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Chapter 814 Change attitude

Chapter 814 Changing Attitudes

Xiao Mengqiu Today is the happiest day in the past few days. After all, Bo Qingang took the initiative to invite her to dinner. She called a stylist and makeup artist, but did not let the costume designer design it for her on the spot Come with a suit.

“Miss, are you satisfied with this makeup?” The makeup artist took the mirror and placed it in front of her, looking expectantly at Xiao Mengqiu.

“Well, it’s not bad. Bring my dress here! I am going to Aang for dinner today. He sent me a message just now, saying that he has booked a hotel after dinner?”

Xiao Mengqiu looked at the mirror and nodded. , And deliberately told Bo Qingang’s news out loud to her, hoping to let the world know that Bo Qingang is with her now.

She put on a white long dress. She remembers that she wore such a dress at the eighteen-year-old coming-of-age ceremony. At that time, her style was also on the news: a genius girl just grew up, so many people have said that she wore such a white long dress. The skirt is a bit more prettier than those female stars, and it is definitely worthy of thin and elegant.

Standing in front of the mirror, Xiao Mengqiu nodded in satisfaction, yes, yes! Today, she is so beautiful that even she herself is a bit intoxicated, and Bo Qingang will never push her away again.

Xiao Mengqiu thought for a while, took a necklace and put it on her neck. She stretched out her left hand and touched the position on the left back of her neck. Her eyes changed a little. She pulled the hair behind her shoulders to cover her neck before turning to take it. He started to pack out the villa.

Bo Qingang had already waited outside the villa. When she saw her getting in the car, she didn’t deliberately sit farther as before. He still sat in the original position. After Xiao Mengqiu got in the car, he deliberately sat very close to him. Did not see him showing the slightest look of boredom as before, and then sat a little closer to him.

The whole person was about to stick to him, but he was always calm and even asked, “I am going to take you to Western food today, do you have anything else you want to eat?”

“I don’t have any, you think I’m willing to eat anything.” Xiao Mengqiu instantly felt a sense of happiness. It seemed that Bo Qingang was really ready to be with her. She took Bo Qingang’s hand and leaned her head on his shoulder.

The smug smile that couldn’t be concealed from the corner of the mouth, I can’t wait to tell the world that they are together, they are really together, and it is no longer the same as before that she is entangled with Bo Qing.

“Okay, I opened a room upstairs in the hotel. Then, let’s go to rest after eating. I ordered a good wine today.”

Bo Qingang continued talking, she said every time. Words can make Xiao Mengqiu a little bit happy, and the whole person feels a little fluttering.

the other side.

Lin Suer was lying in the hospital. The doctor next to Xia Xiaonan and Gu Cheng instructed, “You’d better let her family members come over. Now she is pregnant, but I just saw a lot of wounds on her body. security inside the stomach is not affected, it has been hard won, can not let her emotions fluctuate significantly. ” “

otherwise this child is definitely not Paul down, she looked very young also, her husband do? ‘

“she My husband has gone on a business trip. Tell me what the doctor has to pay attention to. I am her good friend.” Xia Xiaonan took Lin Suer’s hand, who was still lying down, with distress. “There

are no special precautions, just to make her feel calmer. Don’t get excited anymore, eat more nutritious things to supplement, and don’t stop eating to keep your figure. You see, she is so thin, she probably lost weight, and she is a little bit anemia.”

After the doctor said these words, he left the ward first. Lin Suer also woke up at this time and looked at Xia Xiaonan, who was full of worries, with his eyes open.

“Su’er, don’t worry, your child is fine, it’s in your stomach. The doctor said you are a little bit anemic, so you need to replenish your body, and don’t get too emotional, so don’t think about it anymore.

Or else next Let’s not go to school for the first time, or take a few days off and go back and take a good rest. What do you think?” Xia Xiaonan saw her wake up and immediately began to tell her about her current situation.

“It’s okay, I know what I am doing. Give me my mobile phone. I still need to ask Bo Qingang to make it clear. I want to ask him what he wants. Does he really want this child? Even if it is true. If you don’t want it, you have to tell me plainly, don’t keep dragging like this.”

“I don’t know that Xiao Mengqiu has become his fiancée, so what am I now? Is his ex-girlfriend? Or a toy for him? “

Lin Suer sat on the bed with a pale face. After waking up from a coma, she was also awake a lot. She was sure that she must go and see Bo Qing’ang’s thoughts. She can’t drag it anymore, let alone believe what he said. Why give him some time, time has passed so long, even his fiancee ran out, he still has no results, she can’t wait any longer.


Bo Qingang’s cell phone rang on the dining table. He picked it up and glanced at Xiao Mengqiu, who was opposite, and hung up the phone.

Xiao Mengqiu stopped holding the fork in his hand and stretched out his hand towards Bo Qingang, “Show me, who called you, is it Lin Su’er? Why aren’t you answering? She should be here to ask you hot Search for the above things, and you can just answer her directly. The two of us are together now, and we will go back to the hotel room together after dinner!”

“Why do you want to tell her this?” Bo Qingang put down too. Knife and fork looked at Xiao Mengqiu, although the boredom of the past was gone, but the cold feeling still couldn’t be changed.

Xiao Mengqiu became a little anxious when he heard this question, looked at his eyes and asked, “Why do you say that.”

“You don’t need to tell her this, she will understand when she sees the hot search.”

Bo Qingang unexpectedly Surprisingly, Xiao Mengqiu did not protect Lin Su’er as usual. Xiao Mengqiu was ready. If he said something that made him unhappy, she would immediately take out the knife in the bag and give herself a knife, but he did not expect him to say this. Then, after blinking her eyes for two seconds to understand, the corners of her mouth opened a particularly large arc.

“Aang, do you mean that you agree with what I said on Weibo? You will stay by my side in the future and stop looking for Lin Su’er. Have you two completely cut it apart?” Xiao Mengqiu asked joyfully.

“Hmm…” Bo Qingang nodded.

When Xiao Mengqiu heard his words, it was as if the whole world had been lit up, and there was a soft light in his eyes. He stood up from the stool and ran to Bo Qingang’s side, watching him ask in disbelief. “You say it again, what did you just say?”

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