Chapter 822 Leaving Ang’s home

Chapter 822 Leaving the Ang’s House

Xiao Mengqiu listened to the movement downstairs in the room. Within five minutes, he heard the noise downstairs, the noise was messy, and the housekeeper sternly scolded, “What do you do? Where is it? This is the Ang’s family! Don’t you want to live anymore? You dare to break in.”

“It is precisely because this is the Ang’s family that we rushed in, otherwise we would not be in the mood to break in.” A male voice that sounded like Hong Zhong said. Coming, Xiao Mengqiu’s heart was relieved a lot. Hearing the noisy voices downstairs, it seemed that he had started his hands, and soon became quiet.

She poked her head out of the bedroom and looked downstairs nervously, wondering whether hers won or the family members won.

“Miss Xiao, the Ang’s family has been solved by us, you should go with us soon” she ran upstairs alone when she was curious, and said respectfully towards her.

Xiao Mengqiu was relieved immediately. Fortunately, she had planned for a long time. These people were hired as soon as she arrived at the Ang’s house. The bodyguards who specialize in protecting her safety were chosen by her. Take one enemy ten veterans.

“Let’s go, hurry up.” Xiao Mengqiu didn’t dare to delay anymore, and ran out of the Ang’s house behind them with his bags on his back. When he left, he looked back. The housekeeper fell in the living room, not knowing his life or death, but now she also If you are not in the mood to care about him anymore, your own life is more important.

At the same time, the other side.

Lin Suer struggled to exhaustion and was completely desperate, but was successfully dragged into the hospital by this group of doctors and nurses. They seemed to have bought out the doctors in this hospital long ago and dragged Lin Suer directly into the operating room.

She looked at the door of the operating room closed, and she was so frustrated that she didn’t want to struggle, but her child was innocent. She knew that she was still struggling while lying on the hospital bed, but she tried her best in her eyes. Struggling, in the eyes of these doctors and nurses, seemed to be a dying weakness, it was not worth mentioning at all.

“What’s the use of doing these useless struggles here? Give her an injection anesthesia.” One of the doctors in a white coat pointed to Lin Su’er a little impatiently, and the nurse next to him immediately gave Lin Su’er an anesthesia.

The moment the anesthetic entered the body, Lin Su’er felt a sense of powerlessness all over the body from the place where the anesthetic was placed. She became a little unconscious, and she seemed to be floating on a cloud, and no more. Struggling with strength, he could only lie on the bed in despair.

But her sanity hasn’t completely withdrawn, she is praying to God, come and save her by herself, whoever it is, as long as it can save her.

Lin Suer lay on the bed and watched the operating lights in the operating room light up. The door was about to be closed tightly. She felt like she was being slaughtered. Forget it! What are you struggling with? It’s useless at all, who will save her? Even Bo Qingang didn’t want her anymore. He wanted to kill his own child directly, so who else would save her.


A second before Lin Suer was about to close her eyes, she suddenly heard a violent crash, and she opened her eyelids hard to see Xiao Shuo rushing into the operating room with a group of people, neatly dressed in black. The bodyguard guarded the door and held down the doctors and nurses who were about to operate on her.

“Are you looking for death? I’m tired of daring to move my daughter!” Xiao Shuo shouted at the group of people, and ran to Lin Suer’s side, looking at her covered with blood, she felt distressed to the extreme.

Immediately he hugged her and said, “Su’er, it’s okay, father is here, no one will dare to hurt you anymore.”

Xiao Shuo felt a panic in his heart, and he almost failed to protect his daughter for twenty years. He didn’t fulfill his father’s responsibilities. He finally recognized her and almost made her hurt under his nose. Fortunately, it was too late, fortunately too late!

Lin Su’er panted and opened her eyes, her eyes were a little blurred, the anesthetic seemed to have taken effect, she was exhausted, and she used up the last bit of her mind to hold up Xiao Shuo’s sleeve, which was dry. Blood came out from his fingertips again and dyed Xiao Shuo’s clothes.

“Dad, dad…” Lin Suer gasped weakly and called Xiao Shuo, as if blood came out of her mouth.

“Dad is here, dad is here, don’t be afraid! Xiao Shuo hugged her immediately, not knowing how to comfort Lin Su’er, and didn’t dare to use too much force for fear of hurting her.”

“Dad, save my child, save him. , I can die if I die, don’t let him die, don’t, don’t…”

Until this moment, Lin Suer finally felt how her mother felt before the temporary, and she knew what despair she was in. She and Qin Yu had just given birth. Han also has to work hard with Katharina, maybe that’s how maternal love is! Do your best to protect your children thoroughly, even if you don’t have any strength at all, you want to fight hard.

After saying these words, she had no strength at all, and her hand slowly slipped from Xiao Shuo’s body. The whole figure fell to one side as if she had lost vitality. Xiao Shuo hugged her nervously, “Su’er, Su’er!”

Lin Su’er was breathing extremely weak now, as if he was about to leave him, he was too nervous.

the other side.

Xiao Mengqiu followed his bodyguard all the way out of the Ang family’s villa. The moment she ran out of the gate, she relaxed, thinking that she must be fine, she could escape the Ang family’s investigation, as long as she hid next. Nothing will happen unless you are found by someone from the Anung family.

“Quick! Go to the place I told you before, call all the people, and you will not be allowed to show up at the Ang’s house again.”

Xiao Mengqiu hurriedly got into the car in a panic, and asked her not to show up again. Around the Ang’s family, they already showed up today, and it’s easy for the Ang’s family to wake up and catch the Angs.

However, she has already bought a house on the other side of the city, farthest from the Ang’s family. She has already considered everything and left enough funds. As long as the people of the Ang family don’t look for her, she is completely You can live the rest of your life safely and comfortably.

She sat in the car and watched the Ang’s family behind her getting further and further away, and the hanging heart also settled down. The matter of pretending to be the granddaughter of the Ang’s family also officially came to an end. She wanted to restore her Xiao Mengqiu’s identity, but It is destined that in the future, the talented girl Xiao Mengqiu will also hide, and cannot be found by the Ang family. She will live in hiding in the next life.

It doesn’t matter, Lin Su’er has been resolved, Bo Qingang is willing to be with her now, that’s enough, Bo Qingang is worth everything, she doesn’t need anything else!