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Chapter 806 Something is wrong

Chapter 806 There is something wrong

“Why do you guys bully you?”

“Because all the children in that orphanage went there because their parents died, and I was picked up by the dean from outside, and I have no relatives at all. Just like a rootless duckweed, no matter how the other children are, there are some relatives and friends, but no one wants to raise them.”

“I don’t want to go back to the orphanage, and I don’t want to recall those sad days, grandpa. Don’t be angry with me. I will definitely be by your side every day from now on. You don’t have to remember my childhood, we just look at the future together!”

Xiao Mengqiu’s eyes were sincere. Looking at Old Man Ang’s eyes, there was no guilty conscience or guilt at all. She seriously felt that what she said was true, and she lied to herself by telling a lie.

The old man listened to her noncommittal, and just said softly, “You don’t want to go back. I have to read a book. If you are okay, go back to the room instead of staying in the study.”

After saying this, Mr. Ang From the bookshelf behind him, he took out a book and opened it. He looked like he didn’t want to talk to Xiao Mengqiu. He didn’t want to read the book at all, but just wanted to find a reason to drive her out.

Of course Xiao Mengqiu also saw this. The old man Ang, who loved her so much on weekdays, became like this now. She couldn’t help but be a little worried. Did someone tell him something?

Could it be that Lin Suer came to see Mr. Ang? impossible! She had taken Yi Rong pills before and used Lin Xinxin’s name to see the old man, which had already angered him, not to mention that Lin Suer was still lying in the ward these days, wondering if she could wake up.

Xiao Mengqiu’s head was full of doubts, and his heart became more and more chaotic like a ball of wool, and he even forgot to leave, still standing next to Old Man Ang thinking.

“Mengqiu, why are you still not going out? Oh, yes! I want to see Xiao Shuo, you go with me, I have something to ask him, since he eloped with my daughter back then and abandoned her How could he be able to live so freely and comfortably, and as the dean of Huaxia University, he went abroad to publish papers everywhere, and he was too happy to live.”

“And my daughter doesn’t know where he is, I want You are the best proof to expose his true face as a hypocrite.”

Father Ang said these words as if he suddenly remembered it, and instantly made Xiao Mengqiu feel like a thunderbolt in the sky. She had difficulty persuading Father Ang before. Don’t worry about Xiao Shuo, just let him be chic, he will definitely get retribution.

She was worried that after seeing Xiao Shuo, he would reveal all the events of the year and her identity would be exposed, but what happened to the old man now? Actually want to find him again.

“Grandpa, didn’t we say to leave him alone? Why do you want to go to him on a whim again?” Xiao Mengqiu bit his lip, feeling that things are a little out of her control, before she left the Ang family. Who has been here these past few days and what happened?

“Before I had you by my grandpa’s side. Grandpa felt very happy and didn’t want to worry about the previous things anymore. I just wanted to find my daughter with all my heart. But last night I dreamed of Qingqiu, and she said she is having a good time now. No, she felt very painful in the dream, saying that everything should be blamed on Xiao Shuo, so I must go to see him.”

“You also know that the dreams of elderly people generally have meanings, I think they should be dreams. Qiu and my father and daughter have a heart-to-heart connection, so I want me to help her get revenge.”

Grandpa Ang said these words solemnly, but Xiao Mengqiu felt that he had a dream in a cold sweat, so it is possible that Ang Qingqiu gave him a dream. Is it? There are no such gods and ghosts in the world, it must be this old man who discovered something? Let’s deliberately use her words here!

She hasn’t told Grandpa Ang that Ang Qingqiu is dead. If Grandpa Ang asks Xiao Shuo and knows that she is hiding such a big thing, at that time, even if he doesn’t care about the fault of impersonating his granddaughter, I’m afraid I won’t let myself go easily.

“Grandpa, you miss your mother too much. We don’t know where your mother is now. I think the most important thing should not be to find Xiao Shuo to settle the accounts, but to use all our strength to find her mother

as soon as possible .” , I went to see Xiao Shuo. After all, he also took care of me for ten years. I went to see him and tell him clearly, let him come to the house to apologize to you face to face, how about letting him confess to you?”

Xiao Mengqiu thought of a compromise. The way, if she blindly refused to let Old Man Ang go to see Xiao Shuo, there would be no silver three hundred taels, and she knew she had a problem at first glance.

“Yes, then you go to see Dean Xiao! Record the conversation between the two of you on a tape, and bring it back to me to listen to. I want to know if he has regretted abandoning my daughter for so many years. “

Old man Ang showed Xiao Mengqiu his first smile today, but this smile made Xiao Mengqiu unstoppable chills.

Let her go to see Xiao Shuo and have to record it. This clearly means that she doesn’t believe her. It seems that there is something wrong with Mr. Ang today.

After Xiao Mengqiu returned to the Ang’s house, he took out Ang Qingqiu’s tokens and did some tricks on the paternity test performed by Father Ang.

“Okay, grandpa.” But Xiao Mengqiu agreed with a smile. After all, she had to maintain her image of a good girl in front of Mr. Ang, she hadn’t torn her skin, and she hadn’t come up with final evidence to prove that she was not Ang Qingqiu’s daughter. She has to pretend to be.

“This time it is completely okay. Go out.” Old man Ang withdrew his smile in a second and continued to read. Xiao Mengqiu had to squeeze his hand, turned and walked out of the study room, his eyes fluttering everywhere, and his heart was extremely uneasy. , Called the housekeeper of Ang’s family directly.

This housekeeper was the one who watched Ang Qingqiu grow up. When he first saw Xiao Mengqiu, he said that she was too much like a young lady and had always treated Xiao Mengqiu very well. Xiao Mengqiu believed that he would be on his side.

“Housekeeper, has anyone come to see Grandpa in the past few days when I’m away? Has Dean Xiao been here?”

“No, the master has spent the past few days reading and practicing in the study, and has not received any guests.” The butler replied politely, and there did not seem to be any strange things on his face.

“Really not? No one is talking nonsense to Grandpa? Did Grandpa tell you about me?”

“No, the old man is in good health these days, so he is in good spirits. He said to take advantage of it. He wrote a few more words when he was in good spirits, locked himself in the study all day, not let me in, and didn’t say anything else to me.”

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