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Chapter 807 Discharged

Chapter 807 When the

housekeeper was discharged , his voice didn’t even fluctuate when he spoke, as if he was reporting something, Xiao Mengqiu frowned and nodded thoughtfully after listening.

“Okay, I see. Thank you butler. You can go ahead. If anyone comes to see Grandpa in the future, can you tell me? I don’t think Grandpa is in a good mood today, and I don’t know if someone is coming. I told him something nonsense. You also know that Grandpa is getting older and can’t

stand any irritation. I always want to care about Grandpa.” Xiao Mengqiu took out her coquettish Dafa again, and twisted her face to please the housekeeper. Look like.

The butler also reluctantly twitched the corners of her mouth towards her and said: “Okay, the lady cares about the master so much, the master must be very happy, if someone comes to him next time, tell the lady the first time.”

“Thank you butler, then! “Xiao Mengqiu smiled and handed a bag to the housekeeper. “This is a supplement I bought. It is very good for your health. You can take it and eat it. Come and tell me when you are done.”

Of course she knows how to eat others. The mouth is soft, and people’s hands are short. Since this person is willing to help, of course, he has to give some benefits.

But the butler did not accept it. He just shook his head and said, “This is what I should do as a butler. Where can I accept the young lady’s things? If there is nothing wrong with the young lady, I will withdraw first.” The

butler finished this sentence and did not wait for Xiao Mengqiu. Answered, she quickly walked out of her room. Xiao Mengqiu looked at the butler’s back and rolled her eyes thoughtfully. It seems that she has to plan for herself too. If this old man really starts to doubt her, she must do it. Well prepared.

In fact, she has already started using the Ang family’s money to prepare the forces since the day when Mr. Ang recognized her. The people around her were all hired by her, and there were some real estate that she did not know about, and she also bought them down. Even if she leaves the Ang family now, she can live well.

Just to think about how to escape the Ang’s father’s investigation, impersonating his granddaughter, what a sin in the Ang’s family.

After the housekeeper left his room, he went to the study and informed Old Man Ang of all the conversation he had just with Xiao Mengqiu.

Old man Ang closed his eyes with a look of boredom and rubbed his temples with his hands, “It seems that this little girl still thinks that we don’t know anything. She has done all the wicked things like impersonating other people’s granddaughters. You go. Contact Xiao Shuo, I want to see him! I want to hear what happened back then, what kind of version is in Xiao Shuo’s mouth?”

“Yes.” The steward immediately agreed. He was so good to Xiao Mengqiu before. Because all the love for Ang Qingqiu was transferred to Xiao Mengqiu, who had grown up with Ang Qingqiu, just like his granddaughter.

At that time, Xiao Mengqiu held a face that resembled Ang Qingqiu’s face and brought her tokens. He hardly had any doubts that he really regarded Xiao Mengqiu as Miss Sun. But now he knows that Xiao Mengqiu deceived them better than anyone else. To be angry, he also wants to know how his young lady is now.

the other side.

Although Lin Suer’s body was still very injured, she was much better after taking the fallen leaves of the medicine Lingyu space. Basically, her walking was no problem, but she still couldn’t exercise vigorously and couldn’t run.

But she still decided to go back to school for classes, otherwise she would always stay in this hospital, and she would easily think about her. She was waiting for Bo Qingang to come to her. She wanted to take a look. She didn’t take the initiative to contact Bo Qingang. He Will he come to explain clearly to her?

Xia Xiaonan helped Lin Su’er pack things up in the hospital, looking at her with an uncertain look on her face and asked, “Su’er, do you really want to go back to school? Do you want to stay for two more days? You have too many injuries. What if something goes wrong back to school?”

“What’s the matter? It’s okay. Are you staying with me next to me? And I don’t go to physical education class when I go back to school. How can something be wrong?” Lin Suer put everything in her bag and was about to carry it. Xia Xiaonan snatched it over when she got the bag.

“You want a backpack? Let me do it!”

Xia Xiaonan helped Lin Suer out of the hospital like a grandmother who was in the seventies and eighties. The second he walked out of the hospital, Lin Suer took a deep breath, even if he smelled it The air in her is not fresh, and there is even a smell of car exhaust. She also feels very happy.

“It’s very happy. During the few days you were lying in bed, I was really worried. I really want to smell the air now. Let’s go. Today Gu Cheng said that I knew you were discharged from the hospital and wanted to invite the two of us to eat. A big meal, but I said you haven’t fully recovered from your injury. He said it’s okay. Let the hotel chef deliver the food to the dormitory.”

She helped Lin Suer get into the car, and the two of them sat downstairs directly in the dormitory. Seeing Gu Cheng beckoning the waiter of the hotel to deliver food upstairs, the aunt in the dormitory kept shook her head when she saw this scene, “Tsk tusk, these students are living well now!”

Gu Cheng turned his head just right. Seeing the two of them, she ran directly to Lin Su’er, looked up and down, and nodded comfortably when she saw that she had no major problems.

“Sister Su’er, I haven’t seen you these days. I’m very worried. If you don’t leave the hospital, I will go to the hospital to see you. You don’t know. Xia Xiaonan has been in a trance during class these days. She is the top student in our class. It is the first time that I saw her being so

careless in class.” Lin Suer looked at Xia Xiaonan gratefully, “I know Xiaonan cares about me very much, and I will repay her well in the future.”

“Said Why don’t you repay me? Well, I’m worried about you these days. I’m so worried that I haven’t had a good meal. Now Gu Cheng invites me to a big meal. I must have a good meal. Let’s go! Let’s go back to the dormitory. , Gu Cheng, you can follow along.”

Xia Xiaonan helped Lin Suer upstairs. Gu Cheng had already agreed with the dormitory aunt, and followed them to the girls’ dormitory.

The hotel’s waiter set up a table in the dormitory. Man and Han filled the table with the same dishes. He smiled and introduced, “Master Gu Cheng has the foresight. Before Bo Shao and his girlfriend came to our hotel together, most of the dishes they ordered were Just like you, especially this one, his girlfriend has been boasting.” The

waiter wanted to sell the hotel’s dishes, but when he said this, Lin Suer’s pale face turned whiter, she I never went to this hotel to eat with Bo Qingang. If I just think about it, I know who the waiter calls the thin girl friend.

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