Chapter 816 an examination

Chapter 816 Check

“Aang, is this your careful preparation?” Xiao Mengqiu looked at Bo Qingang with a smile on his face, and smelled some faint scent on the side of his nose, fresh and long, it was her favorite smell, she closed He took a deep sniff with his eyes, and his whole body and mind were relaxed. The wine he drank during the meal just now seemed to ferment slowly in his stomach.

Xiao Mengqiu felt a little dizzy. She hung her hands above Bo Qingang’s neck and rubbed her head against his neck, “Aang, do you know this is the first time you have been so hard on me? How long have we known each other? It’s been more than ten years, right? It’s almost eleven years soon, and I’m about to turn 21 years old.”

Xiao Mengqiu was a little dizzy, but still remembered the time she and Bo Qingang met, “We are only one month away from knowing each other for eleven years, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, eleven years! More than 3,000 days and nights, We have known each other for more than three thousand nine hundred and eighty days!”

Bo Qingang listened to her affectionate words, always showing a blank expression, for more than three thousand days? For such a long period of time, he had never felt anything towards Xiao Mengqiu, but with just half a month, Xiao Mengqiu turned his lack of feeling towards her into a deep hatred.

“I’m so happy today. I must have a few more glasses. Which wine did you choose?” Xiao Mengqiu sat on the sofa and picked up the red wine on the coffee table, and poured a glass for her and Bo Qing’ang. Carrying a goblet and came to Bo Qing’ang’s side, “Aang, have a drink with me, but I want to drink a cup of wine. I dreamed of the scene of us drinking a cup of wine many times in my dream.”

Bo Qingang took the goblet in her hand and, with the “help” of Xiao Mengqiu, made the action of drinking her a cup of wine. Xiao Mengqiu drank it all in one fell swoop, but Bo Qingang just opened his mouth. Did not drink the red wine.

“Well, this glass of wine is not bad, and the wine that can be drunk with you is sweet.” Xiao Mengqiu had made all the preparations early. He drank the wine and talked about love. She felt that it was time to get into the topic. She has also done a good job of psychological construction in the past months.

“Aang, we can go on. You said what you are planning to do tonight.” Xiao Mengqiu approached Bo Qingang and asked in a charming voice. She was obviously seduce and hint, she thought Bo Qing The room that Ang opened today is ready for her.

Bo Qingang did indeed obey her. He bent down and hugged her sideways, and carried her to the hotel bed. Xiao Mengqiu’s heart beat thunderous, and his panicked eyes stared left and right, but he still hugged Bo Qing tightly. Ang didn’t want to let go.

“Aang, don’t you know, you…” Xiao Mengqiu watched him as he was about to say some sweet words, but he unexpectedly felt a burst of sleepiness. This is a strange feeling, more than drunkenness. Uncomfortable, she shook her head vigorously, trying to shake this feeling away.

However, she found that the more she shook her head, the more dizzy she became. When she finally opened her eyes, the Bo Qingang in front of her had become three. She wanted to speak again, but she fainted on the bed.

After seeing her fainted on the bed, Bo Qingang immediately took his hand out of her neck, and pushed Xiao Mengqiu aside with disgust. He stood by the bed and looked at Xiao Mengqiu on the bed. He made a call with his mobile phone. , Coldly said to the person on the other end of the phone, “Come in, faster. You must check every inch of her skin.”

“Yes, thin!” A woman’s voice came through the phone.

After a while, a middle-aged woman wearing a black mask walked into the room where Bo Qingang was, and bowed to him, “Bo Qing!”

“The person is here, I put the potion next to the bathtub, and put the person.

Go into the bathtub and pour the potion into the bathtub for me to check carefully. Every inch of skin cannot be let go.” Bo Qingang pointed at Xiao Mengqiu, but his eyes were not willing to look at her at all. Turned and walked out of the room, and sat down in the living room of the suite.

The woman glanced at Xiao Mengqiu on the bed, and shook her head regretfully, “A good little girl has to come to provoke us, Mr. Bo. I don’t know what is going on in your mind.”

She picked up Xiao Mengqiu and went directly into the bathroom of the room. , Stripped off her clothes and threw them into the bathtub.

There was a bottle of potion next to the bathtub, and the purple potion was poured into the bathtub, almost immediately dyeing the entire bathtub water to purple.

Some changes have taken place in Xiao Mengqiu’s whole person. Her skin seems to be slowly becoming transparent, and almost every blood vessel can be seen clearly.

The woman’s eyes narrowed slowly, and she saw that under Xiao Mengqiu’s transparent skin, the blood vessels were not the color of normal people, but blue, a strange blue, with a faint light, and this light almost All over her body.

What she had to do was to find the skin that was not touched by these lights, and that was the exception, the skin that had nothing to do with Lin Su’er.

After the woman seriously looked at every inch of Xiao Mengqiu’s skin, she finally saw the dim area behind her neck, which was different from the skin in other parts of him, and there was no light at all.

“Finally found it, Shao Bo can rest assured now, but you are going to be unlucky, so do it for yourself, who told you to do this boring thing.” After the

woman remembered the position of her neck, she looked at it. Xiao Mengqiu sighed helplessly again, took her out of the bathtub like a fish, and put her clothes on without careful washing, then turned around and walked into the living room, reporting respectfully to Bo Qing. “Bo Shao, it has been determined, and the position is on the left back of her neck.”

“Really? Are you sure? There can be no little mistakes. You should know what the consequences will be if you are sure that it is wrong.”

Bo Qingang looked up at her, repeatedly making sure that her news was correct, after all, it was related to Lin Su’er’s life.

“I’m sure, I put the potion in the bathtub and soaked her whole body as you said. That place is the only exception.” The woman said confidently.

“Is she dressed? I’m going to see where it is.” Bo Qingang put down his phone and stood up. He didn’t even bother to take advantage of Xiao Mengqiu, and didn’t want to see her naked.

“I have put clothes on her.” Bo Shao can go in and see at any time.

“Okay.” Bo Qingang agreed and walked into the bedroom. Xiao Mengqiu’s hair was wet on the bed, and the whole person fell into a drowsiness. What she didn’t know was that she thought the evidence that Bo Qingang fell in love with her was all evidence. The medium used to make her fall asleep.

Red wine, roses, and even candles are filled with drugs, and the drugs will be released when the candles are lit.