Chapter 819 Ordered abortion

Chapter 819

Lin Su’er was ordered to have an abortion and let Xia Xiaonan take her out of the hospital. She is not in the mood to eat at all, but the doctor has said that if she does not eat, it will not be good to the child in her stomach. You also have to eat more, otherwise it will make the loved ones hurt the enemies soon.

When two people walked to the door, they suddenly rushed out of the door. Many doctors and nurses in white coats walked directly towards the two of them, dragged Lin Suhua from left to right, and dragged them into the hospital, completely ignoring her. Willingness.

Xia Xiaonan looked at the inexplicable behavior of this group of people, hugged Lin Suer, and prevented them from taking the next step, “What are you doing? We have all checked, and how can doctors and nurses like you force people?

” We are going to take you to have an abortion operation. Originally, we wanted to go to the school to catch you. I didn’t expect you to be directly in the hospital. It was just right. Come with us.”

Several people continued to drag Lin Su’er towards the hospital. What was said inside made Lin Suer and Xia Xiaonan a little frightened.

“What nonsense are you talking about? People Su’er didn’t want to have an abortion operation. Where are you a doctor and force others to do an abortion operation? Do you know who she is!”

Xia Xiaonan competes with them for Lin Su’er, one drags Lin Su’er out, a group of People pulled her inside, she was caught in the middle and pulled left and right like a puppet.

“We were ordered by someone to get her to kill the child, no matter who she is, anyway, the child in her stomach can’t be kept!” Several doctors dragged Lin Suer harder, Xia Xiaonan couldn’t match their strength, just looking at Lin Suer To be dragged in.

Lin Suer broke free from their hands to protect herself, and stepped back a few steps, “Who are you? Who told you to come and kill my child, this is my child, and I didn’t say to fight, and you know Whose child am I pregnant with? This is the child of the Bo family. Do you dare to hurt me, believe it or not, let you disappear from this earth directly.”

She thought that Bo Qing’s position in China mainland, just say These people would definitely not dare to touch her by his name. After all, the name of the Bo family child can still bluff people. The group of doctors and nurses in front of me didn’t know who it was, and she couldn’t remember who she was with. The most important thing is that there are not many people who know that she is pregnant to the point that she is going to harm her child.

But I did not expect that the group of doctors and nurses in front of her would not put her words in their eyes at all. When they heard her name Bo Qingang, several doctors and nurses sneered, and one of the doctors pointed at her loudly. Said: “What about Bo Shao? Don’t you know that Bo Shao let us come? He said that the child in your stomach can’t be kept, so we must knock him out of the Bo family. Don’t come out of your life like this. “Children.”

“The Bo family only has children born to the Bo family’s young grandmother. Shao Bo said he had told you about it a long time ago, but you don’t want to fight, so we will kill it for you.”

What? Lin Suer felt shocked to the point of no further increase, like a thunderbolt on a sunny day. A big thunder struck his head. Xia Xiaonan next to him also suspected that there was a problem with her ears. She only called Ouyang Luo yesterday, and Ouyang Luo vowed to say nothing. Qing Ang seems to be busy with her affairs even though he is not coming to accompany Lin Su’er now.

But what is it that Lin Suer must knock out the child in his stomach, and he still calls such a group of rude and unreasonable doctors over. They don’t look like doctors at all, they are like a group of bandits who want to brute force Lin Su’er directly. Half-dead.

Lin Suer was stunned in shock. Xia Xiaonan was the first to react. Before these doctors and nurses started, she pulled Lin Suer and ran outside the hospital, “Su’er, go, let’s take care of who sent him. , Anyway, we can’t let you have an abortion. Let’s go first and ask Bo

Qingang what’s going on.” Xia Xiaonan said, she took out her cell phone and wanted to call Ouyang Luo. Now she and Lin Su’er are the two. Can’t deal with so many people.

Lin Su’er was also running forward desperately. She suffered a serious injury and has not recovered. Did she eat breakfast this morning? In addition, she had always carried the golden needle for self-defense with her before. She was also there. It was destroyed in the explosion.

She can’t fight against others now, and she doesn’t have any ability to protect herself. Even her physical strength is not as good as before, and she feels breathless after two steps.

“Don’t stop Su’er, you see that they have caught up with you, and if they catch you, they have to drag you to an abortion!” Xia Xiaonan was sweating profusely, but she was really weak, carrying Lin Su’er’s words on her back. Two steps would have to fall, and she could only drag Lin Suer to run forward with all her strength.

At the same time, the other side.

After Xiao Shuo finished writing another paper, she turned off the computer, thinking that she hadn’t contacted Lin Su’er for two days. Although she could see it in class at school, she didn’t know how her injury was. There were no people from Ang’s family these days. Contact him again, I don’t know what is going on in Xiao Mengqiu’s side, whether the old man believes his words and interrogates Xiao Mengqiu.

He thought of a lot of things, but the most important thing was his daughter’s affairs. He picked up the phone and called Lin Suer. The phone was quickly picked up, but what came out was a noise and a kind of friction. Voice, this weird voice made Xiao Shuo feel very strange. He shouted into the phone, “Su’er! Where are you?” After

waiting for a while, no one answered on the phone. He asked anxiously many times. “Su’er, can you hear me? I’m my father, where are you? Why are the voices around you so strange? Are you not at school? Did you go home?” There was

still no answer. He heard Xia Xiaonan when he was anxious. Screams.

“Ah! Don’t move

Su’er , I’ll fight with you!” Xia Xiaonan screamed until the sound was broken, and then Xiao Shuo could hear the sound of fighting through the phone. He immediately stood up and ran out, but She didn’t dare to hang up, and now it was certain that Lin Suer was in danger, and he had to find her as soon as possible.

Lin Su’er still had injuries on her body. These people seemed to know this and took her injured arm. Lin Su’er grinned in pain immediately. Without the ability to resist, Xia Xiaonan and the two nurses fought together. She didn’t have any. I have learned some fighting, but this group of people seemed to have come prepared, and easily knocked her down.

Xia Xiaonan endured the pain in her body, crawled on the ground and hugged Lin Su’er’s leg tightly, not allowing them to drag her away.