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Chapter 813 Be broken up

Chapter 813 is broken up.

Zhang Song has also seen the Weibo and is having a headache. The staff is a little helpless when he asks him this way. He can only say, “Then you don’t answer any calls from the media and reporters, just take it as You don’t know anything, just wait for Bo Shao’s own response.”

“Oh, that’s just like this.” The staff of the public relations department breathed a sigh of relief. Not answering these calls would simply reduce them a lot. With a workload, she experienced the interrogation of these reporters every day, and she felt that her whole body was getting nervous.

Zhang Song looked at the hot search on the phone and shook his head speechlessly. Hey, his own boss is really bumpy! There is a Miss Xiao who has to chase him by such unscrupulous means. She still doesn’t know if it is good or bad. This Miss Xiao is also strange. She looks so good-looking, can’t she find a boyfriend? Must come to pester his boss.

Huaxia University.

As soon as Xiao Mengqiu’s Weibo was posted, it was immediately topped by hot searches. The students of Huaxia University School of Medicine almost immediately ate this fresh, moisture-free melon. Xiao Mengqiu was there. I have studied at school and have been classmates with them. Regarding her and Lin Suer’s affairs, these classmates were very enthusiastic about eating melons.

But they also knew that Lin Su’er couldn’t provoke casually, she could only hold her mobile phone quietly, and gather in twos and threes to discuss this matter.

“Look at Xiao Mengqiu, who took the initiative to post on Weibo that she and Bo Shao are an unmarried couple.”

“I see, just like what netizens say, Bo Shao thinks that she still has to find someone who is right. Hey, Lin Su’er was obviously abandoned. She is a small internet celebrity, how can she be worthy of the Bo family’s rich family.”

” Yes ! People’s real rich family, you have to look for Xiao Mengqiu to find a wife. Ladies, this kind of little internet celebrity can’t be on the stage.”

“You said that Lin Suer and Shao Bo have broken up now, can I go after her?”

“Oh, do you still have ideas about her?”

“That’s for sure, she looks so good-looking, don’t you think about it? Do you want to chase her? It’s just that she was too cold before, and she has a master, mainly the young boy, you dare to provoke? I dare not! Now I must face the difficulty and go straight.”

Lin Suer sat in the seat and watched. The textbook was copying notes, and suddenly a male classmate in the class walked in front of her, “Hello, Lin Su’er, I want to invite you to have a supper tonight. I wonder if you are free?”

Xia Xiaonan was stunned. She knew that there were many people in the school who liked Lin Su’er, especially after Lin Su’er showed her bare face, a large number of people in the school came to see her at the door of their class and walked on the road. Lin Suer’s rate of turning around is always a leverage, but after all, she is Bo Shao’s girlfriend, and no one dares to ask her so blatantly.

When Lin Su’er didn’t react, Gu Cheng stood up and pointed to his classmates and asked, “Lu Ming, what are you doing? Did you take the wrong medicine? You are so courageous, don’t you know that Sister Su’er is with Shao Xiao? I even

dared to ask him to meet him, not to die.” “Didn’t they break up? Shao Bo is with Xiao Mengqiu, why can’t I chase Lin Su’er?” Lu Ming looked at Gu Cheng with a natural look, and was not afraid at all. Although the Gu Cheng family has some financial resources, the Lu Ming family is not bad. The two families can be said to be evenly matched, and he is not afraid of Gu Cheng at all.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Who told you that Su’er and Shao Bo broke up, you don’t know how to stop talking nonsense.” Xia Xiaonan yelled at him while guarding Lin Su’er.

Lu Ming took off the phone with an inexplicable expression, and called up the hot search, “Are you not looking at the mobile phone? The hot search is clearly hanging on it. Xiao Mengqiu has already admitted that he is an unmarried couple with Shao Bo. And I ran into Shao Bo’s office to shoot. Shao Bo cooperated with her, indicating that Shao Bo also admitted that Xiao Mengqiu was his fiancée.”

“How can you still be with Lin

Su’er ?” Xia Xiaonan and Gu Cheng saw this. At that time, the contents above were all taken aback, and she took out her mobile phone unbelievably, and Lin Su’er had already turned pale, and her hands flipping through the book began to tremble slightly.

Lu Ming looked at Xia Xiaonan’s appearance and reacted afterwards, “Don’t you know that Shao Bo and Lin Suer broke up? Or do you not know that Shao Bo and Lin Suer themselves? You are not broken up, right? You even broke up with Bo Shao. Didn’t you take the initiative to tell you? It seems that Xiao Mengqiu is really a junior!”

His words were heard by other students in the class, and there was a commotion immediately. Everyone started to discuss how pitiful Lin Suer was, even after seeing Bo Shao’s fiancée.

Lin Suer left the classroom directly with the book in her arms. She didn’t want to listen to their discussion anymore. It was useless. She didn’t know if she should go to Bo Qingang to ask for more information. She still persuaded herself, since Bo Qing Ang said to give him time, then give him a period of time.

But now this matter is getting more and more troublesome, and even the fiancee has said it. Will she wait for a while, when she hears the news of Bo Qingang again, it is the date of his and Xiao Mengqiu’s marriage?

Xia Xiaonan and Gu Cheng also followed her out of the classroom anxiously. Now Lin Suer’s injury has not healed. If anything is stimulated by this news, it will be no good?

“Su’er, you…” Xia Xiaonan followed Lin Su’er, not knowing what to say, and always felt that it was inappropriate to say anything now.

She looked at Gu Cheng with some embarrassment, and Gu Cheng could only shook his head solemnly. They really couldn’t do much, as long as they followed Lin Su’er to make sure she was safe.

Lin Su’er lowered her head and hugged the book and walked forward slowly. She didn’t know if she should go back to the dormitory or rush to Bo Shao, to ask him to ask, the inside of her head was like a mass of paste.


She was walking, suddenly felt a pain in her lower abdomen, and instantly felt a bad feeling. She covered her belly and squatted down with the pain. Xia Xiaonan and Gu Cheng who followed behind immediately ran forward. Su children, how is it? okay. “

Lin Su children in pain can not answer his question, my heart worried their children will go wrong, and immediately pulled Xia Xiaonan hand and said,” call an ambulance take me to the hospital! “

she now It hurts so much that there is no way to get her pulse, and she feels so painful that she almost loses consciousness.

After Gu Cheng heard Lin Suer’s words, he immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed the emergency number, but Lin Suer felt his consciousness slowly withdraw, and finally fell straight back, plunged into darkness in front of him.

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