Chapter 821 Not allowed to go out

Chapter 821

She is so embarrassed that she is not allowed to go out , but this group of people did not want to let her go. They dragged Lin Su’er, who was ruined like a puppet, from the ground and left her legs drooping. On the ground, she took her two hands and walked to the hospital where she ran out just now.

Lin Suer had completely lost her strength. She saw that the wound that had been restored was open again, and blood was flowing out of her legs, hands, and even the head she had just hit. The whole person seemed to be fished out of blood. She felt that her mind was slowly pulling away, and she had to fight hard and struggle hard.

But this time, no one could come to help her. The people she could depend on wanted her to die, and Xia Xiaonan, who was protecting her, was knocked unconscious by them. She was in desperation.

Bo Qingang, is this the result you want? Then you might as well just kill me with a single knife, why bother to have an operation to destroy the child? Or are you thinking about letting me look at you and Xiao Mengqiu in sorrow and despair after losing the child? Is this what you want? Too much to this point?

Lin Su’er’s eyes were full of blood, and the whole world was stained with blood. She even felt that Bo Qingang was deliberate and wanted to torture her.

“Hahaha…” Lin Suer suddenly laughed desolately, and screamed up to the sky, tears with blood flowed out, and this sad laugh came from far away with some cool laughter.

In the Ang’s villa.

Xiao Mengqiu calculated the time and felt that it was almost time. He picked up the mobile phone and dialed a call. It took a long time for him to answer the call. A respectful voice came from the phone, “Miss Xiao.”

“How is the task completed?” After three hours, you should have found her, right?” Xiao Mengqiu’s voice had a hint of eagerness and a hint of expectation.

“I found it. We have dragged her into the operating room. She is undergoing an operation and will be able to get her baby out immediately. Please don’t worry, Miss Xiao, the task was completed well.”

The voice on the other end of the phone made Xiao Mengqiu feel very An Xin smiled triumphantly, “Yes, I will reward you well. Have you told him that you were sent by Bo Qing’ang.”

“I have already said that Shao Bo does not want her to give birth to a child, and that Shao Bo is about to marry you. Bo Shao just wants her to get rid of the child. She doesn’t like her at all. She seems very uncomfortable. , And I was injured in the process of entanglement with us just now, the wound on my body also opened, and the whole body was covered with blood.”

The voice on the phone appeared a little bit of unbearable, after all, Lin Suer’s appearance looked too pitiful, a little bit People with a little conscience will feel distressed.

But it was obvious that Xiao Mengqiu had never had a conscience when facing Lin Su’er. She was anxious that Lin Su’er would disappear from this continent. If she didn’t want Lin Su’er to watch her and Bo Qing linger, she would have killed Lin Su’er.

But she knows that a more vicious way than letting a person die is to make her dead. Lin Suer, who has lost her child, must be discouraged. When she sees her wedding with Bo Qingang, she will only feel that she cannot survive. It was so uncomfortable to die, this was the result Xiao Mengqiu wanted to see most.

“Lin Su’er, aren’t you great? Can’t you easily take away other people’s things? Now let you see what retribution is. What you take away, I will find it back little by little, Master, Bo Qing Ang, I will let them come back to me. Even the position of your Ang family heir is now mine. In front of me, you are a Loser!”

Xiao Mengqiu looked at the crystal nails on her hand, and her voice was ethereal and illusory. After saying this, it seemed that Lin Su’er’s tragic appearance had already been revealed in front of her. She was very proud, but then she thought again, what if these people made some mistakes in the middle? That Lin Suer has many tricks.

no! I still have to go to the hospital and watch her do the baby in person to be able to rest assured.

Thinking about this, Xiao Mengqiu immediately picked up the bag next to him without delay, and was about to run out, but only when he walked out of the bedroom, he was stopped by the housekeeper in the living room on the first floor.

“Miss, where are you going? You just came home today. Didn’t you stay for a few hours and you want to go out again?” The butler stopped in front of her, there was no warmth in her voice, and she didn’t look at her.

“I have something to go out, what are you doing to stop me?” Xiao Mengqiu felt a little strange, but still asked seriously.

“Miss, it’s better not to go out. The master asked you again, saying that you are always staying at night these days. The master said that he gave you a lot of properties before, just to give you property, not to let you Used it as a reason for not going home, the master said that the properties should be repossessed, so miss, you should stay at home today!

“Master will let people from the notary office come and transfer the property right away. You must be present to transfer the property, so Please stay at home with peace of mind, and don’t go out and run around today. “

The housekeeper’s voice lost the slightest temperature, Xiao Mengqiu immediately realized something was wrong and wanted to get back the property that was given to her, and the housekeeper’s attitude also took a 180-degree turn. Obviously, this was the Ang’s family who had found her behind. After doing those things, I must already know that she is not Ang Qingqiu’s daughter.

No, don’t listen to them and stay, otherwise you don’t know what will happen!

Thinking of this, Xiao Mengqiu tried to calm down, and said calmly, “But I really have something, so let me be back in two hours. How about you let the notary office come here later.”

“Sorry miss. This is all what the master meant. I can’t disobey the master’s meaning. Please also ask the young lady to stay at home with peace of mind. If there is anything you can arrange for me, I will help the young lady to do it.” The butler is still reluctant to get out and block Xiao Mengqiu In front of.

“This…” Xiao Mengqiu bit her lip, her eyes fluttering around, after thinking about it carefully, she smiled and said, “Well, I won’t go out anymore.”

After saying this, she turned around and walked upstairs. After returning to the bedroom, he immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed another number.

“Now the people of Ang’s family don’t let me go out, you immediately walked in from outside the wall of the Ang’s house and knocked me out of the housekeeper. I will go out now.” Xiao Mengqiu gave an order to the person who answered the phone.

The person on the other end of the phone heard her and agreed without hesitation, “Yes, miss! We will come right away.”

Xiao Mengqiu hung up the phone and found the passbook she had prepared in the room. After putting on the lightest and simplest sportswear, he was ready to escape. Needless to say, this Ang family is definitely going to have a showdown with her. If she doesn’t run anymore, she still doesn’t know what the consequences are waiting for her.