Chapter 818 Malnutrition

Chapter 818 Malnutrition

“Miss Xiao, we have no problem with cleaning. You ordered the presidential suite. We must have cleaned it.” The

hotel manager nodded and bowed as promised by Xiao Mengqiu, but Xiao Mengqiu didn’t give a good face at all. Pointing to the bathtub and saying, “Then look at why the water in this bathtub is purple. Don’t tell me, it’s the color you put on purpose for the sentimental purpose. Then you have the ability to go in and give me a bath.”

“This …I don’t know what’s going on. Even if we don’t clean well enough, it won’t turn the water into purple.” The manager also looked embarrassed, and didn’t know what was going on.

“What the hell is going on? You can explain it to me now.” Xiao Mengqiu was standing on the edge of the bathtub in a bathrobe, holding the bathtub in his hands, watching the manager’s face full of anger.

The manager really couldn’t find a reason, so he turned his eyes and pulled out a reason, “This room was opened by Bo Shao for you. Could it be Bo Shao? Is it like a milk bath?

My skin is getting better?” “Aang?” Xiao Mengqiu listened to the manager’s words and turned to look at the purple water in the bathtub. He hesitated in his heart. No matter how the manager would not neglect the thinness, it would not. The meeting was really prepared by Bo Qingang. He prepared so comprehensively yesterday. Candles, roses, and red wine are all available. It is not strange to put something in this bathtub.

“Okay, you can go down.” Xiao Mengqiu waved to the manager, and then looked down at the purple water. She was not sure if Bo Qingang had specially prepared it. If not, would there be anything going on in the bath? What about the accident?

Thinking about it, Xiao Mengqiu stretched his hand into the bathtub again and stirred it twice, but when she picked it up again, she found something was wrong. Her hands looked a few degrees whiter than before, and the white ones were a little shining.

How is this going? Is it possible that this purple water is really good for the skin? She looked at the white to glowing skin and felt very surprised, but she didn’t dare to go in directly, worried that there would be a reaction so quickly, whether it would be toxic.

Thinking of this, Xiao Mengqiu took two photos of the bathtub and sent them to Bo Qingang, accompanied by a whistling voice.

“Aang, what’s wrong with the purple water in this bathtub? Did you prepare it for me?”

Bo Qingang sat in the huge office, and Scholar Zhang sat on the sofa, listening to Bo Qingang’s advice. He described the results of the inspection last night.

“Hmm…” Scholar Zhang nodded thoughtfully, “Bo Shao, there is no problem, you can use the method I said to cut the connection between the two as soon as possible. It should not be too late.”

“You promise this. The method is effective. Are you sure you will not transfer the wound to her again? You should know what the consequences will be if you make a mistake, and I will not let you go.”

Bo Qingang was still a little worried, otherwise he would have done it last night. He was worried that Scholar Zhang was half a bucket of water, what would happen if Lin Su’er was harmed by that time.

“Don’t worry, Shao Bo, I have been studying these things for most of my life. Although I rarely see real examples, this time I have done enough homework and asked you to verify the key information so many times. I will definitely not If something goes wrong, my half-life research will be invalidated.”

Scholar Zhang was confident that he was worried about Bo Qing but didn’t believe it, and added, “If something goes wrong , my old bones will be too much. Just pay for Bo Shao, let Bo Shao deal with it and kill me as much as

he wants .” Hearing that he dared to use his life as a guarantee, Bo Qingang felt much relieved, and took out a check from the drawer and handed it to him. He said, “Then treat it as a reward for your help these days, I will not treat anyone wrongly, and I will give you a sum of money when the matter is over.”

“Bo Shao, I said I don’t want money, I just want to see the Miss Lin you mentioned.” Zhang Xueyan still refused the money he handed over as usual.

“I will definitely let you see her, but you have to take this check too.” Bo Qingang didn’t take it back. He just looked at him stubbornly. Scholar Zhang wanted to refuse, but his cold eyes couldn’t tell. If you refuse, you can only reach out and take the check.

At this time, Bo Qing’ang’s cell phone rang. He took it over and saw that it happened to be the message from Xiao Mengqiu. Looking at the purple water in the jar, he sneered, but only sent a word to Xiao Mengqiu.

Xiao Mengqiu didn’t care about the news he sent anymore. She took off her bathrobe and went into this jar of purple water. She seemed to have a natural belief in Bo Qingang. She never doubted every word he said. Especially the things that Bo Qingang treats her well, even if it is self-hypnosis, she is willing to believe that these things are true.

Xiao Mengqiu soaked in the bathtub, feeling that his pores were all relaxed, and he was happy in his heart, but he remembered the text message sent by Lin Su’er when he had dinner last night. Turning his eyes, he picked up the phone next to the bathtub and dialed one. Phone…

At the same time, Lin Suer is undergoing a pregnancy checkup in the hospital.

“You are a little malnourished and anemia. You have to pay attention. You must be nutritious when you are pregnant. Eat more and don’t think about losing weight all day.” The

doctor asked her with her physical examination sheet, and Lin Suer could only nod silently. She is a doctor herself, and of course she knows her physical condition, but she has not fully recovered from the injuries she suffered now.

She also came to the hospital because of Bo Qingang’s affairs and didn’t have the mind to give herself a physical examination. She wanted to do a B-ultrasound with Western medicine equipment to see the baby’s condition in her stomach.

“Also, when I just gave you a physical examination, what happened to the many wounds on your body? What about the child’s father? Did he beat you? Domestic violence is a very serious matter, especially if you are pregnant now. You must seek help from others, you know?”

The doctor looked at Lin Su’er with distressed eyes, thinking of such a thin little girl, but there were wounds all over her body, which would always make people unable to help but think of domestic violence.

“I see, thank you doctor, he is very busy now, working in the company, I was injured because of an accident, not him.”

Lin Suer took the medical examination sheet, turned and walked out of the doctor’s office, Xia Xiaonan waited outside. How about seeing her coming out and stepping forward immediately, “It’s okay? The doctor said that you and the child should be healthy, right?”

“The child is still young, and I can’t find anything at all, except that I’m a little malnourished. That’s it.” Lin Suer said honestly.

“Is it malnourished? Let’s make up for it. Let’s go. Let’s go and eat something first. You haven’t even eaten anything for the physical examination this morning.” Xia Xiaonan took Lin Su’er’s hand and walked out.