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Chapter 811 How will it end

Chapter 811:

If you really answer truthfully, then Bo Shao and Lin Su’er are still together now, but it is true that he and Xiao Mengqiu went in and out together, and stayed overnight together. He could never give back to those reporters like this, although Shao Bo is the whole The most respected person in China Mainland, but can’t be so arrogant, openly saying that he has two boats on his feet?

Lin Su’er is still somewhat fan-based. If her fans know, even if they dare not come to Bo Qingang, they will have to tear up Xiao Mengqiu.

“I’m not with Xiao Mengqiu, and Su’er and I have a very good relationship. Wouldn’t you be able to answer this truthfully?”

Bo Qingang asked Zhang Song with a bewildered face, and Zhang Song nodded when he heard what he said. “Yes, please rest assured Mr. Bo. I will go down to deal with this matter immediately. Zhang Song quit the office, but he didn’t expect to see Xiao Mengqiu coming out of the elevator and heading straight to Bo

Qingang ‘s office when he turned his head. Xiao Mengqiu often Following Bo Qingang to Bo, the front desk already knew her, and the robot on the top floor knew that she was a frequent visitor and would not stop her at all. She arrived in front of Bo Qingang’s office unobstructed, and Zhang Song did not dare to stop her. , Can only step aside, bow his head and shout: “Miss Xiao. “

“You Bo is in the office, I’m looking for something to do with him. Oh, yes, there should be reporters asking you to verify my relationship with him these two days, you should know how to answer, right?” Xiao Mengqiu looked at Zhang Song , When speaking, there is a threatening tone in the words.

Of course Zhang Song knows what she means. She wants to say that she and her boss are lovers, but Zhang Song is not afraid of her threatening tone at all, and replied neither humble nor overbearing, “Of course I know how to answer, I will Answer truthfully.”

“Answer truthfully? You first tell me how you want to answer truthfully. I have been with Aang every day for the past few days. You should have seen it. If nothing unexpected happens, Aang and I will soon We will get married, so we are no longer the relationship of lovers, but the relationship of unmarried couples, do you know?”

Xiao Mengqiu looked at Zhang Song’s ambiguity and wanted Zhang Song to convey what she said to all the reporters. By that time, who would dare to say that she was a junior, she had already jumped a few levels and turned into a thin girl. Qing Ang’s fiancee, even if she is a junior, it should be Lin Su’er and a junior.

Zhang Song lowered his head and replied honestly, “I’m sorry Miss Xiao, I haven’t heard Mr. Bo beckon me to answer this way, so I can’t answer on his own terms, so Bo will always blame me.”

“Blame it? Then I am. Listen to him behaving how you should answer?” Xiao Mengqiu was immediately dissatisfied when he heard what he said, and looked at Zhang Song’s displeased expression with a calm face.

“Ms. Bo has said that let me answer truthfully. I will go to the public relations department to convey Mr. Bo’s meaning immediately. I won’t talk to Ms. Xiao any more. Mr. Bo is in the office. Go in.” Zhang Song put down these words, turned and walked away quickly.

Xiao Mengqiu chased forward two steps to catch him and ask him clearly, but it is not necessary to think about it carefully. You don’t need to worry about what Bo Qingang thinks. Then, take a picture of her and Bo Qingang and post it on Weibo. Come on, even if you directly announce that the two of them are together, you can see who dares to say that she is a junior.

Thinking about this, she pushed open the door of Bo Qingang’s office again with a smile on her face, stepped on high heels to the ground next to Bo Qingang, and said in a soft, dripping voice, “Aang, have you seen the Internet? Those remarks by everyone? Everyone said that I was a junior. I was so uncomfortable that I wanted to self-harm. Would you care about it?”

Bo Qingang was still expressionless at first, but he heard her When I said the word self-harm, I moved my finger on the mouse and looked up at her, “What do you want to do?”

“What else do I want to do? It’s simple, I just want to figure it out. Who am I to be yours now, am I a junior? I don’t think, we are married with a baby, and we are destined to get married when we grow up. Why am I now a junior?”

“In my heart The face is uncomfortable, so I want to self-harm, you must give me a name, otherwise I am not sure what I will do tonight!”

Xiao Mengqiu had a cute face when he spoke, and he even kept crooked. With the corner of his mouth, all the words that came out were threatening. His hands were still on Bo Qing’ang’s shoulders, and his face was close to Bo Qing’ang. He whispered in his ear, “Quickly let your company PR People from the Ministry, told all the media reporters that we are an unmarried couple.” When

she spoke, she touched Bo Qingang’s shoulder with her hand all the way down to his chest. When she wanted to go down, she was stunned by Bo Qing. Ang Yi grasped his hand, then put her hand back on her body, and said coldly, “I can’t tell the reporter that, don’t be delusional.”

“What?” Xiao Mengqiu heard Bo. When Qing Ang refused so directly, he immediately frowned and stared at him, “You say it again? Are you sure you won’t say it? Then I don’t care. Anyway, I am injured and feel no pain.”

Bo Qingang raised his head and looked at her. , There is no trace of emotion in his eyes, “Are you sure you want to use this method to threaten me, can you threaten me forever? If you let me find a way to crack it, do you know what your fate will be?”

He also wanted to give Xiao Mengqiu one last chance to make her realize that it is not feasible to use Lin Suer to threaten herself like this. If she continues like this, the final outcome will be miserable. If she is willing to take the initiative to stop, then look at it. In the face of Dean Xiao Shuo, it was still willing to let Xiao Mengqiu go.

But I never thought that Xiao Mengqiu didn’t understand Bo Qingang’s meaning at all. He also felt that because of the oppression these days, he wanted to vent and didn’t want to be threatened by her.

She said fearlessly: “Really? Then I want to see if you can find it. I am looking forward to what will happen to you, but before you find a solution, you have to think about it, beloved What will Lin Suer’s life do?”

“After all, I didn’t do anything lightly or severely. The wounds won’t stay on my body anymore. You said that if I didn’t work today, I cut my wrist by holding the blade carefully. , What will be the consequences?”

Xiao Mengqiu turned around to his desk, propped his hands on the desk, and approached Bo Qingang’s face with his head forward. He looked at him meaningfully, with eyes when he spoke. There was a gleam in it, it was clearly a question, but it all made her say a feeling of exclamation, she firmly believed that Bo Qingang would never find a way to crack it.

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