Chapter 817 Accidents in life

Chapter 817 Accidents in Life When

these drugs are sucked in, she won’t wake up even if thunder strikes. What’s more, she not only inhales the drugs, but even the red wine contains anesthetics. How can she toss her after eating it? There will be no reaction, but she asked for all this.

Bo Qingang remembered that position and imprinted it deeply in his heart. As long as he remembered this position, Lin Su’er could be saved.

the other side.

Lin Su’er waited all night, but didn’t wait for Bo Qingang’s reply. She didn’t even reply to the news, she did too much! She looked at the photos taken with Bo Qingang when she was playing with her phone before. He was always a poker face. Although he could smile slightly when facing her, he would not smile like others. Bare teeth.

So two people really rarely take photos. These photos are treasured by Lin Su’er in their phones like treasures, but they can be taken out now. She felt that she was mocking her.

“Bo Qingang, you are really too much, what do you mean?” Lin Su’er looked at the photos on the phone more and more angry, and finally smashed the phone aside and sat up from the bed.

These days, she has become more and more unable to control her temper. She remembered that Bo Qingang was with Xiao Mengqiu now, but she was still pregnant with his child, so she couldn’t get angry.

“Oh…” Lin Su’er had a nausea in her stomach, and rushed into the toilet with her mouth covered. Has she started to have morning sickness now? She vomited so dimly here, where are Bo Qing’ang and Xiao Mengqiu at ease?

Lin Su’er stood in the bathroom leaning against the wall and asked the sky silently, did the sky laugh at her? Let her live this life now.

“Su’er, are you okay?” Xia Xiaonan accompanied Lin Su’er in the hospital and fell asleep on the escort bed next to her, but suddenly saw Lin Su’er rushing into the toilet and immediately followed.

“It’s okay.” Lin Suer shook her head slightly, “Tomorrow I will have a pregnancy check to see if the baby is in my stomach.”

Even if Bo Qingang ignores her, she will have to ask for the baby. The pregnancy check is still indispensable. of.

“Okay, let’s do it in this hospital. This hospital is also very close to our school. You can go back to school after the examination, or you can go home.” Xia Xiaonan took Lin Su’er back to bed with her. Cover her with a quilt like taking care of a child.

“Well, you go to sleep.” Lin Suer lay on the bed and turned to look at Xia Xiaonan.

“Su’er, don’t think about it anymore. You have to believe that Shao Bo will not do such an unfeeling thing. There must be a delay. In a few days, he will definitely come to you.”

Xia Xiaonan took Ouyang Luo to comfort her. These words, to comfort Lin Suer, she didn’t know what else she could say. Lin Suer couldn’t fall asleep most of the night. Thinking about it, she must be upset. If this goes on, it will not only affect the children in her stomach. It will also affect herself.

“Okay, go to sleep.” Lin Suer didn’t know how to answer Xia Xiaonan’s comforting remarks. After all, Bo Qingang said the same to him at the time, but she waited for so long and didn’t see him come back to give her an explanation. , Who knows if it is an excuse.

Lin Suer reached out and touched her flat belly, closed her eyes, thinking about her and Bo Qingang’s journey along the way, the first oolong meeting, and the second time she was amazing at Lin Rouer’s engagement ceremony. Seeing each other…

Bo Qing’ang has always been extremely caring for her along the way. Maybe she is used to his gentleness. Now that Bo Qing’ang neglects her a little bit, she can’t stand it anymore.

“Lin Su’er, when did you start to rely on one person so much? Didn’t you say that you will rely on yourself for the rest of your life?”

She closed her eyes and began to question herself. In the past few years, she has not met Bo Qingang. Her life has been Every step is carefully thought out while walking in the direction that I want.

Bo Qingang was an accident in her life. Is it destined that everything after meeting him is an accident? Lin Su’er slowly fell asleep with her head full of doubts.

Xiao Mengqiu woke up in the early morning of the next morning and found herself lying on the hotel bed with the white dress she was wearing yesterday. She rubbed her temples and sat up from the bed without remembering what happened last night, just remembering Bo Qingang carried her to the bed, and then she was completely fragmented.

“What’s the matter? Could it be that you drank too much yesterday?” She rubbed her temples and started talking to herself, and looked around, Bo Qingang was not in the room.

“Aang, Aang!” Xiao Mengqiu called Bo Qingang loudly, but did not hear any answer. She turned over and got out of the bed and walked barefoot to the living room of the suite. The roses and candles were still there last night. , It means that she is not dreaming.

But what about Bo Qingang? Where did you go? She searched the entire suite strangely and didn’t see him. She felt that he must have gone to the company. She was about to take out the phone to call him, but she thought of what Bo Qingang said yesterday. From now on, the two of them will be together. Now, he will stay away from Lin Su’er.

“Since he said so, he will definitely do it. There is no need to

pester him all the time, so he will feel annoying.” Xiao Mengqiu muttered to himself while looking at the phone, thinking that he must do something to make Bo Qingang feel. To a happy girlfriend, don’t pester him all day long. The other day I was worried that he would go to Lin Su’er and stay with him all day. Now he has agreed to break up with Lin Su’er and be with himself, then To relax the restraint on him.

Xiao Mengqiu put the phone back to its original place, stretched out, but suddenly felt that there was a special smell on her body. She lowered her head and smelled it was not a strange smell, but a faint scent, but it was not the perfume she used. It smells, and I feel a little slimy on my body.

“What’s the matter? Did you spill the wine on your body when you drank yesterday? But it’s not right. I drank red wine yesterday. If I spilled it on my body, it should have a mark!”

Xiao Mengqiu felt strange, but didn’t think too much, maybe I drank too much last night and sweated a little while sleeping without taking a bath.

She walked into the bathroom with her bathrobe in her arms. After filling a bathtub with water, she was about to soak herself in, but found that the bathtub water was a bit wrong, and it was a bit purple.

what happened? She held up a handful of water in her hands and put it to her nose and smelled it. There was no strange smell, just a little bit of disinfectant, so why was it purple? Although this purple is not rich, it feels like a shallow layer melts with the water, as if someone has dyed the water red with a drop of ink.

Xiao Mengqiu was puzzled, and in the end directly blamed the problem on the inadequate sanitation of this hotel.