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Chapter 809 Hot search again

Chapter 809 Hot Search

Again Looking at Xia Xiaonan’s panic, Lin Suer asked a little strangely: “Did you not go to wash your face and brush your teeth? What happened?”

“I just turned my phone while brushing my teeth. Look at this, you went on a hot search!”

Xia Xiaonan thought of handing the phone to Lin Su’er with a look of helplessness. Lin Suer looked down and saw the title of Dou Da: Internet celebrity Lin Suer admits that Xiao Mengqiu is a junior, and intervenes between her and Bo Shao. , His face was pale during the live broadcast, and he was suspected of being abandoned, sad and sad.

The title is really serious, and even after clicking into the report, you can still see many screenshots of Zhang Lin Suer’s live broadcast. She is indeed pale. It is because she was injured, but these people interpreted it as an injury after being abandoned. sad.

Lin Su’er wanted to clarify, but she realized that she really didn’t know what to use to clarify the report, saying that Bo Qingang hadn’t derailed? Or is she not abandoned? The only thing she can clarify is that her pale face was blown up by a landmine, which has nothing to do with Bo Qingang, but she is not willing to show her life to the public.

Thinking about this, Lin Suer returned the phone to Xia Xiaonan, “Leave them alone, just treat them as if they didn’t see it.”

“But don’t you really go to Shao Xiao to make it clear? What’s the matter with her and Xiao Mengqiu? , I should also give you an explanation. It’s too much to say so clearly.” After

Xia Xiaonan held back for several days, she finally couldn’t help it . She always wanted to persuade Lin Su’er to explain clearly, but she didn’t dare to tell Lin Su’er . Bo Qingang, worried that mentioning it would make her sad again. She is so badly injured now, and if she is in a bad mood, it will also affect the wound, but if he does not ask clearly, it will be even more uncomfortable to hold a breath in his heart. Bar.

“He said he asked me to give him some time. He will come to me when everything is resolved, so just wait. He also wants to see how often he will come to me if I don’t contact him. Maybe it’s just him. An excuse for her.”

Lin Su’er turned and walked to the toilet. Xia Xiaonan listened to him. For a while, she didn’t know whether Kwa Lin Su’er was too rational, or she should praise her for being cool by nature. How could this kind of thing be said lightly.

But what she didn’t know was that when Lin Suer walked into the bathroom and closed the door, tears couldn’t stop flowing. In fact, she was very broken. She didn’t know what to do. She touched her flat belly, and there was a life in it. what!

Even though she suffered such a serious injury this time, the child was still steadily staying in her stomach, indicating that this child is very lucky and should have come to this world. She will definitely give birth to her, but Bo Qingang…

This hot search should get bigger and bigger. Basically, as long as you have a hot search with Bo Qingang, it will be posted on the Internet for many days. He will definitely see it, and he will come after seeing it. Ask yourself to make it clear.

Lin Suer thought so, and began to persuade herself to calm down and not be too excited. If she went to see Bo Qingang now, she would definitely not be able to help being excited, and would be very bad for her child and her wounds. .

At the same time, the other side.

Xiao Shuo, who had just woke up in the morning, was about to carry his bag and go to school when he received a call from the Ang’s housekeeper.

“Hello, Dean Xiao Shuo, I am the housekeeper of the Ang’s family. You have been to the Ang’s house before, but I did not let you in. This time our father wants to see you. There are some things we want to confirm and verify with you, no Know if you have time?” The

butler’s words were procedurally alienated. After asking this sentence seriously, he waited silently for Xiao Shuo’s answer.

Xiao Shuo almost agreed without thinking, “If I have time, of course I have time!” I

have been trying to get close to the old man of the Ang family, telling him the identity of Lin Suer, but I have never had a chance. Now I finally have this opportunity. , Of course he must fight for it.

“Well, we’ll see you in two hours. I will post the location to your mobile phone and ask Dean Xiao Shuo to come by himself. Don’t bring anyone else. Although I know Dean Xiao will not do this, I still want to Just be reminded, don’t bring any audio and video equipment.”

“My old man wants to talk to you about private matters. If you find that you have done this quietly, you should know that Ang’s methods will not let you go.” The

housekeeper is still the same. After speaking the threatening words flatly, Xiao Shuo answered with the same flat taste after listening, “Okay, I get it.”

Two hours later.

In a private dining room far from where Xiao Shuo lived and Huaxia University, he met the old man of the Ang family whom he had always wanted to meet.

When he and Ang Qingqiu were together more than 20 years ago, he once looked at the old man from a distance. After so many years, the old man is still healthy, but the wrinkles in the corners of his eyes and the white hair on the sideburns can still tell the old man. I am getting older, and I often feel a little sad because I miss my daughter.

He is really similar to Ang Qingqiu, especially in profile and expression. Xiao Shuo looked at him and missed his lover a little, the lover he had found for nearly 20 years before he knew he had passed away.

He almost didn’t know how to face Old Man Ang for a moment. If he didn’t know about the death of Ang Qingqiu, would he tell him? And why would he come to find himself today? Before begging him like that, he didn’t want to see him all the time.

Elder Ang turned his head and saw Xiao Shuo who was hesitating at the door. He looked up and down Xiao Shuo. He was full of books and looked very energetic, even in middle age, he maintained a good figure. There is no business man’s pretending shrewdness in his eyes. He is indeed like a gentleman. If his heart is the same as he looks on the surface, he will be able to understand why his daughter would be willing to be with him.

“What are you doing standing at the door? I will come to you only after I have said that I have something to do today. You have been reluctant to come over and talk about anything. Come and sit down.” Old man Ang took the initiative to speak, and Xiao Shuo nodded politely towards him. , Walked to the opposite of Mr. Ang, sat down properly.

“Do you know why I am looking for you today?”

“I don’t know, I thought about looking for you in your villa before, but you don’t want to see me, so I feel very much about your initiative to contact me today. Accidental.” Xiao Shuo replied straightforwardly.

“I came to you to ask you, what is the relationship between you and Xiao Mengqiu?” Grandpa Ang didn’t want to directly ask him about what happened back then, but first asked him Xiao Mengqiu.

“The relationship between adoptive father and daughter, when she was ten years old, I adopted her from the orphanage and took care of her for ten years.” Xiao Shuo answered very honestly again, without a trace of lies.

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