Chapter 815 Romantic atmosphere

Chapter 815 Romantic Atmosphere

“I said just do it according to your ideas, if you think it is so good, then do it.” Bo Qingang really obeyed her and said it again.

Xiao Mengqiu was so ecstatic that she didn’t jump up anymore. He hugged Bo Qingang and kissed him hard on the cheek. A bright red lipstick mark appeared on Bo Qingang’s side cheek, and she was happy. He hugged Bo Qing’ang and said, “I finally moved you, let me just say, there is no one in the world who is so stubborn as you.”

Bo Qing’ang’s hand on the dining table shook slightly, but in the end it was still Quietly, he didn’t reach out to wipe the lipstick mark on his face. As long as today is over, he will be able to grasp all the information.

Finding the exceptional position on Xiao Mengqiu’s body, and using the method Zhang Scholar told him, to dissolve the connection between Xiao Mengqiu and Lin Su’er, then the depression threatened by Xiao Mengqiu these days can be completely recovered.

He thought so and didn’t send a message to Lin Su’er, or even returned Lin Su’er’s call. He just waited one more day, and everything was fine after tonight, but Lin Su’er didn’t know what he was doing, so he took the phone and made a few calls. Bo Qingang’s cell phone number that no one can reach.

Xia Xiaonan watched him by the side after making several calls. She felt a little unbearable, and took Lin Su’er’s hand, “Okay, Su’er don’t call anymore. Young Shao Bo should be busy with something, let’s go eat. Bar.”

“Maybe it’s blacklisting me, so I can’t get through his phone. If that’s the case, I will send him a message directly. If he can see it, he can see if he can’t see it.”

Lin Suer said so and opened it directly. I sent a message to Bo Qingang through WeChat, which made her feel heartbroken and helpless: “Do you still want our children? Even if you have no feelings for me, the child in your stomach belongs to you, so please take out some man. It’s like this!”

She felt that Bo Qingang turned out to be such an irresponsible person for the first time. She always thought that Bo Qingang was different from other men, but she didn’t expect them to be the same.

Lin Suer turned off the phone after sending the text message, put it aside and lay back on the hospital bed again. She felt so tired that she didn’t want to go anywhere.

“Xiaonan, can you go buy a meal for me? Thank you, I really don’t want to move.” She muffled and said to Xia Xiaonan.

“Okay, no problem, I’ll go buy food for you now, you’re here waiting for me not to run around, you know.” Xia Xiaonan helped Lin Suer cover the quilt like a kid, and followed Gu Cheng to the downstairs. She I couldn’t hold it anymore, and directly called Ouyang Luo with his mobile phone.

Ouyang Luo answered it almost in seconds, after all, even Xia Xiaonan’s ringtone was different from others.

“What’s wrong with Xiaonan? Do you miss me?” Ouyang Luo’s voice came from the receiver of the phone, with a smile that couldn’t be hidden.

“Ouyang Luo, can you help me ask Shao Bo, what does he mean? Even if you want to break up with Su’er, you have to say a word about breaking up seriously. It can’t be so inexplicable. He even has a child. Don’t you want it? Does

Su’er know if Su’er is pregnant with his child!” Xia Xiaonan now only feels that Lin Su’er is extremely distressed, and she is not in the mood to listen to Ouyang Luo’s happy voice.

“What do you mean?” Ouyang Luo heard Xia Xiaonan’s furious voice, and put away his hippie smile.

Xia Xiaonan told Ouyang Luo about Lin Suer’s call to Bo Qing just now, but he hadn’t answered him. He didn’t feel in the mood to be polite to Ouyang Luo anymore, so he directly cursed.

“What the hell is Shao Bo? Even if he is very capable and terrific in China Mainland, he shouldn’t be so overkill. Su’er is his girlfriend, and he didn’t care for Xiao San. Why is there such an unclear! “

“Xiaonan, don’t get excited, I know you are angry now, but there are some things, I don’t know how to explain to you, but don’t worry, Aang did not abandon Lin Suer, he is going to solve some problems for Lin Suer. Go and persuade Lin Su’er not to think randomly. After solving these things, Aang will definitely come to her.”

Ouyang Luo didn’t know how to explain it. Before Bo Qingang told him why he would be with Xiao Mengqiu, he knew some inside information. Yes, but this inside story cannot be explained clearly, so I can only say that.

“What does it mean to solve some troubles? What troubles require him to stay with Xiao Mengqiu all day, eat and live with him for the night, I think he is his own lecherous disease, are you boys like this?”

Xia Xiaonan couldn’t find it. The place vented, and the anger was vented to Ouyang Luo. Ouyang Luo also caught fire at the city gate and killed the pond fish. He was a little helpless, but he could understand it. Just let Xia Xiaonan vent.

the other side.

Lin Suer didn’t let Bo Qingang see the message, but let Xiao Mengqiu see it. While Bo Qingang went to the bathroom, she picked up Bo Qingang’s mobile phone and just saw the message from Lin Suer.

“Child? I forgot that you are pregnant with a child.” Xiao Mengqiu’s expression changed immediately after seeing Lin Su’er’s news. All the joy in his eyes just disappeared, leaving only the vicious and gloomy.

Now that Bo Qingang was with her, how could anyone else be allowed to give birth to Bo Qingang’s child? That was absolutely impossible, so Lin Suer definitely couldn’t keep the child in her belly.

Thinking of this, Xiao Mengqiu directly pressed the delete button and deleted the message from Lin Suer. At this moment, Bo Qingang came back from the bathroom, and he immediately returned his phone to Bo Qingang, “Bo Shao, yours. The inside of the phone is so clean, there are not many girls who send you a message to cleanse yourself, it’s pretty good!”

Bo Qingang took the phone and put it in his bag, and reached out to Xiao Mengqiu, “Let’s go, follow me. A hotel room.”

Xiao Mengqiu looked at the hand that Bo Qingang stretched over. It was white and slender, with distinct bones. What a beautiful pair of hands. Such a perfect person will soon belong to her!

She couldn’t wait to stretch out her hand to grab Bo Qing’ang’s hand, stood up and leaned directly on his shoulder, “Let’s go, I want to take a look at the room you prepared.”

Bo Qing’ang hesitated for a moment, and stretched out. He put his hand on her waist and took her upstairs in the elevator with his arms around her.

In the room he arranged, there were roses and candles. The whole room was extremely romantic and warm. Xiao Mengqiu opened the door and saw the heart-shaped roses on the ground. Then he looked at the candles and red wine placed on the window sill and beside the bathtub. .

The whole person was moved to tears. These were specially prepared for her by Bo Qingang. After waiting for so many years, she finally waited for his initiative!