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Chapter 812 Unmarried couple

Chapter 812 Unmarried Couples

Except for her in the entire Huaxia Continent, it is estimated that even Lin Suer will not know how to crack it. Where did Bo Qingang find a way to crack it? It is because of her self-confidence that she has been threatened by Bo Qingang for so long. She is even ready to continue to threaten her and keep Bo Qingang by her side for a lifetime, so that he can’t escape and can’t escape. Able to follow her.

Bo Qingang knew that she had said these words, which meant that she was not afraid at all, and had no intention of making any changes at all. It was just that she would become more and more sophisticated.

She is now like the lotus that fell into the dust, already contaminated with dirt, and there is no more nobleness that is not stained by the sludge.

I used to have no feelings for her, at least not bored, but now I have reached a level of hatred for her. Bo Qingang hated someone this way for the first time. He used to be a bit resentful towards Catharina. Now Xiao Mengqiu has really reached his bottom line.

Folklore scholar Zhang Xueya has already told him the solution, but he still needs to be sure. After confirming this point, he can use the method Zhang Xuezhi told him, and he can completely escape the threat of Xiao Mengqiu.

But Xiao Mengqiu didn’t know at all. He already knew so much news, but he just felt that he was still in the dark, being at the mercy of her like a puppet.

Xiao Mengqiu took out the phone and turned on the camera. First, she faced the camera, took a few poses that she thought was the most beautiful, and then took the phone to Bo Qingang.

“Forget it, I don’t make it difficult for you. I have to let you know how empathetic I am. I am different from Lin Suer. I know that when she was with you, she was not so gentle and didn’t know you. Why do you like her so much.”

“How many women treat you before and after, just change to someone more feminine than her, maybe I won’t be so angry, and I won’t use this kind of extreme method, but it’s her, I just hate her, Just to torture her.”

Xiao Mengqiu said, turning his back to Bo Qingang, and took a photo of her and Bo Qingang with her mobile phone. Although Bo Qingang was still expressionless, she could still It can be seen that she is now in Bo Qing’ang’s office.

After taking a picture, she pouted and shook her head constantly looking at the photo on the phone, “Tsk tusk, Aang, this picture does not show your handsomeness at all, and it seems that the two of us are too far apart. I’m going to lean over and take another one.”

Xiao Mengqiu took the mobile phone and stepped on high heels, and ran to the office chair of Bo Qingang, leaning directly on Bo Qingang’s body, his face was close to Bo Qingang’s face, and he took a lot of pictures. Photo.

Bo Qingang glanced up and down at Xiao Mengqiu several times, but he didn’t find any position on her body. It was the kind of characteristic that the scholar said. The scholar said that there was an exception.

The wound in that place couldn’t be transferred to Lin Su’er. There was a breakthrough, and he had to find that location before he could use his method, otherwise he would only be trapped by Xiao Mengqiu for a lifetime.

Xiao Mengqiu is now wearing a short skirt and a camisole, with large areas of skin exposed. Could it be that the location is in some hidden place?

Thinking of this, Bo Qingang unexpectedly invited Xiao Mengqiu, “Let’s have dinner together tonight.”

Xiao Mengqiu was holding the photo he had just taken and was preparing to post it on Weibo on the P picture. He didn’t expect that, just now. Bo Qingang, who was still speaking badly at her, would actually invite her, and immediately happily no longer cared about how strange this is, but hurriedly agreed, “Okay, what Japanese food do you want to eat? French food?” “

Let me arrange it. You are still waiting for me in the office or go back to your villa. I still have things to do and two meetings to open.”

“Then I will go back to my villa and wait for you. You can drive to pick me up after work.” Xiao Mengqiu replied and posted the group photo that he had just taken to Weibo.

I also edited a very explicit copy: I came to the fiance’s office today to accompany him. I don’t care about some of the recent people, but the fiance looks angry. It took a long time to persuade him. Now his face is cold. of.

When such a Weibo was posted on the Internet, it almost immediately caused a large number of people to discuss. Xiao Mengqiu saw the comments under those Weibo on the way back to the villa. The few people who scolded her most in the morning saw this. Weibo is all shocked.

“What am I going to do? The mistress becomes a fiancé, then who is the mistress?”

“What else? The mistress is in the top position! But there is no way, people are now fiancees, so we can’t say anything.”

“So that is to say. Lin Suer was played with by Young Master Bo? Now that the freshness is over, I still need to find a young lady. This Xiao Mengqiu was the adopted daughter of Dean Xiao Shuo before, and is now the heir of the Ang family. No matter what status he is worthy of Shao Bo, it is true that wealthy people are looking for a wife to find the right person.”

“I ‘m so embarrassed to say that they are a junior. People Mengqiu originally had a baby with Bo Shaoyou, but now she just returned to where she was supposed to be. . “

Xiaomeng Qiu watched the last comment, and even take the initiative to comments made a point of praise, think that’s very reasonable, just thinking about Ang thin pour initiative about her to dinner, she felt very, or not fun to think about why thin The attitude before and after Qi Ang reversed so quickly.

At the same time, people in Bo’s public relations department are connecting to some media who have called for verification.

“Hello, hello, we are not breaking up with Miss Lin Su’er now. The two of them are dating… what are you talking about?” The

public relations staff’s face suddenly changed and became very frightened. He picked up his mobile phone, but it was no longer used. I went to search Xiao Mengqiu’s Weibo again. The first hot search was to discuss this matter: Xiao Mengqiu took the initiative to admit that he was an unmarried couple with Shao Bo!

“Hey, hello, are you still listening? Just now you said that Shao Bo and Lin Su’er have not broken up yet, what does Miss Xiao Mengqiu’s Weibo mean? Can you explain it?” The

reporter continued to ask, but The staff of the public relations department is already messed up, don’t know what is going on, and can say to the telephone receiver: “Excuse me, I still have something to do.”

After the employee hung up the phone quickly after saying this, he ran to Zhang Song’s office with his mobile phone.

“Assistant Zhang, take a look at this Weibo of Ms. Xiao Mengqiu. Didn’t you just say that we should answer truthfully? You said Bo Shao and Lin Su’er are still dating, but isn’t this Weibo hitting us in the face? The media circles are probably watching Bo’s jokes!”

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