacherSalivating, ever since SueWorking in this school, he kept trying to seduce.

Helpless, SueThe thinking is relatively conservative and the style is very reserved, which makes it difficult for Lei Xiaofu to succeed.

However, this time Lei Xiaofu got a chance. The school adjusted its leadership team and vacated the position of a grade director. Lei Xiaofu knew that SuveryGet this post.

After school this afternoon, he pretended to send Su offCome back home,Is pullingGet in the car and meet Su in the carAfter talking, Lei Xiaofu proposed that if SuPromised myself, just letThe class director.

SuSure enoughYou know, the grade director has a lot of power.It is also much higher than ordinary teachers, which can ease the mortgageforce.

but,I also knew in my heart what price he would have to pay if he wanted to win this position.

“Su, Don’t worry, I’ll do what I say, the director of this grade must be yours, let me kiss you…”

Lei Xiaofu said sweetlyLanguage, one sideHug Sue.

“Principal Lei…you…uh…” Suone sideStruggling, warned him while whispering.

But, Lei Xiaofu’s tuneSkillToo superb and stronger than SuStrong, soon, SuExhausted.

Lei Xiaofu finally caughtMoist incense,BigIt’s printed, SueZhang DexinIt’s like a child making mistakes.

Lei Xiaofu, The tongue goesTeeth out, SuePushI didn’t open it, so I had to let his tongue stir presumptuously in his mouth..

Licking one’s own cherriesEvery corner…

Lei Xiaofu put the co-pilot’s seat down, and thenDown Qin SuUp, SueTo a wave of confusion, allacidDown.

Let Lei Xiaofu play around…

Can’t resist Lei Xiaofu’s feverofKiss, sueFinally puthisTake a deep breath, Lei Xiaofu took the opportunity to enterofThe service climbed to Yufeng.

allfullThe charm of SuFirst time in a car by a man other than her husband, Kissing, startled, scared and irritated in my heart.

Already hereBurning SueAt a lossShaking, Ren Lei Xiaofu’sAnd hands inFragrantAs delicate as suetOn liveWandering.

“Woo…Um…Principal Lei…Don’t…” SuSobbed softly.

Snow whiteGradually turning red, Lei Xiaofu’s hand is alreadyAdvanceofInside, upgo with.

His palm is already separated by LeiPress onofOn the bag,Shaking a moment, the star eyes half-closed,GorgeousDi ZhuSpitting fragrant heat and ecstasy.

Lei XiaofuFeel fingerPlace to start posting,budcompleteTook a large piece, showingA small.

He couldn’t wait, ready to rush in forcibly!

SuPush hard to see Lei Xiaofu’sI begged to see: “Ah…Principal Lei…Don’t go in…I have a husband…please…don’tCome……”

Lei Xiaofu was willing to listen, adjusted his position, and had enough energy to push in.

SuNo longer had the strength to struggle, he was about to be possessed by Lei Xiaofu, just at this critical moment.

Suddenly there was a fierce knock on the car window…

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