Chapter 820 Weak self-esteem

Chapter 820 Weak Self-esteem

Xia Xiaonan’s whole body is gray, face and body are dusty, but still gritted his teeth and hugged Lin Suer with all his strength. Lin Suer looked at her like this, tears could not help staying, Xia Xiaonan was simply Fighting her life to protect her, with such a friend, she has never come to China Mainland this time.

“I tell you, if you dare to move Su’er today, I will definitely kill you. You let her go. Why are you so cruel? She and your child are both lives. Why are you so cruel? You will be punished. !”

Xia Xiaonan’s eyes were covered with bloodshot eyes, her hands on the ground had been worn out and blood was leaking out, but she still didn’t want to let Lin Su’er go.

Lin Suer felt helpless and sad for the first time. She had always thought that she was able to protect herself and the people she wanted to protect at all times.

But now she didn’t even have the ability to resist at all. The wounds on her body seemed to be split in the process of arguing with them. A second trauma occurred, and she felt a tearing pain all over her body.

“You let me go, come here to be nosy, if you don’t let go, believe it or not, I will kill you!” Several medical staff tried to pull it several times, but they couldn’t pull Lin Suer away from Xia Xiaonan’s hands. They were also a little annoyed when she saw her as if she wanted to protect Lin Su’er.

“I won’t let go! If you have the ability, just kill me. You think you don’t have to be legally responsible for killing me?” Xia Xiaonan was still reluctant to let go. Lin Su’er had always been protecting her before, and classmates said she was bad. At the time, Lin Suer stood in front of her and quarreled with them.

Lin Suer helped her lose weight. She was her good friend and her benefactor. Now that she can protect her, she will not let go if she tries her best.

Seeing her stubborn look, the two doctors in white coats looked at each other, and one person directly punched Xia Xiaonan in the back of the head. Xia Xiaonan immediately felt that she was staring at Venus, and her whole body became weak. When she got up, she shook her head, trying to shake away the feeling of dizziness, but the more she felt, the more dizzy she became, and her hands gradually lost strength.

Seeing that she still didn’t faint, the doctor punched her again fiercely. This time Xia Xiaonan was completely knocked out by her, her hand was paralyzed on the ground, and the whole person fell into the dust on the side of the road.

“Xiaonan!” Lin Suer yelled and wanted to jump to the ground and hug Xia Xiaonan, but these people didn’t give her any room at all, dragging her to the hospital where she had just escaped.

She and Xia Xiaonan ran at most 400 meters just now, and they were caught by this group of people. It was too easy to be dragged back by them for such a short distance. Lin Suer felt extremely desperate. If she had encountered danger before At that time, the first thing that came to mind was self-help, but after being with Bo Qingang, the first thing that came to mind was that Bo Qingang would definitely come to save her.

But now, it was the person Bo Qingang sent to hurt her. The person she relied on had now become her enemy and wanted to harm her child.

At that time, Bo Qingang knew that her first reaction to pregnancy was to get her to get rid of it, but she didn’t say the reason. Now she seemed to understand a little bit. After all, Xiao Mengqiu became his fiancée. The reason why he didn’t want this child, It is already obvious that these doctors just said that the only person who can give birth to the Bo family’s child is the Bo family’s young grandmother, and she will not let her give birth to the Bo family’s child.

Who is she? What is she in Bo Qingang’s heart? Is she a fool? Let him play and lose, or Bo Qingang was with her from the beginning, just to relieve her from the cold poison.

Now that she has used herself to detoxify him, she has no use value anymore, so is Bo Qingang going to kick her away? He didn’t even care about his own flesh and blood.

Lin Suer became more and more angry as she thought about it. She felt an anger in her heart, which burned all the way from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head. She exhausted all her strength and threw away the two people who were holding her, and ran forward desperately. She felt the tears on her body. The lacerated wound was bleeding again, and she felt that she must be messed up like a madman now.

But she couldn’t take care of it. She wanted to go to Bo Qingang to ask clearly, what on earth did he want to do? Do you want to destroy her or kill her.

Lin Suer’s tears couldn’t be restrained. She has lived for two lifetimes. She also lived for nineteen years without parents in the Ghost Doctor Valley. After crossing the mainland of China, she lived in Lin Aotian and Lin Rouer. Under the bullying, she also won again and again.

She has never cried because of others’ bullying, but now she just wants to cry loudly, wanting to cry out all the grievances of these days.

When it exploded, Bo Qingang gave up to save her and rushed towards Xiao Mengqiu. She was enduring the torture of her wounds, and when she was fighting death in the hospital, Bo Qingang was lingering with Xiao Mengqiu. She finally woke up but saw Hot search is all from the two of them. She called Bo Qingang amidst her pain and struggle, but he did not answer, nor did he reply to the text messages she sent.

Yesterday she just asked if she should care about their children, Bo Qingang took action today, he wants to care! But how does he manage? He asked a group of people to kill their two children. Is this his method?

Then he might as well leave her alone, might as well just forget her, as if two people had never known each other, she would just give birth to her own children and raise them, she would not threaten the Bo family to give money, let alone intervene. He and Xiao Mengqiu’s life, why can’t he let her go?

“Ah!” Lin Suer was pushed to the ground by someone who came up later. She fell to the ground fiercely. The first reaction was to subconsciously hug her lower abdomen. The moment her head hit the ground, blood came out, and her arms and legs were also rubbed against her. The skin broke on the ground.

“Do you think you ran away? Younger Bo wants you to kill the child. Do you think you can not fight? Stop wishing and want to use this child to enter Bo’s house? Younger Bo has never liked you before, and he will soon meet Xiao now. Miss is married, don’t you know?”

Their words were like sharp needles that pierced Lin Suer’s little self-esteem. She was blinded by blood, and her eyes were bright red. Is Qing now in real life or in hell?

This was the most embarrassing time in her two lives, and also the most painful time in her heart. She didn’t want to struggle anymore, but thinking of the baby in her belly, she didn’t want to give up, so she could only sit on the ground and face desperately. He crawled forward, rubbing his fingers on the ground and bleeding out.