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Chapter 808 Fans verify

Chapter 808 Fans verify that

Gu Cheng and Xia Xiaonan have seen hot searches in the past two days, and then glanced at Lin Su’er’s face, and knew that what the waiter said was a bit hurting her heart. Gu Cheng frowned and said, “Okay, you can Let’s go out as soon as the dishes are put down. What are you doing here? I eat my food, and you will introduce me.”

“Yes, three of you.” The waiter knew that the flattering hit the horse’s hoof, so he bowed his head and exited. dormitory.

“Su’er, don’t listen to his nonsense, but you just want to tell us how good their dishes are. You can talk nonsense after you have eaten them. Don’t take it to heart.”

Xia Xiaonan immediately began to persuade Lin Suer, but Lin Suer did. She shook her head indifferently, “It doesn’t matter, even if he really took Xiao Mengqiu to eat, what would it be like, maybe it’s really delicious, eat it soon.”

Lin Suer lowered her head and held chopsticks, but she didn’t know what the dish was. What’s the taste.

Xia Xiaonan and Gu Cheng looked helplessly at each other. Gu Cheng immediately rolled his eyes and immediately took out a mobile phone from his bag and handed it to Lin Su’er.

“Su’er, I heard Xiaonan say that your mobile phone was blown up, and you have been hospitalized these days. You must have no time to buy a mobile phone. This is my discharge gift for you. You can go to the telephone company. Re-apply for the phone card, you can still use the original phone number, but if you need to use your own ID, I can’t do it for you.”

He happily handed the phone to Lin Su’er, but Lin Su’er didn’t know whether to pick it up or not. , If she picks up her mobile phone to apply for a calling card, will she still be unable to wait for a call from Bo Qingang?

For the first time, she felt that she was so weak and incompetent. She didn’t even dare to call Bo Qingang. Although she had been hypnotizing herself, she wanted to see when Bo Qingang would contact her, but she knew it was. A little timid, didn’t dare to take the initiative to contact Bo Qing’ang.

If we broke up in the past, we would have broken up with a clean cut, but now she still has one in her stomach. She can’t be completely separated from Bo Qingang. After all, this child is related to Bo Qingang. I don’t want to kill this child. This is her relatives. What she lacks most in her life is her relatives.

Gu Cheng looked at Lin Su’er facing the phone and started to be in a daze. He whispered a little strangely, “What’s wrong with Sister Su’er? Isn’t it hurting my brain?”

“What are you talking about?” Lin Su’er took it. After the mobile phone in his hand, he smiled at him, “Thank you!”

“As long as you are okay, it’s just a mobile phone.” Gu Cheng breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that Lin Su’er was really blown into his head. After that, it was simply a big loss for the Chinese medical profession.

Lin Suer lay on the bed in the dormitory at night, staring at the ceiling in a daze with her eyes open. She was thinking about the future of her and Bo Qingang. She felt that she could no longer be like this, she should look for Bo Qingang. , There must be a break in the end.

“Su’er, do you want to open a live broadcast to chat with your fans? If you are not in the live broadcast room these two days, I will close your online store for you, otherwise you are worried that too many orders will not be accepted, your fans I’m all worried, will I never see you again.”

Xia Xiaonan stood up from the bed and watched Lin Su’er give her advice. These days, Xia Xiaonan can see many fans running to Lin Su’er’s Weibo every day. Leave a message and call her to start the live broadcast as soon as possible.

Lin Suer should be a clear stream in the Internet celebrity world. Fans begged her to start the live broadcast. She didn’t want to move at all.

She is in a bad mood now, and she should be in a much better mood to chat with her fans.

“Okay! Let’s start a live broadcast. I haven’t chatted with fans for a long time.” Lin Suer sat up, hugged the computer directly on the bed, and started a live broadcast to chat with fans. It was not like talking to fans about Chinese medicine. Her health theory is just pure chat, and fans are also very happy. As long as they can see her, they will be willing to do whatever they do on the live broadcast.

But Lin Suer only said a few words, and saw that on the bullet screen, fans began to ask Bo Qingang’s questions, and they responded, all fans were asking the same questions.

“Su children, ask you a question, although this is not very good, but I’m curious, you are less thin and break it? Why these days thin and less frequent hot search on Xiaomeng Qiu it?”

“Yes, yes , I also want to ask the same question, but I’m sorry, now that someone has started, I also express the same doubts.”

“Su’er, Xiao Mengqiu was only with him after you broke up with Shao Bo, or As a junior, if she is a third party, we will definitely help you get justice.”

“Yes, the most annoying thing in my life is the junior. If she really intervenes between you and the young boy, we will definitely kill her. She.”

Lin Suer was curious about this matter as she watched the barrage, and she didn’t know how to answer, she could only smile and said, “You don’t have to be so enthusiastic about my love life. I just want to talk with you. Recently, I don’t want to talk about other people.”

She didn’t know how to answer. Is Xiao Mengqiu a junior? If so, why didn’t Bo Qing’ang admit to being with Xiao Mengqiu? Instead, he made himself wait for a period of time. He would explain clearly. If the two of them were not together, what would happen if they went in and out at the same time, and stayed overnight together at night?

So Lin Su’er can’t figure out whether Bo Qingang is cheating or has other things. Of course, she can’t answer the fans’ words, she can only say such ambiguous words to express her feelings.

But what I didn’t expect was that just such a sentence misunderstood all the fans, and collectively began to ask her.

“What is someone else’s business? Did

Su’er really break up with Shao Bo?” “Su’er, seeing you look so sad and sad, is it really Xiao Mengqiu?”

“This Xiao Mengqiu still said yes What a genius girl, I think it’s really disgusting.” The

barrage became more and more excited, and all the fans began to scold Xiao Mengqiu. Lin Suer tried to explain, but she didn’t know how to explain, so she could only speak.” Don’t guess at random. Let’s end the live broadcast today.”

After saying this, Lin Suer closed the live broadcast room and prepared to go to rest. Xia Xiaonan watched her live broadcast next to her, and she was also in her heart when she saw this scene. Somewhat sad, she didn’t dare to directly question Bo Qingang to seek justice for Lin Su’er, so she only dared to feel sorry for Lin Su’er silently.

Early the next morning.

Lin Su’er rolled over and got out of bed cautiously, worried about touching her own wound again, but Xia Xiaonan ran out of the toilet with her mobile phone, “It’s not good! Su’er!”

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